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Due to a lack of staff, IT departments cannot fully utilise cloud security solutions

Proofpoint and the Cloud Security Alliance have released a report claiming that many companies are unable to fully utilise cloud security solutions due to a lack of skilled staff members (CSA).

Surveying 200 experts in IT and security, the report finds that 50% are affected by staffing shortages.

Most companies are already utilising or planning to implement cloud access security brokers to solve this problem (CASBs).

CASB’s Vital Role

Nearly a third of respondents said they employ multiple CASBs for added security, and another third said that the complexity of the solutions they’ve considered has prevented them from realising CASBs’ full potential.

Nearly a quarter of businesses also use CASBs for internal compliance, in addition to using them to remain compliant with various rules and regulations.

According to Proofpoint’s VP of Product Marketing, Tim Choi, “to overcome the gaps revealed in this Cloud Security Alliance survey, look for a solution that is part of a larger security portfolio and can effectively address the people-centric cloud security concerns on cloud account compromise, cloud data loss prevention, and cloud application compliance and visibility.”

“It’s critical that the journey starts with clear goals in mind and prioritized objectives. In addition, identifying CASB solutions that provide a deployment model that can be operationalized in hours, not weeks leads to faster time to value.”