Digicel links Tongans to the rest of the world through satellite

Digicel stated on Wednesday night that a satellite connection had successfully re-established international connectivity with its Tongan network.

“We are delighted to tell the people of Tonga that Digicel’s international calling service has been restored. We gave this task first priority, and our technical staff has been up all night working to restore crucial contact with the rest of the globe over the last several days “Shally Jannif, Digicel’s regional CEO, said.

Jannif said that starting Thursday, the telecom will be giving out free SIM cards to enable customers to reconnect with relatives and friends living abroad.

Digicel said on Tuesday that its network in Tongatapu was operational, but that it would not be completely operational until the underwater cable between Tonga and Fiji was reconnected. The mission has been assigned to the repair ship CS Reliance.

“According to a preliminary technical fault examination, there are two independent underwater cable failures. TCL’s cable landing station in Sopu, Tongatapu, and FINTEL’s cable landing station in Suva, Fiji, were the first “According to Digicel.

“The international cable break is around 37 kilometres off the coast of Tonga. The second cable break occurred on a domestic cable in the location of recent volcanic activity.”

After a couple of cutbacks and a 12-day interruption on the Tonga cable, the archipelago secured a 15-year satellite connection arrangement with Kacific in 2019.

Nevertheless, since Tonga deregistered the government firm that made the sale, Tonga Satellite Limited, and Kacific wasn’t really paid, the agreement wasn’t ever triggered, and it is currently in arbitration in Singapore. The corporation must be relisted on the corporate registry, according to a new Tongan Supreme Court judgement.

Throughout the lawsuit, the Tongan government maintained that the sale was illegal because the firm lacked a business licence, was not doing business, and hence lacked a legal foundation to function. The court stated that Kacific had not engaged in any illegal behaviour and that Kacific’s claims in Singapore were not unenforceable.

“Kacific is willing and able to restore connection since the Government of Tonga and Kacific have a genuine and written agreement to that effect.” Christian Patouraux, CEO of Kacific, stated in a statement released on Monday.

“All we have to do now is activate the service and fulfil the contract. We’re waiting for more instructions. We just have one message for Tonga’s government. We can assist you. Please contact me.”