Customers at an Apple shop that was hacked enjoyed it (allegedly)

Recently, ethics and morals have had a difficult time.

No, I’m not talking about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

However, I expect that many people will have strong feelings regarding the recent events at several Apple shops.

Many others came into the shops to do their civic duty of shopping and, possibly, purchasing a new iPhone while they were there.

Suddenly, though, these businesses were overrun.

In other words, there wasn’t a mad dash by a bunch of teens to the shop to pull everything out and run away. This was a considerably more insidious ploy. AirDrop messages were projected onto iPhones inside Apple shops, according to the business Back Market.

It seems that all of the phones have been affected. Customers’ personal iPhones are presumed to be on display, as well as the phones of others.

You may be a different person than I am. I really hope so for your sake. Even if weird messages were AirDropped onto my iPhone in an Apple shop, I’m not sure I’d welcome them.

Particularly the commercial ones.

But there was a moral heft to these statements, I see now.

Refurbished electronic devices are for sale at Back Market. It was an attempt to persuade people that buying a refurbished Apple product is preferable. In order to rescue the planet and not for profit, you understand.

So, the communications included links to the company’s website.

“Did you know this iPhone is available in white, black, blue and greener?” said one of the texts.

That’s a good one. It’s a new subgenre of fiction.

“It’s time to go reconditioned with a less expensive and more environmentally friendly model.”

There were other reported customers on Back Market’s YouTube video who were amazed by this cosmic incursion, and stated it made them think again about their routine.

I’m sure you’ll come up with a number of ideas on this.

Isn’t this a terrible method to get folks to click on a phishing link?? What if the only persons who accepted the AirDropped link were those who had been paid by Back Market or the video’s creators?

This experiment, which reportedly took place in London, Paris, and Berlin, could not sit well with Apple’s reputation as a stronghold of privacy and security.

Also, did you know that Apple offers reconditioned products?

To be sure, I sought out Apple’s opinions. Unfortunately, I received no answer over AirDrop.

There is no doubt that Back Market fulfilled its goals. (You may accuse me of improving them, if you want.) To to the company’s marketing agency, “the message that there is a lot better way for the globe to acquire technology today” was all that was intended.

Perhaps you’re not doing things in an environmentally friendly manner if you have to resort to “un petit hacking” in order to promote your notion.