Currently, the FDA’s ban on Juul e-cigarettes is on hold

A federal appeals court on Friday put a temporary stay on a prohibition issued by the US Food and Drug Administration, allowing Juul Labs to continue selling its e-cigarettes for the time being.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday ordered Juul to cease selling and distributing its vape pens and flavoured pods. When Juul asked for a needed FDA permit to advertise its tobacco products, the business failed to present adequate proof that the products fulfil legal criteria for public health.

Despite the FDA’s judgement, Juul disagreed and on Friday requested an emergency stay on the ban while the firm draughts a follow-up motion to halt it while the business challenges the FDA’s decision.

If Juul wants to make a second request, it has until noon on Monday, and the FDA has until July 7 to respond to it, according to reports. The court will next rule whether the goods should be removed off the market while the appeal is being considered by Juul.

A two-year investigation by the FDA resulted in the agency’s decision to prohibit Juul’s e-cigarettes from sale. Electronic cigarettes were originally designed to assist former smokers avoid the hazardous consequences of conventional cigarettes. Liquid nicotine is converted to vapour in the device’s operation. Despite this, some experts believe that a high-nicotine substance packed in an attractive container may encourage young people to get addicted to the drug.

According to the FDA, smoking is to blame for the deaths of 480,000 Americans each year.

Requests for comment were unanswered by Juul or the Food and Drug Administration.