Cloudflare Made a Bold Move to Undercut AWS

Cloudflare has decided to eliminate all egress data transfer costs in its Workers Unbound and Durable Objects services, in an attempt to compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The fee reductions that function as a tax on software developers will be removed, while new capabilities will be introduced to assist developers to build more complicated apps without the risk of additional costs.

The modifications are now in effect.


Workers Unbound is a serverless development suite that emphasizes flexibility, security, and ease of use.

Developers may utilize the system to run time-consuming tasks on the Cloudflare network without having to worry about expenses.

In a blog post, Cloudflare revealed that it wants to see Workers Unbound used for more than just lightweight tasks, and as a result, says developers can now utilize up to 15 minutes of CPU time on their Workers and conduct the majority of compute-intensive work with Cron Triggers.

As a platform lock, there may be an additional charge to egress.

Developers can also now deploy up to 100 Worker scripts.

With the introduction of Services, this means that developers may migrate more use cases to Workers Unbound, according to the company.

The Workers platform will now support scripts of up to 5MB compressed size, allowing developers to create larger Workers with more libraries.

The costs served no other purpose than to encourage the developers to pick a provider based on where their data is hosted rather than on the provider’s infrastructure quality.

Egress fees are the sum charged by the developer to retrieve data from a cloud provider.

The providers frequently pay for bandwidth based on capacity, but charge clients based on the amount of data transferred, according to Cloudflare.

R2, a new direct competitor of Amazon’s S3 with no egress costs, has also been announced by Cloudflare.