Cisco Webex Holograms

Cisco has unveiled its next-generation online collaboration tool for hybrid work at its WebexOne virtual event, which aims to make video conferencing more immersive.

The industry’s first real-time meeting solution, Webex Hologram, combines the meeting features of Cisco Webex with immersive 3D holograms utilizing augmented reality headsets.

According to the Cisco Hybrid Work Index, 64 percent of employees feel that being able to work from home right away influences whether or not they stay at a job or choose to leave.

If businesses want to keep top talent, they must provide more flexible work options. However, for teams that want hands-on interaction in a variety of areas, such as design and production, remote work presents a difficulty.

As a result, Cisco developed Webex Hologram to help solve the problem.

Jeetu Patel, EVP and general manager of Cisco’s security and collaboration division, added more information about the firm’s new service in a press release:

“Our mission at Cisco is to empower the 3 billion digital workers on the planet to participate equally from anywhere in the world. Webex Hologram represents a large step toward our mission of delivering a work experience so seamless that there is no gap between virtual and in-person collaboration.”

Hologram from Webex

Pandemic safety procedures, in addition to hybrid work, have increased the need for businesses to provide immersive virtual meetings and training sessions.

When a new surgical instrument is introduced into the healthcare field, physicians, technicians, salespeople, and support staff must all be trained quickly.

This training can be completed remotely using Webex Hologram so that time and travel fees are saved while allowing hospital workers to see the surgical device from every angle and at its actual size just like if they were in the room with it.

Webex Hologram, unlike 2D and other virtual meeting experiences, provides a sensation of co-presence by projecting photorealistic, real-time 3D holograms of actual individuals.

Presenters may even share both physical and digital materials in such a way that users can collaborate and co-create. Webex Hologram is also compatible with a variety of existing AR headsets, including Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens.

We’ll almost certainly hear more about Cisco’s new hybrid collaboration tool once it’s ready to go live, but interested enterprises may sign up now to participate in the pilot.