Changing to USB-C might encourage you to buy an iPhone

The majority of Android smartphones have been using USB-C for more than five years now. With this week’s adjustment, even Amazon’s $60 Fire 7 tablet is no longer compatible with the Micro USB port. Many of Apple’s gadgets now use USB-C instead of the older USB-A connector. Almost all of Apple’s products, from the iPad Air to the MacBook Pro, employ the most popular contemporary connection – save for the iPhone.

Despite the fact that Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector has become older and slower with each passing year, the company has refused to abandon it. According to rumours, Apple would rather eliminate cables altogether than abandon its MFi effort, hinting that the future of the firm might be portless. This has all changed in the past two weeks, as fresh reports indicate that USB-C will be the standard with the iPhone 14 in 2023. A switch to a touchscreen phone isn’t anything new for Apple; but, this time, it seems the device has already been tested, providing additional proof that the move is near.

Let me explain what I’m saying before you skip to the bottom of the page and wonder which site you’re on. The iPhone is still a huge hit, especially in North America, but it isn’t exclusive to the continent. Many in our readership use Samsung or Google devices, but many of their loved ones are likely using Apple products. Many people in your social circle are now iPhone users, and you may be in a relationship with one of them. Charging cables, headphones dongles, and other accessories would be interchangeable if Apple ultimately made the switch to USB-C from Lightning. RCS acceptance is the only thing more idealistic than the widespread use of it.

The transition to USB-C would, of course, address one of the most common concerns about the iPhone. When Michael Crider wrote about this identical issue last year, it was because of Apple’s refusal to switch to current connectors that he couldn’t even consider the competition. There is no doubt that some of our audience members share our sentiments, no matter how little.

Find out for yourself by using the sole method of investigation available. Apple’s switch to USB-C would you ever give an iPhone a try, or is iOS a total non-starter for you? Also, we ask that you all exercise restraint in your remarks.