BZ4X EV and Toyota Tundra Pickup Recalled for Distinct Issues

Owners will be informed in July that the repair work will be finished without charge.

This week, Toyota made two voluntary safety recall announcements involving two of its newest models. Two separate recalls affecting more than 46,000 US cars each include the 2022 Tundra truck and 2023 BZ4X electric SUV.

Rear axle nuts that might become loose over time and possibly come off are the subject of the Tundra recall. According to a statement from Toyota, “if total separation happens, this might impact vehicle stability and braking function, increasing the danger of an accident.” Toyota estimates that around 46,000 Tundras are impacted, and owners of the faulty vehicles will be contacted by the end of July.

Toyota estimates that just around 260 cars are implicated in the BZ4X recall, which is far smaller. But this one is far more serious. All of the wheel’s hub nuts may become loose after just a few miles of usage, according to Toyota, to the point where the wheel may come off the car. Why this is bad is rather evident.

In fact, Toyota advises against operating the vulnerable BZ4X SUVs until a patch has been made. However, Toyota said that “no cure is available at this time.” “Any authorised Toyota dealer will pick up the car and give the owner with a loaner vehicle at no cost until the repair is ready.”

The Subaru Solterra, the BZ4X’s kissing cousin, is also included in this recall. A US representative said that none of the EVs had been delivered to clients, despite Reuters reporting that 2,600 Solterras are impacted internationally.