Bounce Infinity e-scooter available to buy now in India

Bounce, an electric vehicle startup from Bengaluru, has introduced a new scooter called the Bounce Infinity E1 in India. The new scooter strives to offer low-cost intra-city travel and can be purchased with or without a battery, bringing down initial expenses even more.

The electric scooter has a range of 85 kilometers per charge and a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour. The Bounce Infinity E1 is available in five color choices: Sparkle Black, Comet Gray, Sporty Red, Pearl White, and Desat Silver.

The e-scooter can now be purchased ahead of time, and deliveries are planned to begin in March 2022. The firm has also introduced battery-as-a-service, which is a first for Indian customers.

The Bounce Infinity E1 costs in India

The Bounce Inifinity E1 costs between Rs. 45,099 and 36,000 depending on state discounts. Users will be able to buy the scooter without a battery in this situation if they choose not to purchase one. However, users may pick up a fully charged battery from one of the firm’s battery swap locations by choosing the BAAS or Battery-as-a-service option.

The motorbike is priced at Rs. 1,00,000 and comes with a battery and a charger as standard. If you want the scooter with the battery only, it will cost you $6,500 USD; if you wish to add on a charger for an additional cost of $1,000 USD.

The scooter is now available for pre-booking at a price of Rs. 499 and deliveries are expected to begin in March 2022.

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The E1’s Bounce Infinity design and characteristics

In terms of appearance, the scooter resembles a standard scooter. The Infinity E1 is quite basic yet magnificent, unlike contemporary electric scooters. Some persons may find the design to be rather familiar – this is because it is a 22Kymco i-Flow electric scooter rebranded as the company name 22Kymco. Bounce had previously acquired 22Kymco, according to some people.

The Infinity E1 has a unique frame that is made to fit the Indian road and driving conditions, according to the manufacturer. It includes LED projector headlamps and tail lights, two-person seating capacity, Bluetooth communication, a digital instrument cluster, helmet storage under the seat, and more.

The E1 offers a 2kWhr 48V battery pack that can be replaced to charge at home/office or swapped at a battery station. The firm intends to have one of the most extensive battery-swapping networks, with swapping points every kilometer, according on its website.

The E300C comes with three riding modes – Drag Mode, Eco Mode, and Power Mode. Users can cruise at a walking speed while in the drag mode, whereas the eco mode provides a range of 85 kilometers and the power mode delivers a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour.

Bounce has launched a new electric scooter, the Bounce Infinity E1. The company is gunning for companies such as Ather, Ola, Bajaj, and Simple Energy – although the availability of a detachable battery may work in favor of Bounce, we’ll have to wait and see how effectively it can implement the battery swapping infrastructure.