Top 10 Best Blue Light Bug Zappers 2021

1. Electronic Bug Mosquito Zapper, Electronic Insect Killer, Anti-Drop ABS Material(Black

  • Safe for humans and pets: no more pesticides or potentially harmful sprays. nonirritating odor, nontoxic and harmless to humans. we encased the shock grid in a durable abs plastic housing to prevent potential shock injuries to pets and children.
  • Professional mosquito killer: physical mosquito killer. works right out of the box just plug in the power cord, blue light attracts mosquitos, flies, moths, and other insects with the special (365 nm) wavelength, and then killing them by the 1000v highvoltage grid.
  • Easy to clean up: our mosquito killer lamp has a hidden tray for the dead flies in the bottom of the device. to clean it up, simply remove the tray and clean it up with a brush or flush with warm water. fast and effective!

2. COZYLIFE Bug Zapper Light Bulb,2-in-1 UV Mosquito Killer Lamp Indoor LED Light Suitable for E26/E27 Light Bulb Socket,Electric Fly Insect Trap Chemical-Free for Home Kitchen Backyard Patio

  • High-efficiency & quiet uv fly killer lamp – to achieve the best mosquito control effect, our 2-in-1 bug zapper led light bulb is equipped with 365nm uv lamp to efficiently attract mosquitoes, flies and other insects nearby and kill them quickly with electricity, without toxic chemicals, safe and harmless to human body. thanks to the advanced silent technology, cozylife…
  • E26 light bulb perfect for indoor purposes – our 2-in-1 fly killer and led bulb is suitable for e26 and bulb socket, no complicated installation required, just gently screw it on the socket and power on. with cozylife’s 2-in-1 led bulb & uv mosquito killer, you don’t need to purchase a separate mosquito killer, saving money and space in your home.
  • Practical 2-in-1 bug zapper & led light – cozylife offers you this new 2-in-1 mosquito killer lamp with both uv bug zapper and led bulb, suitable for 110v e26 model and 220v model bulb interface, suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting. it kills annoying mosquitoes around you while providing bright lighting, so that you and your family are safe from mosquito bites.
  • Premium led beads & durable structure – cozylife’s led bulb is built with high-quality led beads with 500 lumens brightness, 6000k color temperature and low light decay, service life of be up to 50,000 hours. 2-in-1 led bulb mosquito trap lamp shade is made of high-quality pc material with high light transmission and not easy to age, ensuring the brightness of lighting.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – cozylife 2-in-1 mosquito killer led bulbs are suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting and mosquito control needs, and can be installed in living room, kitchen, garage, backyard, etc. each 2-in-1 bulb comes with a cleaning brush, please check the package content upon receiving the product. if you have any question about the product, please…

3. Zap It Bug Zapper Rechargeable Bug Zapper Racket with Blue Light Attractant, 4,000 Volt, USB Charging Cable, 2 Pack

  • Specially designed to bring the bugs to you, our latest model features a blue light attractant. paired with the racket-inspired frame and ergonomic handle, you can eliminate pests with just a single swing.
  • With an activation button and glowing indicator light, there’s no need to worry about accidental zapping. there’s even a triple-layer safety mesh, offering extra protection when the racket is electrified.
  • Featuring a 4,000-volt grid, our electric zapper is a modern take on traditional swatters. instantly eliminating mosquitos, flies and other pests in a single swing, it provides peace of mind and reliable results.
  • For quick, convenient charging, plug your racket into any usb device with the included cable. as powerful as it is efficient, the built-in lithium battery offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge.
  • Thanks to an ergonomic, lightweight design, our racket provides comfort and control. the large frame makes it easy to target pests, and cleanup is as effortless as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net.

4. Plug-in Bug Zapper, Fly Traps Indoor Electric Fly Zapper,Insect Trap with Blue Light for Mosquito and Fruit Flies Pack of 2

  • Nature friendly: the indoor bug zappers are environmentally friendly for humans and pets without any chemicals. no the same as traditional chemicals, electric fly zappers are non-toxic avoiding humans and pets from the threat of toxic chemicals. and it is yet absolutely safe for you, your children, and pets.
  • Easy to clean: engineered for easy order to clean dead mosquitoes, ensure the unit is unplugged from an electrical outlet and then use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate for static electricity release. pull out the blue lid directly, you simply sweep them away with a small brush.
  • Instantaneous operation:have been experienced the research and advancement of high voltage grid technology, the bug zapper came to the latest development version. just let bug zapper plug in an ac outlet it will operate noiselessly.indoor plug-in bug zapper will protect you and your home, office, or any other property from all kinds of annoying bugs .
  • Easy to use and premium-quality: all you need to do to make it work is to plug this power bug zapper into the wall socket and press the button to switch on the blue night lamp – the device is ready to go 365 days/year. each insect killer is small, super quiet, the effective coverage is about 300 square feet.
  • Suitable for families: it’s very easy to carry and use, whether in your house, kitchen, bedroom, study room, living room, motor homes, or in a hotel. don’t use the bug zapper outdoor. electric fly zapper designed for indoor use only, so you and your family can enjoy a bug-free home all summer long.

5. Livin’ Well Bug Zapper – 4000V High Powered Electric Mosquito Zapper, Fly, Mosquito Trap with 1,500 Sq. Feet Range and 18W UVA Mosquito Killer Bulb

  • Wider defense range up to 1,500 sq. ft.: this weatherproof mosquito killer lamp and outdoor bug zapper keeps both indoor and outdoor living spaces like your bedroom, living room, kitchen, patio, deck, and backyard safe from flying and biting insects
  • Long-lasting, ez-clean mosquito light: these bug zappers measure 6” d x 13.5” h and last up to 8,000 hours to protect your home well beyond the summer mosquito season; unscrew and rinse the bottom mosquitoes trap tray for easy cleanup
  • High powered weatherproof bug zapper: a convenient and effective fly zapper and mosquito killer for your home; this outdoor / indoor mosquito zapper uses 4,000v of electric fly killer power to effectively get rid of flying pests
  • Triple mosquito control: featuring an 18w uva bug light, a galvanized steel insect killer grid, and an insect trap attract, zap, catch, and trap mosquitoes, flies, gnats; bug zapper lamp features a standing base with 6-ft. cord and a uv lamp hook for hanging
  • Electric bug zapper: we hope your outdoor / indoor bug zapper and mosquito trap is the perfect fit for your home! epa establishment number 89857-chn-1

6. Bug Zapper Indoor, Electric Fly Zapper Fly Traps Bug Zapper Plug in, Mosquito Zappers with Blue Light for Mosquito and Fruit Flies Moth, Wasp, Beetle Other Pests Pack of 2

  • No chemical, no harm to human & pets: made of eco-friendly material. get rid of mosquitoes fast without sticky, messy poisons or sprays. use natural physical methods to get rid of flies. completely harmless to humans and pets.
  • Easy to use and premium-quality: just plug in the port, bug zappers will immediately work for you. protect you and your family from indoor mosquito and nasty bites with the mosquito zapper. each insect killer is small, quiet, the effective coverage is about 300 square feet.
  • Bug zapper indoor plugin is the easiest way to rid any premises of mosquitos. leds emit light, attracting bugs to kill them in seconds with high voltage.
  • Easy to clean. unplug the electric bug zapper and use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate for 10 seconds, then remove the lid and use a tissue or a small brush to clean the dead mosquitoes.
  • Suitable for families: it’s very easy to carry and use, whether in your house, in motor homes, or in a hotel. this insect trap also works as a night light and can effectively attract mosquitoes and small flying gnats. mosquitoes eradication become very effective and can prevent you from mosquito bites. don’t use the bug zapper outdoor. electric fly zapper designed for i…

7. Bug Zapper Outdoor and Indoor, Ilana Ivan Electric Mosquito Zapper Fly Trap , UV Light Insect Killer for Backyard, Patio, Garden, Home

  • Chemical free and environmental friendly. this electric zapper uses physical method to kill insects. no chemicals, no odor, no fumes, no baits, no mess, no sprays, 100% eco-friendly and harmless to your health.
  • Simple to set up and use. just hang the electronic insect killer with the ring on the top or simply place on a solid surface. perfect for home, office, kitchens, patio, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc. it works better in places far from human activity.
  • Effective fly and insects control. features high intensity ultraviolet bulb that attracts all pesky flying insects into the device. surrounded with 1100v high-voltage electrified mesh to kill mosquitoes, gnats, fruit & horse fly, moths etc flying or crawling nearby with no effort.
  • Certified safe. the gap between electrical grid and protective grid protect you, your family and pets from accidentally touching the electrical grids.
  • Quick & easy to clean. come with a soft brush to help you clean the dead flies body on electric grid. the removable and washable insect collection tray can be easily pulled out for quick cleaning.

8. 6 Packs Electronic Bug Zapper – Indoor Fruit Fly Trap, Insect Pest Attractant Killer with Blue Light- Non-Toxic – Effective Operation UV Insect Killer

  • Safe for human and pets: this indoor fruit fly zapper just uses electrical energy to get rid of irritating insects. this fruit flies traps indoor is safe for human, pets and even pregnant women.
  • More packs, more spaces can be covered: the fruit flies trap includes 6 packs, more options for wherever you want to cover, protect you and your family.
  • Powerful and effective: the fly traps indoors applies a high-effective ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes, fruit flies and other harmful insects, and then they will be zapped immediately.
  • Easy to clean: the insect bug zapper effectively collects the dead insects on the fruit flies trap’s metal grid that can be effortlessly removed for cleaning. just use a small brush to reject, please ensure that you unplug the zapper for fruit flies from ac outlet before cleaning.
  • Customer satisfying policy: with the mission of bringing 100% satisfaction from customers, we are willing to understand your need. if you have any questions about this product, feel free to contact us.

9. Bug Zapper, Fly Traps for Indoor Insects & Mosquito Killer, Bug Killer with Blue Light for Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Baby Room, Living Room

  • Suit for families: used for kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, warehouse and basement. easy to replace. it does not take up much space in your room. protects and prevents against annoying and disease carrying flies and insects
  • No chemical, no harm to human & pets: made of eco-friendly material. get rid of mosquitoes fast without sticky, messy poisons or sprays. use natural physical method gets rid of flies. great for places where pesticides can’t be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals. completely harmless to human and pets
  • Upgraded protective cover which has ultra high light transmittance brings 3x efficient than with an original mosquito killer. it operates noiselessly by simply plugging it into an ac outlet. it attracts bugs with emitting high-intensity light. then the electrically charged high voltage metal grids will electrocute the insects. you will get rid of insects and bugs immedi…
  • Easy installation and immediately to use: just plug in the port, it will immediately work for you! used for indoors. with the protective cover, this bug zapper is very safe for children and pets, but also please make sure keep your kids and pet away from this mosquito killer. due to its mini size the effective coverage is about 300 square feet
  • Easy to clean: to clean dead mosquitoes, ensure the unit is unplugged from an electrical outlet and then use a screwdriver to touch the metal plate for static electricity release. use the tissue or small brush to get the dead bugs out

10. Tysonir Bug Zapper, Mosquito Zappers, Suitable for Outdoor/Indoor- Insect Fly Traps, Mosquito Killer for Backyard, Patio.

  • We encased the shock grid in a durable abs plastic housing to prevent potential shock injuries to pets and children.
  • Simple installation: it is recommended to place the electric insect killer on a flat surface or hang it with a convenient ring.
  • Mosquito killer: killer lamp attracts mosquitoes, flies, moths, gnats, and other flying insects into the electric fly killer using the blu-ray light then 3800v-4200v killing them. indoor and outdoor dual-use
  • Powerful & effective: ideal for bedroom, living room, toilet, kitchen, hotel, camping, enclosed patios, garage, deck, etc. cable length 1.2 m.
  • Easy upkeep: the mosquito-killing lamp has a removable tray, dead insects collect at the bottom of the unit, which can be easily removed for quick, safe, and easy cleaning.replaceable u/v light.