The Best Valet Tray For Men In 2019

Zunächst könnte man eine Tablett Hilfe wurde wandernde mehr sogar bis zu dem Punkt und,warum brauchen Sie ein? Wenn ja, dann müssen Sie die Arbeit an ihrem EbeneSophistication! Jede Selbstachtung „Gentleman“, der nicht über seine eigeneIm wirklichen Leben mit Hilfe von Personal benötigen Sie ein Tablett mit Hilfe all Geräte organisiert zu halten! Wie zum Teufel wissen Sie, wo Sie Ihre Schlüssel anders sind? Beim Verlassen des Hausesin einer Vielzahl von Aktivitäten – Mappe, „Verifikation“ Handy „Überprüfung“ Schlüssel „oh Hölle, wo ich setzeAuch dieses Mal? “

1. Houndsbay Victory Valet Tray

Houndsbay victory Tray service is very practical and versatile, withadditional feature so now really is not it a charging station Smartphoneeither has to lose an apology for your phone or with a flat battery. thatIt is also very comfortable with a larger compartment that fits perfectlySmartphone and it has six compartments practical size established forBe sure to organize all the important things, and made accessible.

donefrom the outside in black imitation leather with felt lining and faux suede. looksvery good and it is very comfortable to use.

2. Wolf Heritage Coin Valet Tray

Wolf since 1843 was an icon traditional British brand andthe way of luxury leather items that add a touch of style andSophistication to your home. Quality manufacturing techniquesCenturies unchanged all of its products are designed and built in the localadding to its prestige.

The park achieved coin tray has elegant chromeCorners brooch, black artificial leather outer pebbles and matching plushultra-suede lining. A classic rectangular shape manages to befunctional and elegant, and has plenty of room forso sure all the important things of daily spend.

3. Scout Leather Mini Valet Tray

Made an elegant tray serious look park of the highest quality brown horseLeather. Made in the USA, and unlike Snaps metal key whilethis could be from 4 inches in just 4 inches small, leather mini browserwithout demanding concessions and the perfect place to nestle your carKeys and wallet at the end of a busy day.

If you do not use itReally fits precisely so flat that you, your luggage or even ifto venture into the business. This has “gent” all written about him.

4. Hermes Change Valet Tray

Is it set seriously stylish Hermes old school? If James BondHe had a tray of help would this takes the place of honor in hisApartment, maybe not his cell phone at home, but of a deadly weapon. Made from the finest leather various Taurillon Clemencia, thisH has the iconic logo on a perforated pattern and comes withplated key details.

Ok, so this is the face, butbuilt and designed to last and transmitted through generationsa family heritage.

5. Nocturn Catch in Walnut

An outlet from the now timeless look and appeal of leather, Nocturn Fangmade tray design than solid wood wood, grinding and finishingin Michigan. Manufactured by American Black Walnut, thisThey look so elegant and the land on the desktop as the will of your coffee table.

To keep 11 inches long and 7. 5 inches wide, there’s plenty of spaceDaily transport insurance until you are ready to leave the house again.

6. Defy Bags Snappy Valet Tray

Made in the USA and bring you in calfskin Black Austin, Defy BagsSnappy support shell is a simple but elegant choice. It’s reallyjust a piece seamlessly renowned Horween leather and a pairfunctional poppers. Embossed leather with its brand “Defy fault”the brand now has no excuse your computer to the lie leave just happenaround the house.

7. Fossil 10-piece Valet Box

From contemporary brand Fossil, this is a fantastic and spacious Boxmake that is perfect for the contents of his pockets, but can also safelyHouse his collection also of luxury watches. ranging from high quality leatherThis is a very elegant and stylish accessory that is designed to be strongwithstand wear and the test of time.

Available in two classic color combinations,Black or brown, this is a good option tidily store allKit is essential.

8. Blake Valet Tray

Blake looks like a tray of support super stylish and modern, bothpractical, but also very versatile. a sense of decay be inhaledcostly purple divider trays offset against black leather trayIt is also provided with a cover to complete, so you can save your discreetBelongings.

Stay organized and always know where all their meaningare essential elements.

9. Parabellum Valet Tray

Made from the finest leather North American Bison with a rich suedeInside corners and snap-ceramic material is personified the eleganceParabellum a tablet using only the most demanding and clothes betweenShe! With its hand-painted edges and classic design logo on the stampedhowever, it is really exquisite designed and manufactured.

It is true craftsmenCraft has entered the building this subject, which is suitable,both at home and expeditions. Let’s be honest! They are not on vacation DoWhat about you? It’s intrepid trip and take your professional service to you!.

10. Billykirk No 309 Valet Tray

Offering personalized service pressure, Billy Kirk No 309 Tray participationexposed tanned leather and vegetables to UVto create in the light of the sun unique color and shade. Featuring hand-shaped bowlsto save your valuable personal items, is a tablet unique lookand you can make even more if you engraved it with your family coat of arms.

Do not worry if you do not have one, you can could get your initial reliefinstead of.

11. Panhandler Daily Carry Tray

If more than one type of what a gentleman and prefer to have somethingSearch more robust and convenient kit for everyday PanhandlerTray is a good choice for you. Interestingly, manufactured and cutWeight leather strap and fastened with solid brass hardware asparagus this wouldmake the perfect desk clutter at home keys, pens and moreBits stationery.

It folds completely flat when you are traveling andIt comes in two classic shapes, square or rectangle.

12. Acacia Wood Valet Tray

Made of solid acacia wood is attractive, this is a functional and practicalTimes that your keys, coins, rings and other essential can be used to manageEveryday objects. With convenient pockets need not worry about losingArticle small either. There is also the possibility of getting this laserwith a monogram engraved so this makes the perfect personalized gift.

13. Brooks Brothers Signature Tartan Valet Tray

Different Lined genuine wool tartan and different, thisTray true with support from Brooks Brothers offers elegance in clothing. Perfect for your key ring or watch that this will look really fabulous on youror to command nightstand in your studio a place of honor at his desk.

theAlso, soft plaid lining means that this is for popping down safely perfectlyGlasses without fear that are scratched or damaged.

14. Paul Stuart Leather Valet Tray

A stylish and modern leather calfskin serving tray. Paul Stuart comesin three popular colors so that you can coordinate with your home orOffice environment. Choose from any orange, green or blue withSewing detail contrast. Made in the USA, this is a simple and practicaland professional very practical help uber chic and minimalist look.

15. Tan Leather and Concrete Valet Tray

Perfect for urban gent who like to keep you organized your work, TanLeather and concrete shell service not look out of place on the table with a lidExec. Made with brown leather interior looks waxy flangefantastic, but it is also very practical and also the last designed withConcrete shell.

This feels at the same time, elegant and with a willeasy to take care of its essential elements, such as keys, wallet, sunglasses andYour smartphone.

16. Oji Masanori set of Brass Desk Trays

Last but not least comes a completely different designSentence have been with not one, but three solid brass shells, the sandJapanese legend molded into a cast. With a small, medium and large traysincluding those won by Oji Masanori many designedHonors and awards for his design of beautiful things for the house.

thesemakes unique design statement and look old! home oreven used it as a decorative center pieces.