The Best Thin Watch In 2019

What’s in a watch slim men? we channel the wishes of the minimalists and microlight edc fans and with durable anywhere, lightweight see preparation in the spotlight. Vary the best fine watches everything tactical watches and hiking aim: bulky designs look awkward on her wrist. Would you like that, the elegant streamlined style that is your sex appeal reinforce and twice give a watch many fewer components than supply. There is nothing wrong with the desire to be a low maintenance watch, so without further ado to continue, let’s take a look at the best watches for thin men, and talk about what motivates them.

1. Fossil’s “The Minimalist” Thin Watch

Fossil watches are one of our favorite brands here in hungry transition, partly due to its extremely simple approach to many elements of style at her watch orientations. With minimalist, you get a depth of 8 mm is the case, this fine pleasant sensation in his wrist straight it can not be better.

Pay attention to the simple blue and white gold hands, give a clear and sharp image of the ball of the clock without obstacles your way. You can also enjoy the view while the luxury leather feeling band in its fuel wrist. Fossil “minimalist” calfskin with a standard quartz movement, supplying the analog display and maintain all tick.

While you do not want leather by immersion in water, you do not have peace this watch behind 165-meter water resistance spirit deals. It mineral portion of this energy is being built behind clear glass line windows keep the pressure and keeps its operation in an unfavorable movement weather conditions.

As an added benefit dimensions his crown is quite small but contain an external things textured shake.

2. Stuhrling Original Calfskin Leather Dress Thin Watch

Stuhrling’s not the age, but also offers the classic quality everyone looks in a dress to see quality / casual. If you have been in the pass looking for a high-end watch over accidentally associated budget, stuhrling watches are for you. For an insane they affordable price tag, he sees 165 meters water resistance, thanks in part to the window line krysterna protect your japanese quartz movement and analogue display.

Also, you get a very date minimalist window in three of the marking, without replacing on how other watches do. One our favorite aspects are usually the true calfskin leather strap watch. With a little plush stuffed inside, original watch calfskin dress feels excellent in stuhrling the wrist from the moment she put on her.

They are able to keep the slim 7 mm depth jewel in the case of a thin stainless steel bezel, easily molded crown, and a perfect combination with the supports that hold the tape. Silver dark gray bezel, hard hands and markers, and ball clock coal remains, this style thin subtle and minimal at all points.

3. Citizen Men’s 53E Eco-Drive Stiletto Black Dress Thin Watch

Citizen never fails to impress, and its eco-drive series is usually your are blinded favorite for lovers of minimalist watches. You could is a depth of 5 mm impressively, in this case 36 mm, to achieve the low if in his wrist profile and a lot of style without an increased presence.

Nevertheless, they were to carry a lot of features able a beam onto the black stiletto dress watch, a beautiful 99-meter water included resistance for daily tasks and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window. That everything is accompanied by one of the best steel bracelet strap we have seen seven working relationships unison to offer a unique look, but ultra smooth feeling too comfortable and dashingly function.

In contrast to other steel strips, this does not put the light movements on a pile. Your fine script makes the overall aesthetics of this watch maintain citizen clean and simple face, while the forces of its japanese quartz movement analog display from the core of your watch.

4. Titan Mineral Quartz Thin Watch

You came here to thin watches, all black, and titanium is to provide about. Looking at a depth line of ultra slim 3. 8 mm at the clock (no, this is not an exaggeration or a typo). You have reached one of the world slimmest watches and it has style boat in running.

Slip on black leather strap and around the wrist as you feel comfortable he will continue in his time, looking like a total boss. Which sits on a leash durable metal rod a little bent to connect to the edge, in which you can see it coming a crown minutes poking the side.

Thin watches, to be with his stigmata, and despite the ultra-thin watches the planet with thin quartz mineral titanium watch that receive an additional 99 feet water resistance thanks to the window scoreline sapphire crystal. That protects your screen and analog quartz movement, a power less expensive brand with broad hands of gold.

Everything merges together smooth, and although our favorite was pitch black and gold pattern rose, there are six other ways to bring this sleek and stunning looks pm while he does that.

5. Rado Black Dial Stainless Steel Thin Watch

We have all rado watches covered a guide in the past and you have again outdone with this superbly simple slimline black dial stainless steel watch. First, it is a diameter of 39 mm with a reduce 7 mm depth, you can give the feeling ultralight wrist we give.

Increasingly technical specifications that a swinging quartz with an analog display, which is kept locked thanks to the prompt window sapphire crystal, completion of package. Thanks that window of high-end line, which is also granted to 99 feet of water, resistance, making it perfect spills and splashes again.

Now let talk about the band, because it is a focal point of this watch. Bright ceramic feeling on the skin is to change an element, particularly if flawless merges the watch case with the curved design. This case it has a minimalist crown four-point markers in the am, and cupped hands of rado logo overlap just below the twelve point mark.

Few brands can just make it look so elegant.

6. Bulova Men’s Classic 98A167 Thin Watch

Bulova is synonymous with classic style and timeless design, and there have 98a167 has that classic. You see a lot of leather watch bands fine watches, so you can be from the outside begins. This genuine leather tape wrapped gently supported on the beams of ultra-thin case easily wrap his wrist.

This case, incidentally, only 5. 6 mm depth. The actual appearance at the top is hard, but it’s a crazy bulova clock easily, is also durable quartz movement in case. Thats supplies the analog display is only fair to say that the fewer. His hands are cupped halfway up, show gold mark twelve, three, six and nine marks, while the minimalist remaining brands are made of steel.

Crown even enters the screen with a little color, see all tie together. You get 99 feet of water resistance, a calendar function and year mineral glass window line to keep everything locked. Thin simple but attractive as any.

7. Junghans Meister Hand-Winding 5202 Model

Jungham is one of those brands that have not seen in maxim issue, but he recognized wears his father and grandfather she. These gentlemen have been more than a century and a half to, and continue the development of high-quality pieces today. While we do not crazy lines plexiglas window, wear sturdy enough use when the occasion requires.

Hand-wound master model 5202 only a depth of 7. 5 mm has, so it is possible for the minimalist movement wearers. Your complete with hand-wound, but has one of the most beautiful screens that we ever seen. Pay subdial and central labeling are made in rose gold (as the case) with which you are magnificent views over four brands to emulate that same material.

Before relapse eggshell white with additional brands minimalist feel like you stepped 19th straight towards the end to grab century this piece. The same elegant style that dictates his classic we design, and we could not be happier with it. If you like pink gold watches, this piece is for you.

8. Skagen Men’s Sundby Titanium Watch

Skagen is one of those old brands that are out, and let your watches speak for themselves. After enthusiastically watches be for many years, refreshing it is when a design like this catches us unprepared. Sundby pm skagen has a completely case titanium, and a clock mesh metal correa feels like a delicate tapestry on her wrist.

What beings ultra-thin, the housing depth mm 8, and has a remarkably lightweight in less than two ounces total. Considering is nevertheless, it houses a quartz movement, this is awesome. Movement in question is guarded by a mineral crystal window line and a waterproof degree of 99 feet.

One of our favorite design elements is the incredibly intelligent window including date at eighteen top marks for his military service as well as larger brands that peripheral hands shadow ask directly. From the sapphire blue ravishing select the clock hands in white cloud, it’s a really compelling piece (not a ton of capital running).

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9. Bering Time Solar Collection

Bering contains a lot of style and authentic design danes you can not find anywhere else in the world. Solar collection time 222 model escaping from a solar seiko movement, which holds the analog shows at any time to move. Much to say about running simplicity right, and the sphere of the watch shows with absolute beauty.

You have your very white numerical markings and light weight minimalist markings on the road paint this watch best light. You’ll can also be pleased to know that his line window , energized be the scratch resistant synthetic sapphire crystal classification 165-meter water resistance.

We’re all here for fine watches and bering i could bring it to a depth of 9 mm, without sacrificing performance source. Once timing belt slides mesh metal on her wrists, feeling as the sky was cast on his wrist. The sleek design is impressive, but reasonable price (especially for this kind of authentic design), this minimalist watch you leave speechless.

10. Tonnier Stainless Steel Slim Watch

Tonnier is a low-cost brand, which focuses on the simple design and anything but. We have a lead before all watches made black and tonnier thin stainless steel watch certainly fits the bill perfectly. Of the outside is obtained a glorious 42mm with a maximum depth of 6.

8 mm, things nice and light on his wrist. This lightweight smooth moves edges and minimalist design metal grid watchband they like calfskin feels so soft on the skin strap. While style is subtle, including black marks and labeling white mini brands, products under the hood are anything but simple.

You receive japanese quartz movement with an analog display and a crown narrow that you can hardly feel on the wrist. The only major drawback of this watch the degree of resistance to water only 33 feet allows the use, which means, splashes of light and the pitter patter of rain, and that’s all.

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11. Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Thinline Watch

Hamilton has a story to stick to american-style, but with generally add your own elements that complicate the design. With its slim line jazz master model, everything is as it should be. First with a maximum depth of 7 mm in the case of stainless steel work, the it makes for an ultra-light feeling in the wrist.

In addition, talk feel like it, you will be pampered with strap crocodile skin and soft coating comfort. Hamilton held wound in the bright white am single face to the brands, while a little bold silver and hand lay. Also, you will notice a subtle window above date marking six.

Your they all run out of the swiss quartz movement and protected by a line window glass antireflective sapphire. This line window that allows dig to 165 meters under water when the mood strikes status (as true diving watch) while the glitter of stainless steel grip bevel and crown round bottom.

12. Frederique Constant Slimline Watch

The trinity is here: leather, steel and black color. Frederique it combines a black leather strap watch with magnificent glow of a brushed stainless steel, which only measures 6 mm in density. Despite the ultrafine size, nor support a high-performance quartz movement and analog display that helps the unique subdial and date of, slimline window three constant watch looks marker.

Frederique elegant, does without the high price to wear. You get 99 feet water resistance line window scratch resistant mineral, and a classic overlooking the roman numerals silver with style clock support sprat hands. This watch is an open and shut case: what has been achieved, and the same us, we think, they love to his core.

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13. Cartier Drive WSNM Watch

Feel a bit on the elegant side? drive wsnm cartier watch drags the line it is 18 mm in depth (which is essentially the boundary between standard and fine watches), and oblongata with a unique design case. Notice subtle design elements, such as the singular and three subdial date window, but we look at the whole picture of what premium be quality.

You’ll to an automatic movement of self-wound sports, fueling analog display that rotates around the darkened roman numeral design case. That also protected by the best line window ever made: pure sapphire, is null and abrasion resistant. As an added bonus, you too have 99 meters of water resistance (a power in expensive watches) and a clean and precise look at the time with hands midnight blue color.

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14. Hublot Classic Fusion Manual Watch

Hublot is one of those brands that do not immediately think, but do not forget soon after this slap on the wrist. Of the comfort, watches black leather strap wrapped the skin is obtained softness, while fine steel box hanging on the wrist. That pm case contains six parts of a fixed taper thread, and a ceramic covers two screws through the gap between the belt and the legs.

Also must notice (or maybe it is not) the very subtle crown is in a shader located on the edge of the case. Hublot pm classic fusion manual is not everything aesthetics, although the skeleton case back also not injured. The look on his watch as a mechanical hand-wound movement work, know that it is protected by a sapphire crystal scratch resistant quality dial window.

Connects everything with broad strokes brands, dominant minute hand hours and depth of 7 mm in the case that holds feel like a feather on her wrist. Should be a nice skeleton clock definitely consider!.

15. Armogan Spirit of St. Louis Chronograph Watch

In the spirit of classic american style, armogan took a bold and avant-garde to its design only within the parameters of a nice watch. Your case thickness mm slightly more than 11, making it the top, but you can not deny, the driving force behind this watch.

First, you need a suede pm i band feels like velvet on her wrist, i tried to emulate a delicious chocolate brown. Connects seamlessly to your stainless steel if left too much space in the media, and contrasts black, the dial charcoal and white chronograph markings.

The it has a triple subdial hands and delicate style tongs dancing around the inner diameter of the box. You will not have to worry about beautiful sigh damaged because it is protected behind a wall mineral glass. With the japanese quartz under the hood, the power supply of the analog display and day / date function, you will be ready for anything, so sharp as a tack all the time.

With three subtle crowns, 165 feet of water the strength and style of a classic gentleman is ready to seize the day with spirit of st. Louis. If you like watches chronograph, this is a excellent choice.

16. Lacoste Moon Ultra Slim Watch

Lacoste is known for producing some stellar wear gentlemen, but its full enter style and value engineering completely into the ultra slim watch the moon. In the style of play this excellent watch, you get the logo of lacoste swims directly to three points, but other than that, the sphere of the watch is quite minimalist approach: simple silver board brands, gray background and bright green hands.

Which melts nylon band (even fat), one is fully interconnected look. Under the hood, which teeters analog quartz movement with a monitor. Lacoste is known more for the luxury watches companies in the united states, and for reasons such as mineral glass dial window with a maximum of 99 meters of water resistance and more.

Also must that it was found in the spirit of fine watches, feels like a wafer 6. 1mm steel wrist, flawless naughty during the promotion and outdoor function. For larger brand watches, check our guide to the best diesel from watches.

17. Extra Slim Brown Watch, by Slim Made

Come as thin as possible here, and very few can say with a depth of 7 mm. Thin is preferred not only a product; it is a mark of madam they know what a minimalist, slim watch really need. They have bound the stainless steel case with a leather strap brown calfskin durable, ensures a perfect stylistic contrast to the sphere of the black watch and mark resolution.

Also announce that the case protected by a mineral line window glass, water resistance to 165 feet helps rating. There is a lot under the hood on how japanese quartz movement with analog display, but aesthetically, they kept everything attachment as much as possible.

The twelve markers in the am actually slots in the metal, an additional layer providing of depth. The texture face looks beautiful with the second hollow body and hour hands, and in perfect contrast to the gray steel minute hands. Esthetic, functionally, extra lean pm brown has it all.

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18. Kenneth Cole New York Sleek Collection Watch

Kenneth cole is a cost effective solution for smart business men and casual carry, and personally, i own two of his messenger. They gathered a watch at a depth of 8 mm thin excellent, even with the slightly larger japanese quartz movement guarded in stainless steel.

This case it also has a line window scratch resistant mineral, constituting 99 feet underwater protection for your watch. Basically, it’s good to syringes and wear every day and gets in light excites caught on the way work. But home than it actually accelerates the pace in the style department.

It has a minimalist face with black markings single strips (each with a stark white lace), kenneth cole new york complete collection of elegant watches the illusion of greater depth slightly pressed edges around its slim bezel. His band is polyurethane, which is convenient for everyday use use but note that traps water beneath it after washing hands.

Last but not least, we wanted to play almost perfect color gray belt carbon mixture and the subtle crown you almost do not realize there is. If you are looking for cheap watches, check the watches are purchased from can at our selection $ 1000th.

19. Xin Lingyu Casual Thin Watch for Men

It is difficult to choose watches, in addition to low costs on sites like amazon and determine what is worth your time. In our efforts to find ultra-thin watches, xin lingyu going to surprise through the test with this design and murderer function.

You can choose from ten different designs, but our favorite is it is stainless steel gold-tone watch with blue face midnight. Xin informal lingyu has a leather strap watch lapping slightly to hold it in place bars, to fill the empty space in his wrist.

But the real magic happens when you look at a depth of 6. 5 mm layer, while still that knowledge of japanese movement and analog quartz is fed by a high quality monitor. They held the screen as simple as possible, with a single line steel brand gold tone and a date window in the mark six in the direction of the bottom of the ball of the clock.

Despite its low price, she still 99 meters water resistance to wear and are tear of daily life. Our handy guide to the best pilot watch functions other products of this type.

20. AARK Collective Eclipse Watch

Last but not least, this watch is the thickest case of them coming all but still it feels light on the wrist and is constructed in a minimalist fashion. The eclipse aark watch has a depth of 18 mm housing stainless steel, gold tinted the right feeling fit i am proud don strike if this watch on your wrist.

If he does on his land wrist, soft interior feel of the leather strap black, which was held closure. Under closely with a buckle mineral line window style, japanese quartz have run the program on the analog display. The note screen, but is one of the easiest ways only extend three hands full from the center to the edge of the field of the clock interior and features, dare we say, a total waste of time hour.

You can do this under water to 99 feet to take, if necessary, and are not that aark kept super easy in every other way. Nothing left do for you choose more than just the right watch and enjoy the ultralight feeling. Coarser similar products by checking our guide the best watches daniel wellington.