Best Tactical Pen (Our Top Picks) In 2019

Für die meisten menschen, die „taktischen“ worte und „boom“ nicht wirklich hand in hand gehen. “tactical” und “jet fighter” sicher. Aber keine taktik und stift. Aber diejenigen, die unterhalten solche begriffe veraltet sollte auf und riechen sie den kaffee wecken im jahr 2019, weil hier federt nur tactical nicht existieren könnte sparen helfen ihre haut 1 tag in aller deutlichkeit. Dies sind nicht die einweg-19 ¢ federn deiner jugend. Pen taktik jetzt bearbeitet häufig hart, haltbare metall und sind mit funktionen gefeuert, die ihnen erlauben alles vom schreiben an den rückschlag im regen einen wiesel abwehren zu unrecht entschied er sich, ihnen ein leichtes ziel waren. Einige led-taschenlampen, so dass sie auch haben sie können nicht in anspruch, nachdem wiesel den stift aus seiner kehle zu ziehen.

1. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Gerber is famous for its world-class tactics and survival knife as there is no reason she would think not beat working in a tactic pen. And of course, they do. The impromptu allows you to write in the rain or other conditions by wars, crime and outdoor work not occur only on sunny days.

If you are trapped in a burning car impromptu they just released and break the window with the integrated glass breaker. Impromptu body is made of steel, so anyone who tries to give you a hard time, bring a very unpleasant transition surprise when connected with what they believe a harmless ink stick.

The improvised has a good weight, but not as it is too heavy for shirt pocket. And as always, this product is covered by gerber famous lifetime warranty company.

2. Smith & Wesson SWPENMP2BK Tactical Pen

The tactical pen smith and wesson begins with aircraft-grade aluminum t6061 this makes writing it both pico writing as a tool. It brings the defense of both ends, and when the cap is on or off. It’s nice and thick that security can alert the airport, but you will always get a good handle firmly, even if you are a big guy with big hands.

The pen is well with cover and large enough and heavy balanced one make print when someone asks to use them. The properties of the pen a robust pocket clip that hold this pen survival where it is placed. As tactical element of self-defense that is both simple and very happy effective.

So if you write a report on the arrest or fighting wiesel smith and wesson want on your side. Make sure you also check pour guide to the top springs screw for larger items like this.

3. CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

Williams columbia with his river tactical pen adopt a more sophisticated approach design approach. This practice is smooth and polished and tasteful neutral, along with many other non-normal adjectives associated with survival equipment. But that does not diminish for one second the effectiveness of thing.

6061 grade aluminum used to aircraft manner the body is covered in matte black, which do not create glare. It is a robust integrated pocket clip and ink cartridges can slightly changed. If you take the williams will realize how it is potentially effective as an element of self-defense.

4. Schrade SCPEN4BK Tactical Pen

Schrade knives and tools produced traditionally with the quality mark, processing and reliability than the seal. In addition to several categories of knives and other cutting tools, some of the items in product line include axes, machetes, spears and of course tactical pens.

The schrade scpen4bk 5. 9 inches reliable removable aluminum tactical pen next, after the entire collection of products schrade in use high-quality materials to create products and offers the functional and durable. This tactic pen allowed to go about their daily lives months without worrying about personal safety or self-defense.

Your it coating derived cnc 6061 t6 aluminum and containing the innermost ferro-bar and the front plate. All this quality they are firmly packed in a compact whole. It is perfect to take with you on a path, like a camping or outdoor activities. Better yet, take wherever a pen or writing instrument.

It comes with a any to keep the removable certainly convenient pocket clip and the top their pockets. You’re not the browser here, but the pen comes with a whistle hat, for emergency only. What’s more, the pin can be refillable used again and again to save so many dollars pocket.

Coming in various colors and is suitable for both men and women.

5. Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

The tactical pen sminiker professional – technically “the defender” – is one of these tactical pens that we mentioned an aluminum body. Hereupon case of aircraft grade aluminum, which easily make with the pin incredibly difficult. But the body is not the only difficult thing about defensor.

It also has a metal tip at the upper end of demolishing to break glass in case of emergency or the stamp of a mugger. The defender is pleasing very to the touch for writing and gives a secure grip if you need for more aggressive. The sturdy aluminum clip it makes the defensor in his shirt pocket to take, as you would with any a further spring.

Only you know that it is a self-defense tool with few lingering it is equal to its size. Production of standard parts and is to boot extremely affordable. A great gift idea.

6. Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen

The schrade scpenbk is produced aluminum from 6061 degrees so that no planes only it looks like a ball, how to bite. The pin is 5 5/8 long and comes with a handy clip so you can wear it next to each other pens and writing instruments in his shirt pocket.

This tactic should pin pass through security without incident so when something goes down the aircraft is not empty-handed. The pen uses a pen to write on to allow almost all types of weather and the top screws from the charging. This pen has a formidable survival profile and good size brands easy to get a good grip.

You will pay a bit more for it, but if you an attack which unscathed from out to be worth you realize every cent.

7. Hoffman Richter Stinger

Hoffman judge has made a pen dignified survival of that name here. The “stinger” is subtly devastating in appearance, but in the application. It is formed from a single block made of anodized aluminum of high quality. That means you can run this puppy with a car and still retains its shape.

The titanium surface is coated to prevent corrosion, so that take it anywhere, anytime, in any conditions. Ink cartridges pencil leads are standard and the whole is guaranteed for life. There is also a glass breaker that functions as another point of attack if required.

Whether you sign the workplace and the need for a delivery rain or redirect you walk home at night and rejoice they have with the tactical pen hoffman judge. It also features a clip so you can hang in the pocket tactical pants.

8. Smith & Wesson Military

Because now we have become accustomed to the name of smith and wesson see to, types of tactical equipment. What happens is that your material is usually so good now that the expectations of excellence, each time we look at the s & w imprimatur. Fortunately, as with the rest of your kit tactics and articles edc tactical pen military police and aluminum meets style and substance.

This is not a bulky blunt object. This is a high quality writing instrument that happens to also neutralize aggressors with as much aplomb as he wrote his report. Use the handy clip the rest of their writing instruments will continue and no one more careful.

There is also a mounting lug, which gives you more options carry. So effectively in writing as in combat.

9. Boker Plus 09BO093 Titan

Boker titan’s what most people think when people think tactical pen. Not necessarily the name (although they may think that too), but the profile, strong solid nonsense. The aluminum body is durable titanium obtained, as all and is greater than the average circumference is to ensure that has a good firm grip, no matter what the task at hand.

Clear, even though the pin a kilogram or two tips seem to weigh that fact balance in a modest 1. 4 ounces one more thing: the titanium has a pin actuating mechanism for extending and retracting the pin. Just another militarist touch that appropriate according to the mission of the pin.

Synchronize with military watch us and that everything is ready for the coming your way.

10. Atomic Bear SWAT

With a name like “atomic bear” might think that this is just a publicity stunt tactical pen knock-off, but it would be very wrong. The body of this survival tool is made of aircraft grade aluminum 6063, which is particularly light and corrosion resistant.

Hitting a mugger with pen godliness atomic swat will carry in them and few clean punches probably everything they send must be left running or whimper. The pen is a writing class instruments and are come even in the rain. Contractors, security specialists and civil everything better the bear atomic swat tactical pen through.

Be sure to also check our list of best pins for more great items like this.

11. BCBH Waterproof

Whether you need to write a report, struggling extricate a weasel or unload you or someone else from a vehicle waterproof cbbh tactical pen to do the job. Do not take a tough as leather exterior if you are prisoners under physical violence. And when you said insert with a layer of glass or other hard surface between you and survival glass breaker tungsten steel at the end it is ensured that produced in one piece.

The profile waterproof cbbh may at first glance they look like a collection of forms chance, but even sitting on hand so you can see all the marks. It comes with a lifetime warranty and mines available in a variety of online sellers. This is your favorite edc tactics or stick out there.

12. Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance tactical pin carries a machined body with clear lines , the belies greatest. The aircraft aluminum 6061-t6 here at work, which is highly resistant to corrosion and has a wonderful atmosphere, so that when gripping firmly. It is not retractable tip ensures fewer moving parts and be a tactical ally: more emphasis on the actual purpose of the pin a situation of self-defense.

Glass breaker is absolutely solid tungsten carbide and if you use the zero tolerance to write something that will actually not only not deter finding of bad weather, but cartridges antigravity means you can on the back laying on her back, if necessary write.

And the whole is fully warrantied. View larger of these products check out our guide to the best 3d feathers.

13. Sahara Sailor Tungsten

Several members of the panel considered that be the favorite search tactical pen. Sahara sailor tactical pen led is indeed but beauty is much more than just good looks. For one thing attractive bowl is rock hard and durable as the day is long. In the out thicker end flashlight that has a high quality to surrounded by a long welcome bezeled ring an opponent or be pushed to use program shattering a window that could stand between you and survival.

In general survival pen led flashlight is 6 1/4 inches long and weighs 1. 8 ounces; enough to give it some real serious without giving too shirt pocket. A tactical flashlight and tactical pen in one, could not be better.

14. Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK

This is another tactic pin high quality people in smith and wesson. Light, versatile, durable and affordable is the type of edc they should not go home without leaving it. At one end it has a tip of the needle it produces crisp writing and the other switches of the first glass platform they shoot up to the other side have no problem.

This tactical pen offers a mechanized shell that provides a non-slip grip to hold regardless of the conditions and hard aluminum bracket to the device, firmly in the bag, as you choose, with his tactical portfolio. The matt black on the t6061 aircraft aluminum are an apparatus awesome face and affordable price to leave more impressed.

15. Sahara Sailor Tactical

Our second input of here saharan sailor is his light years ahead a different design that offers but not less impressive a tactic position. Hardened steel in the rear end i do not take “no” glass and the design of the pagoda makes it easy to get a good grip firmly.

With or without the cap in place, there is a self-defense tool high quality. The pocket clip is very strong, so there is no possibility that the sahara is a sailor well that will not always be fixed in the pocket and light weight, load. All formed tactical pin made of hardened high-gloss 303 sahara sailor stainless steel and guarantees against manufacturing spring defects.

And the best part? it is less than $ 20 i love tactical gear? visit our view the best tactical gloves better our decisions.

16. Tomight Impromptu

The tomight impromptu is versatile tactical team, which will provide the high quality writing in a condition an escape mechanism sure always trapped in a vehicle and when the end cap is removed, a to find high-power led flashlight your way out of trouble.

The block design is to be sure, but it is much more effective as a tactic pen as a result. Of corrosion-resistant aircraft aluminum impromptu is all business when it comes to help defend. We are always partly a tactical team, which includes an led cdm flashlight, and we must, in most cases, so impromptu to survive to see he gets a thumbs up from everyone here.

17. Boker Plus 09BO079

The boker plus micarta is a bit of an outlier in the design department this looks like a cross between a piece of bamboo and peacock feathers, but it is also one of the finest tactical pens in this list. That unusually shaped body get a good handle on actually very easy and the locking component simply adds write function without entering way.

The micarta is only 4 3/8 inches long and weighs in a tiny 1 onz. That said, if someone with jim wagner hit are micarta you will feel every millisecond agonized effects and consequences. With a lifetime warranty on this coated titanium, aluminum body aircraft micarta in the coming years.

18. Campco UZI Tactical

Finally, the back of our list is the best tactical pins pull up another arms manufacturer everyone has heard of the utmost respect, and has: uzi. At the same automatic weapons that set the bar for reliability and provide raw firepower good pen uzi tactical action set screw standard when it comes to provide the ability to stimulate the user crushing blows on each wiesel down who dares to mess with you.

The engen, tough as leather gun metal body of this medium tactical pin when applies to a fixed blow to their attackers is effectively removed action. If you need to use the uzi tactical pen to write a report or sign for deliveries and including a very reasonable price.