The Best Sushi Knife In 2019

Now it’s even easier than ever your own sushi and sashimi make in home thanks to the wonderful selection of professional tools styles. If you fancy tasty fresh sushi, one of the best things you can do invest dedicated in a japanese sushi knife. You are the you to accompany in the kitchen perfect tool and has been specially designed to be strong and precise, lightweight and easy to handle. If you they want the best tasting sushi make this side of tokyo, then it’s time, invested in the best sushi knife. We have developed our complete leadership studied in detail the best knife in the market. Us we hope that our guide will help you the perfect knife for you to find sushi.

1. Kitchen + Home Non-Stick Sushi Knife

Our best option sushi knife kitchen & home is a versatile than and an affordable option. It has a high quality material to be surgical steel flexible and durable. It can help accurately in the production and fine cuts with minimal effort by a leaf design revealed it reduces friction and is comfortable to handle.

Entire blade coated with a non-stick teflon coating. Measuring 13 inches with a total of 8-inch blade, the handle has an ergonomic design and is made of a non-porous and slip abs plastic, which is slightly to the minimum user fatigue and reduced. She you can use the experience of silverware again, but at a fraction of the costs.

A versatile and multi-tasking knife sushi is also perfect able to treat vegetables, meat, cheese and herbs to flavor as as well as raw fish and sushi rolls. It is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

With a full lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, you can actually buy with confidence with this style professional, strong and durable nonstick sushi home kitchen + knife. For high-quality knives for your kitchen, check out our guide the best butcher knife.

2. Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Sushi Knife

Our next selection is yanagiba 8 1/4 inch diameter sushi kai almost as works well as it looks. Perfect for slicing create ultra-thin pieces of fish or delicate herb salmon and sashimi dishes that unalloyed stainless steel blade made daido 1k6 for superior accuracy and edge sharpness.

The sheet is been through a jet process give an attractive finish and, traditional elements of a single bevel certainly see very japanese. Your printed japanese characters of wasabi and is pre-tapered and ready to use immediately. The handle is ergonomically designed by a wood, so it looks and feels like natural wood, but is impregnated with resin much better to heat resistant and harsh elements.

Even if the knife wet, which provides a good firm and secure grip, and because of sturdy wood pakka is also convenient to put in the dishwasher. General kai wasabi yanagiba knife has a very modern and contemporary against treated with brushed steel blade against the bright silver and reinforce that attractive and modern-looking black handle.

It was more with an antibacterial agent impregnated for clean and hygienic food preparation. Other great choices for your kitchen out our main top takes the best bread knife.

3. Yoshihiro Hongasumi White Steel Kurochi Sushi Knife

We were with the popular japanese brand yoshihiro for our next sushi recommendation knife, and this happens our selection of quality to be product. Forged steel high quality, this is an exceptionally sharp blade that looks stylish and performs like a dream.

It is ideal for someone working in a professional kitchen supply and accurate results. It has a unique black finish that adds an elegant appeal. With a steel sheet to the white carbon 10. 05 inches, which is a top-sushi knife. Handcrafted in japan is this quality kitchen knife more equipped with a stick handle exquisite it rose a double reinforcement has a feeling well balanced for easy maneuverability and seamless delivery of business.

If you are concerned about protecting your investment, then do not to be. With this fabulous sushi knife yoshihiro hongasumi, you also want to a sheaf of beautiful magnolia painted knife receives that not only complements authentic japanese design aesthetics of this knife, but also helps there it protects when not in use.

This is truly an extraordinary and elegant knife and an essential part of the repertoire of many professional chefs.

4. Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Knife

This knife sushi mercer food is part of his collection asia yanagi is a classic style sheet to 12 inches, ideal for sushi and sashimi. It has a high quality, durable carbon film is high to maintain clear and easy. It is a versatile sushi knife that can be used slice and dice a variety of ingredients, and the oxide and corrosion resistant.

All this means that the knife should mercer yanagi that for many years last come. It available either with a traditional wood if preferred grip or a grip santoprene resistant sliding, appearance and it is, like wood carried out, but it is the warp and crack resistant.

It is elegant and elegant appearance, in addition to obtain convenient and accurate and handle. German steel resists no discoloration, and over time the color, and the sushi knife professional japanese style is sure to be a company in your kitchen favorite.

Easily cut by a variety of meat, vegetables and fish without ever grinding, snagging or pulling since the single-edged blade made of a tapered, sharp and precise land break up. For cheese lovers, we have our choice of the best prepared , so be sure cheese knife sets, to check them out.

5. Japan Bargain S-1553 Yanagiba Sushi Knife

If you prepare to test your skills sushi, then really you do not need knives were suitable for the job, and the japanese yanagiba 8-inch blade the perfect choice for you. It is japan bargain, and it’s really very accessible. Built-resistant stainless molybdenum steel, which is light and easy to use with a simple cone body, sword.

Should not and as long spot how to take good care, most recently a comfortable grip for many years come. With that is easy to grip and light wine cellar, which is best suited for the operation of the right hand and with a non-slip grip comfortably designed to fit into the palm.

The length and this form of sushi knife also makes it a versatile choice for a range of food preparation, including vegetables and cutting meat chops. That make sure it does not come with a shear protection so that they are saved the blades are not damaged.

It is available in a few different sizes you can always add to your collection. Be sure to also check out our top takes the best steak for more product knives, which add to your collection.

6. Yoshihiro Shiroko Yanagi Sushi Knife

Our next best japanese sushi knife comes from yoshihiro, and we one of these knives kasumi was made handpicked superior quality carbon steel. This provides an incredible acute and that can slip through steak permanent advantage and more with a minimum pressure.

Stainless steel also benefits from easy clean and maintain. Yoshihiro shiroko yanagi sushi knife is what is known as a yanagi, and features a traditional front on flat land with a floor reinstall that a single aperture created. Comes pre-sharpening and ready disk right.

The sheet is corrosion resistant and should last lifespan. It is an elegant and popular, very popular with the sushi sheet and sashimi chefs and experts can deal with very thin slices of fish. They have traditionally in japan and not mass produced proudly made so you can be sure of a genuine product.

It has a beautiful craftsmanship, ergonomic handle of rosewood or which magnolia it is perfectly welded to the sheet metal and shaped for right-handed. It is light, balanced, and a delight to handle. Besides the fact that japanese craftsmen were experts this knife by hand, also delivered with a wooden sheath wonderful magnolia that will help protect the when not in use blade.

Yoshihiro shiroko his knife yanagi part should be washed only with water, and immediately thereafter dried. You can enjoy a sharpened edge to come for many years if you regularly with a knife afilador or refine this blade with a whetstone.

7. Yoshihiro Hongasumi Yanagi Sushi Knife

We went back for our next best japanese sushi knife yoshihiro that hongasumi along the knife cut. Made of high quality steel steel slice the ideal blade sushi and sashimi. Offering a stylish thin sheet of super strong, this is a harvester blade edge higher retention.

As durability with advanced edge that you would expect from a yoshihiro blade that was made by hand and not in series, in japan the traditional use and respected traditional methods. Stain of high carbon steel resistant with a single beveled edge and when it is properly held last a life long.

It provides with a knife sheaf of lacquered magnolia known as saya, which, when not in use to protect your sushi knife and also increases the the aesthetics of the overall design. This exquisite knife is complemented by a traditional japanese style octagonal handle has been ergonomically designed.

It’s beautiful and naturally welded onto the user’s hand effortless use. The handle is made with hands, rosewood and features double ebony reinforcement handling well balanced. It is easy to clean, stain and resistant to odor and comes pre-sharpened and ready to use straight, box.

Also be sure to check out our guide to the best electric knife, for the greatest products of this type.

8. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Kyotop Knife

If you are looking for a top ceramic plate instead of steel one made of steel, then take a look at this extended knife kyocera. Your distinctive looking with his pattern of damascus and the sheet it makes it very elegant. With a wooden handle with pakka insurance rivets, it is also easily cut easy to handle and can the fish, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Kyocera advanced ceramic knives kyotop series i it is produced using hot isostatic pressing technique to create one the ceramic blade, close to the hardness of diamond. The knife is then burned for the second time at an even higher temperature to give the blade even more density and durability.

The manufacturer claims that this ceramic sheet can keep their focus and up to 15 times longer edge a traditional knife base metal. Made in japan, kyocera i advanced ceramic knife comes in a black sophisticated presentation packed box to make it the ideal gift for gourmets or sushi chef in his budding life.

9. Hiroshi Premium Carbon Steel Sushi Knife Set

Our next recommendation product is a set of carbon steel four ultra-high hiroshi knife. Hand forged, sharp hand and hand assembled, these knife provide incredible value for money. Each contains a permanent , ultra-hard high carbon content with stain-resistant steel that combines it allows to keep its edge, the blade longer.

With a 3-layer structure, corrosion-resistant and too. Handling this knife set is simple thanks beech handles ultra-light, helps minimize user fatigue. Overall, in this premium contained four blades hiroshi sushi knife set, all with the same sharp edge.

Obtain a classic 6. 5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, and a smaller sheet of 4. 5 inches. This for everyone to improve their game in the kitchen and set ideal prepare fresh sushi and sashimi. For most amazing sheets that can be used check sliced ​​meat, the recommendations from the best steak knife.