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Top 10 Suction Vacuum Cleaners – Best of 2018

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As of the current scenario, even a small particle of dust can be a matter of nuisance for someone who judges a person on the cleanliness of a room.

To have a clean room, you must be completely assured about the standard of cleanliness of your room. A dirty sight is never a food sign, not only for the personal hygiene but also for the negative image of your room in front of others.

We quite often clean our rooms with different tools leaving no stone unturned to clean the smallest possible dirt, but still, there are very low chances that you would be satisfied with the cleanliness of your room after completing the task.

Vacuum or suction pump is possibly the best alternative for any cleaning tool, as it creates a high pressure which attracts the dust particles to ensure the cleanest floor possible. Even after cleaning the whole floor with the help of a broom, if you take your vacuum cleaner for a room tour, you will be hocked by the amount of dust it collects.

Product Name Our Rating Check Price

Dyson-V8 Absolute Bagless Cordless 2-in-1 Handheld/Stick Vacuum – Multi

Check price on Amazon

Shark-Rotator Professional Lift-Away HEPA Bagless 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum -Red

Check price on Amazon

Shark-Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum-Navy

Check price on Amazon

Dyson – V6 Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum – White/Iron

Check price on Amazon

Dyson – V6 Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum – Red

Check price on Amazon

Dyson – Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum – Iron/Yellow

Check price on Amazon

Dyson – V6 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum – Nickel/Purple

Check price on Amazon

Hoover – Windtunnel 2 High Capacity Bagless Pet Upright Vacuum – Purple

Check price on Amazon

Dyson – Ball Multi Form 2 Bagless Upright Vacuum – Yellow/iron

Check price on Amazon

whole floor with the help of a broom, if you take your vacuum cleaner for a room tour, you will be hocked by the amount of dust it collects.

Well, if I tell you theoretically, the working mechanism of a vacuum cleaner can make even Einstein bite his nails. But if we look into the practical working mechanism of a vacuum cleaner, it would not be wrong to call it as a ‘sucker’. Working efficiency of a vacuum cleaner can be easily understood by its reliability with its air intake, technically coins for the term ‘suction’.

A high suction vacuum cleaner can be used to get rid of the smallest dust particle present on your carpet, whereas a low suction vacuum cleaner does make the floor look clean, but is unable to wipe away the small dust particles residing on the floor.

So it’s always better to have a minimum knowledge of such terms to chose the best possible products for, especially when it comes to the things related to the household. But for a person unfamiliar with this terms and with less practical knowledge, it’s always confusing for him to differentiate between the low suction and high suction pumps.

In that case, a basic test can be performed to test the suction power of a vacuum unit.

All you need to do is turn the power on and run on maximum power, try to attach the vacuum unit to the floorhead.

If the unit is of high suction power, then the vacuum unit should be attached to the wall even after removing external support. On the other hand, a low suction device is not able to pass this test positive. 

Well, there lies a lot of technical term behind measuring of suction power in devices, different shopkeepers use differ It rent terms to measure the suction power and tag the vacuum device.

 We’ll not go in much depth of those terms as there lies a lot of technical sub-terms underneath of those terms which can make your mind go nuts, and you’ll probably stop thinking about vacuum stuff.

Choosing a good suction vacuum pump can be irritating.

As there are tons of e-commerce website with good trustability but less knowledge of vacuum pumps, and there are few websites which do sell some good products, but they aren’t trustable.

Going to offline market for the stuff you don’t have much technical knowledge can cause harm to your pocket, so it won’t be wrong to say that Offline market sellers can rip you off.

Instead of banging your head on the computer for hours, you can surely have a look at our list for convincing yourself to buy the best vacuum pump by suction.So after spending days in researching and using, we here present you the best vacuum cleaners by suction.

1)Dyson-V8 Absolute Bagless Cordless 2-in-1 Handheld/Stick Vacuum – Multi

Dyson has been one of the best manufacturers regarding vacuum cleaners since a lot of decades. This trustworthy firm has produced hell lot of vacuum devices, and surprisingly, each of there product has performed above the mark.

Check price on Amazon

That is the reason you may see the maximum amount of products from Dyson on our list. This vacuum cleaner is possibly the best one under 500 USD. It is a very good cleaner suction which succeeds even in removing the smallest sie pet hairs from your carpet.

 It comes up with a lithium-ion battery (Use of lithium battery is properly understood if you haven’t missed your science classes) which works efficiently over 40 minutes without losing any power.

The best thing I’ve found about this vacuum pump is that it easily converts between stick and handheld modes ceiling and clean stairs.

Its range of cleaning is immense as it does not come up with the fuss of wires, it’s cordless! For quick spot cleaning into difficult places, it quickly transforms into the handheld. It’s quite efficient regarding battery, giving a total of 40 minutes of working time and up to 25 minutes with motorised floor attached.

It can be possibly the best buy if you are new to the field of vacuum pumps.

2)Shark-Rotator Professional Lift-Away HEPA Bagless 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum -Red

With this uniquely designed vacuum, the cleaner is a lightweight product designed by Shark, which comes up with a detachable canister for portable cleaning.

The thing I loved about this vacuum cleaner is the Advanced Cyclonic technology which accounts for its high suction power. With the help of this technology, the dirt collected is completely separated from the air inside the vacuum.

Check price on Amazon

    As a result, filters don’t clog, and the cleaning power remains unaltered. It comes up with Multi-Surface Cleaning with brush roll controls which helps in removing dirt from all type of floors.

The pet lovers who hate pet hairs are going to appreciate this product as it comes up with premium tools for removing the pet hair from the carpets, mattresses, and floor. It does come up with a cord, but that is not going to be a problem for you, as the 30′ powered cord provides this vacuum cleaner with a great range of flexibility and reach.

It also uses the Shark’s Complete Seal technology, which reduces allergens by trapping them inside the air and preventing them from escaping back into the air. After getting millions of positive reviews, you can surely trust this one and can put your money on this one.

3]Shark-Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum-Navy

This vacuum cleaner is specially designed for the kind of persons who are affectionate with the cleaning stuff. By not only providing amazing performance on the floor, but it can also surely lift your mood by the variety of attached LED lights on it which offers a delighting experience.

Check price on Amazon

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology addition to HEPA filters prevents the allergens from escaping back into the air and ensuring the cleanest room possible.

It comes up with Fingertips control; you can easily switch to one mode to another mode in one second by just pressing a button! Isn’t that amazing? Different attachments provide versatility to this product.

It includes crevice duster, pet upholstery tool, and many more different tools to cover the complete space of the cleaning stuff.

The manufacturers claim to trap 99.99% of dust and allergens, sounds unbelievable right! Mainly, The LED lights are meant for different purposes.

It provides visibility to the dark areas where the most powerful bulb doesn’t glow! It easily cleans up the different kind of floor with the specified technologies.

So even after reading, aren’t you convinced to buy this one?

4] Dyson – V6 Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum – White/Iron

Dyson likes to stay updated with the latest technologies going around the world.

That is the main reasons that they keep on modifying their product with little improvisation every time.

Check price on Amazon

With a decent design and amazing appearance, this cordless vacuum cleaner creates a strong suction with cyclonic technology to remove the smallest particles of dust and dirt from the air, just like a Cyclone! Deep inside, it also prevents the filtrates from the clogging filters to ensure the unaltered quality throughout the working span.

Obviously, you have to compromise on the working time to ensure an amazingly cleaned floor. Greater the suction power, smaller the working span.

It’s quite inefficient with the battery as it gives a total working time of 20 minutes and 16 minutes with the motorised floor attached.

Don’t worry; the high suction will rule out this working time factor, It comes up with small stiffed nylon brushes with motorized cleaner provides deep cleaning while the carbon filament assists in removing fine dust particles from the hard surfaces.

It comes up with Multi-stage cyclonic filtration system which accounts for it’s easier maintenance and amazing cleaning performance. Ah, I can’t write more reasons to convince you to buy this one!

5] Dyson – V6 Bagless Cordless Stick Vacuum – Red

Dyson never disappoints their customers by manufacturing huge varieties of vacuum cleaners to let the customers chose the best possible product as per their choice.

 It comes up with Stick/hand vacuum design, which helps the vacuum reach the hard and difficult places to suffice your needs. In spite of covering all such amazing features, the manufacturer has focused on the size of the vacuum cleaner.

Check price on Amazon

 If you are thinking that this amazingly performing product comes under a huge dimension, then you are completely wrong, it’s a lightweight easy to carry the product.

It does some injustice to the battery efficiency, as it works for 20 minutes in low suction mode and only 6 minutes in high suction mode. But no need to worry about that, the high suction mod compensates for the loss of electricity! It also comes up with the motorised cleaner head which contains stiff bristles assisting the device to remove the small dirt from the carpets.

The additional feature which almost all the other manufacturers lack is the carbon filaments, which removines helps in removing the fine dirt particles from the hard surfaces. The thing which I liked the most about this vacuum cleaner is the that there is eon more clogged filters or bags in that.

 It comes up with two tiers of cyclones which helps in creating a huge amount of centrifugal force trapping the smallest dirt particle towards the vacuum inside the cleaner and prevents it from coagulating to prevent it from entering the atmosphere again. You should go for this chap!

6]Dyson – Ball Multi Floor Bagels Upright Vacuum – Iron/Yellow

With a beast-like design, unlike the other vacuum cleaners form Duson, this one comes up with a new Radial Root Cyclone techno of which in addition to the self-adjusting cleaner ensures the cleaning experience without any loss in suction power.

Check price on Amazon

That’s a feature one should look for! To maximise the efficiency of the product, it comes up with multiple carpet height adjustments which lets you take o the cleaner to a variety of carpets and bare floor with much ease comparatively.

The additional tool holster helps you in taking the cleaner to stairs and the other hard-t-clean areas of the house. It does come up with the cord, but it’s long enough to make you think it’s wired. It also gives you a huge 0.55 Gallon dust cap capacity so that you don’t have to empty the cup much often.

It gives a huge 13.33′ path and helps in cleaning large areas much efficiently than other vacuum products present out there. The reusable cyclonic cloth filter helps in preventing three allergists enhance the quality and standard of the environment. Its upgrade, give it a try!

7] Dyson – Cinetic Big Ball Animal Bagels Upright Vacuum – Iron/Purple

One thing is sure about this product by Dyson. This product has been designed by a person with immense and cinematic knowledge of Science, the amount of creativity, features and the real science behind it is a lot fascinating than the real-life performance of the product.

Check price on Amazon

It provides you adjustable height settings giving you the access to clean the bare floors and different verities of carpets. Well, one thing which can create one’ s mood turn off after listening to the features of the product is the cord! But don’t worry, it comes up with 1 35 inch cord which lets you allow to clean the whole room without switching the outlets! It comes up with HEPA filtration which uses a permanent cloth to catch the whole dirt without changing the cloth.

 It ‘s based on bagels technology which saves both time and energy and obviously, a tension of bags to replace. The huge capacity of dust holder doesn’t bother you much. It’s a good edge cleaning tool which cleans the dirt from the hard to reach areas.

8] Dyson – V6 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum – Nickel/Purple

Most probably, this is the best budget vacuum cleaner present in the market right now. With the brand name of Duson, this high-performance vacuum up with stiff nylon bristles to get the grip to clean the small dirt and possibly the pet hairs present on the carpet.

Check price on Amazon

No doubt, it comes up with great suction power throughout any loss in suction throughout the working time. The technology preventing the loss of suction is the much heard in this article, cyclonic ethnology, which prevents the dirt from the air and separates it from he clogging filters ensuring a strong suction power throughout the working span.

You might have guessed the low working span and less battery efficiency of this product as it comes up with great suction power, tub here you are wrong my friend! It gives you a great 20 minutes working time and up to 16 minutes with the motorised cleaner attached.

It also comes up with multi-stage cyclonic filtration system which accounts for r it’s comparatively easier maintenance. It helps in uplifting the small pet harridan ground in dirt from clogging filters, while strong thaw suction carries it all away. I don’t think there are much more reasons to convince you not to buy this cleaner.

9] Hoover – Wind Tunnel 2 High Capacity Bagels Pet Upright Vacuum – Purple

The newly established infamous manufacturing firm Hoover has managed to get on our list because of the amazing performance of their Wind Tunnel High capacity model.

This vacuum clan is capable of transforming a messy room into a mesmerisingly clean room within few minutes as it cleans up even the smallest dart particle present on the flood.

It comes up with a special 12-ampere motor, which accounts for its high efficiency in cleaning the stuff(Again, a huge shout out to science students)It efficiently clean large surfaces as the 12 feet cleaning path covers aide range of florin.​

Check price on Amazon

It comes up with the accord, but no worries, the 25-inch cord makes it look like almost wireless. You can clean up a large room without changing many outlets in between.

In addition to the much used HEPA filter, it Alco comes up with the Dual-Cyclonic Air system accounting for space free of allergens.

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You can easily get rid of those annoying pet hairs with the help of rotating power brush which is specially designed to tackle the much famous problem of pet hairs.

10] Dyson – Ball Multiform 2 Bagels Upright Vacuum – Yellow/iron

If you’ve made it to the last than it’s pretty much assumed that you are not still satisfied with the above nonce products. Well, no worries, this one may be the one you wanted.

Check price on Amazon

Coming up with a vintage design, it comes up the brand new Ball Technology, all the core components of the cleaner made to live within a ball lowering the centre of gravity of the cleaner. Ah, the scientific term again.

In ampler words, lower the centre of gravity higher is the stability of the product. These reasons account for the higher stability of women in gymnastics than men. Moving on, it comes up with HEPA filtration ensuring that allergens and bacteria are trapped inside the machine preventing them to escape in the environment again.

It also offers the new Radial Root Cyclone technology increasing the suction and reducing the number of microbes in the atmosphere. The smooth action feature makes it easier to reach the hard surfaces and clean up the mess roaming around.

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