The Best Straight Razors In 2019

There are not many things in this life so openly by men like shaving with a razor, and thanks to the manufacturers, razors are straight edge to enjoy a bit of a renaissance in recent years. Since they have, however, outside the public discourse exists until the amount of information, is used by people man mens men passed through the razor is now virtually zero. But rest simply because we fill the information gap. In this product conduct verification let’s take a close look at the razor and highlight what we think are the best on the market.

1. Utopia Care Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor

If you want a more professional journal, the full quality and made then professional hair stylist look to last, look no further than the straight edge shaver for the care of utopia. The shaver has a shiny black appearance, which would absolutely fascinating and adds its fascinating aesthetics.

The body is stainless steel and black mat more or less eliminates the possibility of razor rust. It sports an ergonomic design rounded edges for smooth and clean shaven and an easy grip for bigger is better performance for this shaver outlet 100 derby blades that come with it, which can be easily installed and make sure a decent amount of longevity.

Each sheet is the 430-degree use japanese stainless steel construction ensures durability. She the same as any razor must be careful to use. To back up the blade is locked within the walls of security, and if you feel it is easily solve pressing the walls when positioning a new leaf and then close the lid and you’re good to go.

Professional hairdresser shaving utopia attention is undoubtedly the best choice in this list, and it should be a bit its closest competitor you are considering buying a razor.

2. Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

Razors are existed for centuries and predates shavers everything we use and the professional equinox straight edge razor recalls we this glorious history. Its design is a classic and reminds one of feeling of nostalgia. Actually, it leans toward the classic feel and comes with stainless steel surface that looks like sharp and demanding as it actually is.

Made of stainless steel of high quality, razor equinox it keeps the distance oxide and lasts a long time. The blades are useful for more and the use of the razor blade 100 derby accompanying, this means you can search by about 200 shaves slightly ahead runs out.

The blades they are easy to operate largely replaced thanks to the protection of the opened sheet it makes changing your old blade with a new transparent exercise. The equinox also features an ergonomic design, safety and comfort has in spirit, and its use is very simple, but are simply your finger on the ring loop handle back, the middle and index fingers up and thumbs near the knife compartment and its shaving can continue.

It is also very accessible. So in terms of quality, durability and maneuverability, razor equinox offers a good price and over again.

3. Parker SRX Professional Straight Edge Barber Razor

There are some brands that have been connected to something, you can always expect quality. Parker is one of them. The srx parker heavy duty straight stainless steel barber razor edge is ideal for professionals and this is a fact that oozes out of each pore of the razor.

The properties of the razor a beautiful, glossy design with one arm and scale steel heavyweight. The exposure rounded at the tip of the blade portion shaver reduced to the minimum by the blade get the opportunities section. To further illustrate parker commitment to safety, shaver also comes with a knife holder you can shorten in place or disabled; this prevents leaf falls when inserted.

Speaking blade is razor parker 5 half shark super stainless blades to ensure that a fair few applications needs before it can be changed. If there is a problem is that the razor with blades that can be used with it a bit fussy. You could they think very well before anything else than the shark razor with this.

Apart from it, this is an impressive blade that is ideal for professionals in their design for easy operation, a definitive option consider when buying the razor.

4. Feather SS Folding Handle Razor

Grip pen wrinkles ss razor is a great product that you should also see you get a new razor. It sports a black fashion designs it is given a modern touch, but as good as classical built each shaver you can imagine. The super-engineering resin handle makes also easy to keep while shaving with wet hands.

Chewing gum can handle defend against some intense heat and touted as able support f. To 135 c 275 no comes with additional blades as the other options on this list, but supports other blades and brands it is easy to switch between them. To the as with most razors, you must be careful, a new sheet to the load and it may be necessary to pull the blade holder open and exert pressure to ensure that the blade is installed properly.

In terms of performance, the blade is sharp and undesirable cuts hair with incredible efficiency, but as with most blades, it could also be cut skin around the mouth and chin. It is a leaf it would be more appropriate for experienced users rather than beginners, but this it does not prohibit its use for less experienced users.

Pen artists also it has line leaves per-guard with a protective film. This makes shaved less than a risky business, but also restricts both the effectiveness of the blade. That is, the handle shaft ss folding shaving remains one of bemerkenswertesten shaver on the market and you can do worse than oneself.

5. Equinox International Barber

This is the best looking “off” straight edge look. But it is more than just a pretty face, as well as an exceptional deals close shave blades by means of double-edged swiss the employs. While promotional material razor barber equinox international want to have the outstanding quality of replacement blades advertises you will this razor straight edge in the bathroom only by the way it looks.

In furthermore, we expect it because of the way everyday use to it you feel if, instead. That’s a lot to offer for such a reasonable price price.

6. Dovo Best Straight Razor

Dovo carbon steel is used as by the company “best quality” and it would be difficult to argue with this statement. This it is a simple knife with a classic design that is in his hand, even greater if you work your way through your face. If are after read traveler razor so much a quality shave as it does not find other razors better able to deliver on both fronts that dovo carbon steel of the razor shaving.

It’s a simple piece recoil bathroom technology that is among the razors mechanics of the 21st century and the will to none law takes pride of place in your bathroom.

7. SmoovGroom Straight Razor

Wooden handle smoovgroom shaver is a piece that seems curious bad technology that you would expect close, comfortable shave offers from a razor notch. It is designed to be ergonomically and replaceable blade without stropping. The smoovgroom wood handle shaving razor is a good way to get acquainted with the eternal ritual just shaving edge.

It feels great in the hand and the ergonomic design offers exactly the right angle to get shave closely as possible with the least effort. You do not have to worry around the handle oxidation in you.

8. Dovo Silver Shavette (Straight Razor)

Dovo has made a name just created by fabulous design cutting razor and silver shavette is no exception. While the style as a utility knife, shaving get shavette plata leaves no doubt about the idea that engineering entered this razor. The dovo silver shavette seem that also includes a bottle opener, but the create utilitarian design contrasts with the ability of this shaver satisfactory deep shaving.

By the way it feels in your hand ease which replace the blades, the ultra-compact profile that assumes when folded, is a great razor by almost any measure.

9. Barber Accent

The straight edge razors professional hair stylist accent was designed by a hairdresser for hairdressers. It has a wonderful feel to it, otherwise you can get difficult areas with ease and has an attractive appearance, a cross between barber shop traditional technology and elegant design of the 21st century cues.

An exceptional razor awaits anyone who buys the barber accent professional razor straight edge. It is a pleasure to use, creates a pleasant you can take i shave every time and practical case means anywhere with no worries. Just a great overall experience from the moment open it closes until the time.

10. Feather SS Japanese

Here is a razor, that part has “just” in the name serious. Is the only non-folding razor on our list, but that’s just a aside and why he is not here. It is on our list for quality the finished product razor shave pen japanese ss is serious technology with a comfortable grip, a method for replacing meaningless blade and a substrate made of stainless steel sheet of high quality, corrosion resistant.

Once you use a couple of times to ask you to stop, why not fold and simply appreciate the great work that you do.

11. Naked Armor

For those who want the full experience barber shop that is hard to overcome naked razor armor. It is an attractive timber carrying case and contains all important functions. If a straight edge fan on your gift list that you can not miss with the naked razor armor kit.

If in the ritual that often surrounds a razor you will love the shiny armor razor shaving. Not only, able to dive in the tradition of all this, you also get one of the the best shaved his life in the process. Who needs loud, energy razors lose if something like this to improve available the quality of your morning?.

12. Parker SR1

Parker razor stainless steel sr1 is looking for a beautiful piece toilet technology that is not quite modern in style and not all of the not quite traditional. But while it may occupy a gray area when it comes to to design there is nothing in the means by shaving delivers.

The parker sr1 feels good in the hand, and this allows for maximum comfort extraordinary experience razor. It’s a shame that they decided use plastic for the scale. However, the blade, blade replaced new, easy safe and overall experience is sitting first class.

13. Velvet Forge

The forge velvet razor is smart and is always aware fine as long as the product offers in the important moments. In this case, it does and then some. The sheet is a single piece of stainless steel matte black out that slides down the face of the satisfaction of the fine wake.

A search next to each grooming kit, the velvet razor forge it offers both visual effects and shaving. It feels like it’s built to last because it is attractive and leather carrying case makes it easy take with you on the road. In addition, the supply describe velvet forge what they call a 100% no problems, no bs, money-back guarantee.

They were there.

14. Barber Professional Black Widow

Black widow razor shave provides quality by a comfortable razor blades are easy to replace and all for about the price of a boxers. If pair you are looking for a razor in a large price that does not go with the black widow straight edge razor wrong.

Feels as comfortable in the hand as it slides across his face. For a very reasonable price, you can have this razor in his extraordinary bad in the coming years.