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Best Smoothie Blender Under $50

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Best Smoothie Blender Under $50

Blenders are such wonderful gadgets for your kitchens. Due to its design, features, and functionality, this amazing kitchen appliance is making its way to many homes.

 It helps you a much while preparing soups, smoothies, cocktails, and juices. Depending on the build quality, functions and power this blenders vary from 30-900. And, if you’re looking to buy a blender for about 50 bucks, then you are at correct place.

 Having a low budget doesn’t always means to be satisfied with the low quality or less-effective gadgets. In fact, many manufacturers produce various blenders that fall under the price tag of $50.

Product Name Our Rating Check Price

Hamilton Beach (58149) Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

Check price on Amazon

Oster 6706 6-Cup 450-Watt, 10-Speed Blender

Check price on Amazon

BELLA BLA 13984 Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender

Check price on Amazon

Ninja Master Prep QB900B Blender

Check price on Amazon

Keyton K-1BLENDER 21 oz Personal Blender

Check price on Amazon

As told, there are many brands available in the markets with various models under $50. So it is a very difficult task to choose a perfect blender under $50 with relevant features that fulfill all your blending needs.

 Here, our focus will be on the best blenders for smoothies. In this article, we’ve researched a lot and picked five blenders available in the market for making smoothies.

These are not just blenders, in fact, best and top-selling blenders. So if you’re desperate to purchase a blender for smoothies, read the full review. So without any delay, let’s get started.

1.) Hamilton Beach (58149) Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

A brand like Hamilton needs no introduction. And this time, we’ve it’s 58149 Power Elite Multi-Function Blender to review. This device not only works as a blender, but you can even use it as a food processor.

 Thanks to its powerful chopping and blending blades, which completes every chopping and blending task from start to end with super ease.

 This device is capable of blending frozen fruits and can also crush ice into snow. Using this, you can prepare some delicious food or drinks.

Check price on Amazon

Looking at specs, this blender is equipped with a powerful 700 watts peak power motor which completes every daily task effectively. This appliance comes with 12 different blending function options which allow you to perform various kinds of blending tasks.

With this functions, you get a large variety from which you can choose and enjoy mouth-watering smoothies at your homes.

One thing which we like the most about this device is the no-mess pour spout lid with a hinged cap, through which you can easily pour the content without spilling it all over. Overall, a great product for the buyers.

2.) Oster 6706 6-Cup 450-Watt, 10-Speed Blender

This Oster 6706 10-Speed Blender is very popular appliance available in the market. In fact, most of the users use this blender to prepare frozen fruits drinks like smoothies and shakes.

 This is not the fanciest option available, but it does the job quickly and easily. It comes with multiple features and accessories that make it a versatile blending option. This Oster 6706 is equipped with a powerful motor of 700 watts that delivers 450 watts of power. Along with this, it comes with ten pre-programmed speeds and a pulse option which gives you the freedom to prepare a variety of drinks.

Check price on Amazon

It also features an all-metal drive which is highly durable, and you can prepare about 10,000 smoothies with this unit. For proper preparation, this unit comes with stainless steel blades with 4 points that give you powerful chopping and blending experience.

 Beside this, it includes a BPA-free 6-cup jar with a tight-fitting lid which is used for whipping up soups, sauces, and frozen beverages.

The excellent thing about this device is it comes with a satisfaction guarantee of 3-years, and it also provides a 10-year limited warranty on the all-metal drive.

3.) BELLA BLA 13984 Rocket Extract PRO Power Blender

If you are a smoothie lover and prepare various drinks at your home then this Bella BLA 13984 will not disappoint you at all. Whether it’s fruits, seeds, vegetables, or nuts and grains, this gadget will turn all such components into a delicious smoothie.

Inside the box, you’ll not get blending blades but there’s also a grinding blade which comes in use while chopping dry ingredients. The blending blade it has is so powerful that it can change leaves or fruits into liquids, within a few seconds. Along with this, it comes with a total of five cups, three of which are 24-ounces cup while two are 12-ounces cup.

Check price on Amazon

This Bella BLA 13984 is powered by a 700 watts strong motor which complements the blending and grinding blades perfectly. All the five cups it includes a BPA-free, so there’s no risk while preparing smoothies in it.

 Moreover, these are also dishwasher safe so you can use it with them if you’re one at your home. Bella has provided a two-year limited warranty over this product. Overall, a great choice for all the interested buyers.

4.) Ninja Master Prep QB900B Blender

This Ninja Master Prep QB900B brings blender at your home along with food chopper and a food processor in a single package. You can easily crush ice, chop fruits and vegetables, and prepare smoothies.

Thanks to its large crock, which comes with a capacity of 48 ounce so that you can easily serve your drinks. And the food chopper it has chops fruits and vegetables evenly. But there capacity of bowl is just 16 ounce, so you’ve to use it multiple times with small quantities.

Check price on Amazon

It comes with two different sized bowls of small and large size with a set of blades for each of them. This device is uniquely designed with motor at top of the jug.

This motor is interchangeable. Due to this design, the chances of leaking smoothies (liquids) is reduced as there’s no opening at the bottom of jug. The device is equipped with a 400 watts motor, which is capable of doing various tasks effectively.

This food processor is not only ergonomically designed but is also easy to use. There’s just a single one-touch pulsing button at the top of the unit through which you can regulate the device. Overall, a great choice at affordable price.

5.) Keyton K-1BLENDER 21 oz Personal Blender

Last but not least, we’ve K-1BLENDER Personal Blender from the brand Keyton. If you’re a single individual at your home but needs delicious smoothies everyday, then this model is just perfect for you.

It is user-friendly device that prepares tasty shakes, puree, and smoothie at a lightning fast speed. It is not just handy to use but it also comes with a blender bottle, instead of blending jar which can be taken outside while jogging.

Check price on Amazon

The bottle has a sport lid on the top which keeps the smoothies under airtight condition and prevents from spilling over. While, the size of the bottle is 21oz. No doubt, this is the most interesting model among the listed ones.

It has got a stylish and compact design which not only saves space, but is also attractive in look. Being compact, it can be easily placed over the countertop.

No doubt, the blender is small in size but believe us it is a powerful device. It is equipped with a 300 watts motor which is powerful enough to blend smoothies, crush ice and chop veggies. Overall, it’s a great choice with interesting factors.

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