The Best Scissor Lift Table In 2019

Designed both for industrial use and home, scissor lifts can be extremely useful. You can lift and position products or people who make a perfect ergonomic height. With versatile functionality, lifting table it has the resources to work in tight spaces while safely perform and for sure. As the name suggests, they are made of articulated arms is mounted on a platform – such that the platform to move up and down in scissor movement. If your business includes an upload / download or perhaps, increases which objects need to a height of preferred viewing, this is product would be an excellent investment. They are reliable, efficient and reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. To help you get your hands on the best scissor we have our compiled a complete list top 7 favorite models.

1. HFS Lab Jack Scissor Lift Table

Strong stainless steel, this small scissors lift is sterile appearance and will make an excellent addition to any laboratory or workshop where articles are less lifted. Simply use the easy to turn the knob to adjust the platform to its preferred level (maximum 15 inches), while the surface 8 inch x 8 inch to 10 pounds in weight.

When fully lowered to the height dimensions of 3 inches, so it’s super easy to store in a spacious drawer. Laboratory jack hfs comes with many promising comments and is one of the lift tables smaller premium market. Quite surprisingly, however, that the price accompanying not so surprising, as one would expect to be! for the most surprising products his workshop, check out our guide to the best sets of bits.

2. Vestil Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

This lifting table high resistance vestil is the perfect investment for those they need to raise the functionality for large loads. With the ability to support of up to 800 pounds, and a surface of the table capacity 20 x 35 inches, this design is suitable for home and factory use – although the high price might not appeal to those who simply want a basic projects.

Constructed personal solution for most steel blue powder is superiorly resistant to scratching and wear and not tear easily. The feature of the stand-out for this model is probably the hydraulic foot pump has to raise two speeds (fast and slow) or the platform down.

Will be also satisfied that the four launch vehicle to discover wheels are at the bottom of the elevator is secured, so it is extremely easy to maneuver for precise positioning. Be sure to check our reviews the best miter saw similar means more excellent products.

3. Wesco Scissor Lift Table With Handle

Many do not want to beat around the bush, the wesco has scissor lift – which focuses on the fundamental objective is in a simple design. Your power, on the other hand, is quite exceptional and not pay attention to detail has been spared in terms of functionality.

With an impressive load 1100 lb capacity and service area 11-1 / 4 to 36 inches tall, this capabilities. Other durable device has no components close to stun purpose hydraulic foot pedal and reliable locking swivel wheels. This makes it suitable for carrying, lifting and transporting heavy goods.

Resistant corrosion and wear, durability heavy steel construction provides this article – it is an investment that lasts. Our only complaint is the price tag. While you get an excellent price-performance ratio, wesco lifting table could not come under budget.

Our guide to the best track saws striking features tools for the workshop, check that.

4. Extreme Max 5001.5083 Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

This is a great buy if you have your own bike or motorcycle dirt and prefer the repairs on the premises. It is not equipped for heavy models it is to build a smaller motorcycle almost effortless. A padded platform, max extreme is designed to reduce only the odds scratch and scratch the surface of your content – so your two-wheeled baby well of.

Of be naturally maintained this connection table is not limited to motorcycles. To raise with the ability to 300 pounds and an area of ​​16. 25 x 13. 25 inches, which can safely accommodate objects in a variety of shapes and sizes. On marks foot pedal easy to use this device is a dream and a locking actuator system increases the convenience of a load to the preferred height of the fuse.

Just do not think that all this may be to sell for less than $ 200! it is also possible that some of the best holes in our list, so be sure check out.

5. C & A Scientific Premiere Brand Lab Jack

The same as in hfs, jack premier laboratory has an elegant and design that makes it perfect sterile appearance for laboratories. Out nickel-plated steel, this model our thumbs for its rugged high, durable, and easy to use cranial. Simply turn the easy grip knob raising or lowering the platform 3 to 10.

5 cm in the slightly lower height. Just more expensive than its rival (hfs), this model has a large value money and you will not regret your purchase. The study of objects to their par preferred to keep stable, the premiere scissor it offers a great user experience with each use.

Strong and sturdy construction, this nifty little creature can even furniture jack to the corners to help with easy access. As they say, dynamite comes in small packages! by even more surprising check for our best options workshop tools from best presses vice.

6. JET DSLT-770 Double Scissor Lift Table

Modest price will jet scissor perfect for positioning or heavy materials to build a business, factory transported, store or office. With an ergonomic design, it is extremely safe and comfortable use. Use easy to lift hydraulic foot pump to the platform more levels, wherein the maximum height reached 51 inches.

With a heavy white surface, sees this lifting table elegant and modern design and there will be no place for the eye when in a shop window on the left. Manufacturing ours is a certain cut above the rest to be large and spacious platform. Measuring 35 inches x 20 inches, will have the ability to big, bulky boxes and the people also (if you put railings and safety harvesting system in place).

A perfect and reliable investment for small business – or even at home! our handy guide to the best laptop machine tools of this type has more useful products.

7. Accordion Lift Electric Grooming Table

Electric toilet table accordion lift is specifically designed but not limited to this application – for animal care. 320 pound weight capacity, this model is not suitable for heavy transport but an excellent choice if you have a dog salon or lighter loads than need to be raised / positioned.

A thick waterproof platform brands and textured this design accommodate animals and hooks for additional lateral shears to be and the like, which has the potential to be the best ally of a veterinarian or groomer. Made of solid steel with a paint hammer, this device cranial scratch resistant and will look “like new” in the coming years.

Competitive price tag also gets our thumbs up grateful! and for storing smaller tools you check out our guide to the best tool boxes.