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The Best Penlight In 2019

A pen flashlight is perhaps a subtle addition to any home, camping trip or work environment. You might just think headlights are, but could be wrong. Flashlights are compact, convenient and most (especially those who are in this list) equipped with additional features that you never would have thought a flashlight. If you’ve never heard a penlight, it is a possibility, you are missing something, but how to choose what is most against the backdrop of the stunning pen for you? fear not, our uncle, we have compiled a list the best pen lights them from darkness to help and light on the scales fresh, light and efficient lighting you can get the pin open your hands.

1. Streamlight 88033 ProTac Professional Tactical Flashlight

The stream is a tactic 88033 / lantern combination bag, which is designed to in the end. It is perfect for military and law enforcement, and has developed with a tail switch modes, simply press the button when old need. In addition, these modes are programmable specify exactly what they need when they need their functions it.

With all, there is no excuse not every day bring this light, and you can help with a wide range, situations that can not recognize. Its housing is robust and durable and can withstand falls and under water for days at a time.

2. Coast Rechargeable Focusing Pen Light

This rechargeable led flashlight was selected as our choice of quality when taking into account the best pin lights. The beam is strong and extremely focused to enable unsurpassed inspect sensitive electronic components to use, patient, or just on the back of the mouth load closet.

The hiding to protect them from the elements, and the outer housing is easy to grip also be extremely robust to resist damage such as drops or traveled more. No matter what you need for the costa focussing penlight is definitely the best flashlight pen that can be found for all occasions.

3. Infray LED Flashlight

Our final product is infray mini led flashlight that a strong jet despite its compact size. For those who, in medical service or similar branches this light is a great addition to the daily use tools is a little light easier. The make life has to be the ability to focusing on different situations and comes with a decent life with easy to find aaa batteries.

The aluminum body can take heavy toll, what it is ideal for those who find themselves in difficult environments days later day.

4. ThruNite Archer 2A LED Flashlight

At up to 500 lumen topping, this is the brightest flashlight you ever find our list, and perhaps the brightest flashlight in your life (so far). Archer thrunite 2a is a flashlight high end to a starting price, so that even beginners can have their advantages.

Deals the easy to switch between multiple modes as required, and it is small enough to wear comfortably in his pockets and without taking space. On lower values, career battery life in an impressive 28 days, enlighten during high help deep areas of the world dark as if half of the day.

He also uses aa batteries, which can be, insurance can easily find a replacement if the battery finally runs coming out. I love this product? visit our view of the top of the edc for flashlights our top picks.

5. Brite Strike Executive Precision Pen Light

Do not let the name might even mr. Spock du-off, light pen briton nor is a small device that not only effective but slender and elegant, well epli provides as output that is perfect for all kinds of outdoor adventure. For its size, offers impressive brightness, even if the only all of the light is slightly larger than a pen.

Outside housing is robust and can, without having to worry every day have been used for years, for external damage. While the ramp-up time is only 30 minutes, it there are few times when you need to use it for this time, so this it is not too much of a problem.

6. .11 Tactical Unisex TMT PLx Penlight

The 5. 11 tactical flashlight tmt is the most compact in our list today, but do not let that fool you. Can while it lacks in stature (which a well, if you want a flashlight for the shirt pocket), nor is a reasonable 90 lumens of light cone. It 40 meters not only with resistance to water, but the durable outer shell has approved drop test to 3 meters.

It is conveniently operated by aaa batteries and readily available two batteries are included with your purchase, so you can use your new penlight soon as it arrives. He is scheduled to last up to 4 hours however, light is a constant companion, you will appreciate for a host recreational asset and work-related projects.

7. Pelican 1920 LED Flashlight

A big improvement over the previous model, pelikan 1920 led pen lantern brings more lumens (67-120) despite only a battery needed, while still providing a beam that can be decent massively useful situation. The in any kind of flashlight is somewhat bulky, but you will get used to this rather quickly and is still compact enough to fit easily in your shirt pocket so that it can easily be accessible when inspection to see hard to reach areas, such as roofs, under cars or behind tv.

For different situations there are two types of output mode, it is not a waste of battery life, if not necessary.

8. Streamlight 66133 Stylus Pro Pen Light

The stream 66133 is our first choice for the best and brings a penlight high quality feel, it would be perfect for professional and everyday environments. It comes at a great price, but it’s nothing it’s cheap, still offer excellent brightness, can survive the years use.

Its value of life an attractive feature is massive, but also is used with the added convenience quickly and efficiently, and take a long-term time to be at the campsite invaluable or during power outages. It is, so you can rely on a rechargeable flashlight even when a battery is not in sight.

9. .11 Tactical Pocket Pen Light

An excellent and inexpensive provided that 5. 11 tactical bags penlight will be a great companion through years of work and leisure activities such as hunting and camping. Light can reach forty meters and illuminates the area of ​​a cone to ensure it can be seen that, as much will be saved by what is in front of you as possible.

It small enough be mounted in the front pocket of a shirt and can with a clip, to prevent fall and disappear. The outer housing is strong and scratch the drop is capable of withstanding up to 3 meters. With this pen light, you get a reliable source of light received, all of which can withstand kind of bumps and falls.

Be sure to check our tactical flashlights opinion for larger opportunities like this.

10. Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro

Our choice is the best flashlight value of the stream stylus pro 66118 it sold with high quality workmanship and tear-resistant shell to keep safety in extreme environments. Button switch is easy work and do not get stuck while the light is sufficient to be compact takes on the shirt or jacket pockets, although down.

This compactness makes it ideal with you every day and pay the use to replace the use of camera phone quickly and efficiently. Has a excellent battery life, and has to hold an outer shell resistant operation rain or snow.

11. Fenix LD22 215 Lumen Flashlight

Yes, it looks more like a lightsaber handle a flashlight, but it does it cooler? ld22 fenix ​​has a lifetime warranty for its tranquility, provide for the department functionality too. It works perfectly as a camping light or use them when they are in labor car, but can keep the house also ideal functions as something.

It also offers excellent battery life with decent output, which is not blind but you can also do not have to squint, either.

12. Nite Ize Inova Xp Led Pen Light

Sturdy and well built, nite ize brings efficiency and style table with his flashlight led inova xp. Has a strong beam of tenders wide distribution and the access point, which means you never run out of the focused light again. Additionally, technology spin-switch makes it easy to use, even if it takes some getting used.

The construction is strong enough to handle all types of abuse and still provides excellent results by year use, while still stylish looking. Our practical guide to self-defense torches has more products like this, so check it out.