The 10 Best Mini Keyboards 2020

ooking for a full-blown typing experience in a pocket-sized package? Check out our selection of mini keyboards, which will let you control your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV without having to lug around a large device. They’re great for managing a home theater system while lounging on the couch and useful for travelers or anyone on the go with a limited carrying capacity

1. Velocifire TKL78

The 78-key Velocifire TKL78 (around $29) is one of the most affordable models made with long-lasting, mechanical switches. These particular mechanisms offer tactile feedback, but don’t make very much noise, so they shouldn’t bother those around you no matter how fast you type.

  • Full n-key rollover
  • Can help with typing accuracy
  • Not the most reliable choice

2. Perixx Periduo-212

If you want to control a PC but don’t want to spend much, the Perixx Periduo-212 may be right for you. It costs under $20, takes up very little room, and includes a 1,000-DPI optical mouse, though it’s not ideal for gaming or full-time work.

  • 6-foot usb cable
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Slightly mushy membrane

3. iPazzPort KP-810-19S

The handheld iPazzPort KP-810-19S (about $13) was specifically designed to make it easy to manage things like Kodi boxes, streaming devices, and Raspberry Pi modules. It sports a squared-off QWERTY layout as well as full number and function rows.

  • Thumb-operated touchpad
  • Runs on one aaa battery
  • Not for general pc use

4. MCSaite 9712

Featuring an integrated trackball with a 1,000-DPI resolution and left- and right-click buttons, the MCSaite 9712 (appx. $39) can really help to free up desk space and is great for use in places that lack a solid surface for using a mouse.

  • About one foot wide
  • 88-key configuration
  • Relatively heavy

5. Ducky One 2

Considered by some to be one of the best models on the market, the Ducky One 2 (appx. $109) boasts a 1,000-hertz polling rate and noticeably high-quality, double-shot keycaps. The only drawback is that it lacks any kind of wireless connectivity.

  • Detachable usb type-c cable
  • Compatible with third-party keycaps
  • Fairly expensive option

6. Ilebygo MX3

While it does have a QWERTY layout on the rear, the most interesting part of the Ilebygo MX3 (appx. $13) may be its effective air mouse functionality, which lets you use it as a wireless pointing device to control your cord-cutting TV box with a flick of the wrist.

  • Infrared and rf communications
  • Also comes in a bluetooth version
  • Extremely low price

7. PonyBro T2

Dedicated media buttons, a directional controller, and a versatile touchpad make the PonyBro T2 (appx. $16) one of the best options for adjusting your home theater’s video settings and selecting your favorite streamed TV shows and movies, though it’s not suited to typing long essays.

  • Convenient thumb operation
  • Uses an rf wireless dongle
  • Perfect for android tv devices

8. Arteck HB220B

Thanks to its slim and lightweight construction, the Arteck HB220B (appx. $18) is easy to carry around, so you can type accurately and quickly wherever you are. It’s able to hold up to 3 devices in its memory at once and switch between them in seconds.

  • 7 backlight colors
  • 2 brightness levels
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery

9. ANewKodi Wireless

The ANewKodi Wireless (about $20) is one of the best choices for use with a home theater PC, thanks to its highly responsive, 4.4-inch touchscreen. Its soft rubber keys are backlit in 7 selectable colors with an adjustable brightness, and it uses the 2.4-GHz RF band to communicate.

  • Compatible with most devices
  • Extremely durable
  • 18-month warranty

10. Anne Pro 2

At 60 percent of the size of a traditional unit, the Anne Pro 2 (about $89) is about as compact a mechanical model as you’ll find. The black version comes with clicky, soft tactile and stiff tactile switches, while the white one offers a linear and silent action.

  • Wired and bluetooth mode
  • Per-key rgb lighting
  • Fully programmable keys