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Best Mechanical Keyboards for Mac 2020

Mechanical Keyboards for Mac

Keyboards can be a very subjective topic — while some of us may be fine with Apple’s Magic Keyboard and other chiclet-style keys, others prefer to hear and feel every keystroke, which is where mechanical keyboards come in. With a mechanical keyboard, you get physical switches (and there are a lot of different ones out there), as well as the option to change out your entire set of keycaps to something that is more aesthetically pleasing, if that’s what floats your boat. Mechanical keyboards are highly customizable and can even make you feel more productive while at the computer, so all that clickity-clacking is well spent. If that’s what you prefer, here are the best mechanical keyboards for Mac that you can buy right now.

Staff favorite

This well-received mechanical keyboard offers flat edges on the frame and slim bezels around the keys. It also features a 75% layout, making it a great choice for travelers or those who prefer minimalism. You can also choose between Gateron Red, Brown, or Blue switches, making this one of the best mechanical keyboards for beginners.

If you need a 10-key numpad but still want something that is relatively compact, then the Keychron K4 is perfect. It is like the K2 V2 that I use daily, but it includes a 10-key on the right side. It offers 100 keys in a 96% format, so it maximizes space while still giving you all of the basic necessities. It also comes with Gateron Red, Brown, or Blue switches, white or RGB backlighting, and an optional aluminum frame, as well as a new hot-swappable option.

Keychron’s K1V4 is a low-profile mechanical keyboard with your choice of Gateron Low Profile Red, Brown, or Blue switches. This is like a hybrid of an Apple Magic Keyboard with a mechanical keyboard, so you have relatively short keycaps, though this restricts you in customization. You can also choose between a TKL or full-size (with numpad) if you need, and white or RGB backlighting.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional gives you a choice between Cherry MX Brown or Blue, depending on how loud you like your keyboard, and it even has dedicated media controls, including an oversized volume knob, as well as a number pad. Two USB 3.0 ports make it perfect for the ultra-productive folks.

If you have a dimly lit workspace or find yourself regularly typing in the dark, then this is the keyboard for you. It features a bright white LED backlighting with seven brightness levels with onboard memory that saves your preferences. You also get four switch choices: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Clear, or Green.

From $165 at Amazon

This mechanical keyboard, which is specially made for Mac, has very quiet keys, so it delivers all of a mechanical keyboard’s comforts with much less clickety-clack. The Matias Quiet Pro also features a full number pad, as well as fold-out legs to raise it if you prefer it that way. Matias Quiet Pro is built with the same premium keyswitch technology that Apple used in the original Apple Extended Keyboard, which is seen as one of Apple’s best keyboard ever made.

Logitech’s G710+ has a vast feature set for its price. You’ve got high-speed keys with great feedback, dual-zone backlighting, which means you can adjust the brightness of the WASD on their own — perfect if you do any gaming on your Mac. You can even configure six buttons for 18 different gaming functions, including single key presses.

If you’re into steampunk or just like your peripherals to have an aesthetic that pops and looks different from what everyone else has, then Azio’s copper-colored retro classic keyboard is where it’s at. It features a genuine leather top plate, a zinc-aluminum frame, round keys (think typewriter), and a number pad. This is a conversation piece, but it’s fully functional and quite well-reviewed.

$214 at Amazon

When money isn’t so much a concern, there’s the G915 TKL, which uses an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to deliver a thin but rigid and durable design. You can choose between GL Linear, Tactile, and Clicky low-profile switches. Experience up to 30 hours on a single charge, and you can customize your colorful RGB lighting and macros with the G-HUB software.

Type better with the best mechanical keyboards

The dissatisfying keyboards that come with Macs (sorry, Magic Keybaord fans, but there are Apple Magic Keyboard alternatives too) aren’t enough for some people. If you like real key feedback and that satisfying clicking sound, you should definitely consider one of these best mechanical keyboards for your Mac.

If you want some recommendations, I would recommend giving the Keychron K2 a try. It’s my first mechanical keyboard but still my favorite — it’s comfortable, compact, and a great board to customize. For a closer look, check out my full Keychron K2 review. If you want something in-between the Apple Magic Keyboard and a mechanical, then the Keychron K1 V4 is a great option. I take a closer look at it in my full Keychron K1 V4 review.

If you want a great mechanical keyboard to do some gaming, then I would suggest the Logitech G915 Lightspeed. Windows Central Managing Editor, Dan Thorp-Lancaster, tested it out and in his Logitech G915 review, claims that it is his favorite keyboard right now.

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