The Best Lego Minecraft Set In 2019

Mine phenomenon has existed for years and will not go anywhere fast. When lego for this fabulous game of a partnership a new element brought into the world of lego. We have exhausted (and had super fun time installation) all these sets of lego minecraft and back with the best of the best in terms of fun for your money, and excitability. Let’s jump to the best sets ever created and have mine a time of fun.

1. The Zombie Cave Lego Minecraft Set

Prepare the first night in order to survive! it always runs into a zombie or two if you make camp, which is perfectly illustrated in this series. Art climbs the basis of a shelter for the night in this strange rock formation, the ladder and dive the cave in the mouth.

Only prepared the bat and carefully: there are alone. Steve the zombie will fight and baby zombie, illuminated to get through the skies first by the moon in its night survive. They have a lot of gaming products, including, as a block tnt and a flashlight so you can send the undead and fight high in the sky.

The set the cave minecraft lego zombie simply, it connects to other kits smooth, and works with all lego sets you or your child currently, they have.

2. Railway in the Nether Lego Minecraft Set

You have built your website and it is time for you to head in the nether unassigned. The taming of fire and jump to jump on the train between destinations lakes of boiling lava. This kit includes a fully armored steve, fully equipped with diamonds diamond peak trust.

Hereupon hazardous area, not much more fell into the fire to fear below: everywhere. Zombie mobs lurking pigmentation and buildable slime mobs magma they wait for the upper world to send back, so that hop minecart in its viable and send them back into the depths.

Web in the nether has to mix a high number of parts and its train with the other sets of lego minecraft already has. This is a perfect gift for kids.

3. The Crafting Box Lego Minecraft Set

Now is the time to get to work. They have a great atmosphere with a tower in the center, sitting in his farm patch created by the player overlooking. That’s where the first minifigure remains a cow in its pen, and a baby limousine sitting from a base of operations in the improvised.

A breast is obtained torch, pumpkins and more focused to make all final basis for order construction, crafts and games. If it stays only on the vine easy. A rock hidden under the tower in the forest, waiting until the opportune moment to attack. Steve and get armed horse and a fully compatible set that connect with other lego sets minecraft.

Preferably development, what about the case is the ability to separate different areas to create and mix and match your own environment, giving endless ideas to play and a whole range of possibilities.

4. The Iron Golem Lego Minecraft Set

Steve is away for the day, and alex is here to put this mobs pain. She works at an iron golem built to protect the oven and arrangement of the vector processing has to go, and keep your partner safe as canned pork to be. You get the monument to the conversion of steel back and a pumpkin in the fully mobile minifigure iron golem and start to recover night.

You’ll gets a ledge and the beginning of a stream add its current configuration lego minecraft and finally gets to throw in alex mixture. The iron golem is seen as a cheap and pressure group to join world accompany existing or some other purchases to really things move, a beautiful element and a selection of new minifiguren in addition mixture.

5. The Village

They have survived the night, they braved the storm, and now is the time to below. Check out four houses, the blacksmith, or weapons in the cabin with balustrades like a tower acts. There is to pick a good one pin to collect animals, and a place for all your products in.

This brings explosive kit a dimension completely different from the world of lego minecraft what villagers used to increase endermen and zombies use and develop your world. The village are a number of large scale for ages eight and up, give some to make the performance of their existing massive game world or the perfect way begin a love for these rates.

You can almost attach any other mine lego set to the edge and monopolize their world in a great adventure.

6. The Waterfall Base

I remember my first base of the waterfall. Actually, this cooler than anything i did. Excellent dimensional get to add to his world of lego mine, including a cascade, wide area like game on grass, and a variety of mobs in the fight for the great oak.

Rotate the device to a moment of rest from all dangerous adventure and run behind their minifigures security gates your waterfall base. Keep zombies and enjoy the diamond sword tops, window, chest, drawing table and more dependent. The based cascade is either a large gain for other devices, such as people or works perfectly for himself as a starter in the plunge mine get exciting world of legos and an idea of ​​the dangerous blocks world that lie ahead.

Coupled with the main block, cave, a zombie gives a sense of accomplishment from humble beginnings to underground bases.

7. The Jungle Tree House

It’s hard work in the middle of the jungle, the only way to go! she gets a ton of parts and a lot of different heights and angles to play here, especially when the park stream water only on the side of the waterfall playground. Treetops sit anywhere, and hiding under the stairs of danger.

I keep an eye on their sheep in the pen, watch ocelot on the shore sand and rebuild your world. Steve has a place to stay looking in trees, so alex your garden top maintain water while building resources, stack weapons and prepare to fight against the undead.

Reject vine against while dodging arrows skeleton and ready for dusk. There are endless possibilities with jungle tree, perfect as a great complement to an existing lego minecraft world.

8. The Cave

Minecraft the best toys are actually build those and these kit the most fun of all can be. Deepen the cave bypass the cascade of lava and beware of dangerous spider lurking along darkness. You can work your way to riches iron or use tnt mine beat the crowds on the road.

Steve brings his buckets, torches, iron beak and a chest full of bread to stay there by the movement night. With many elements can be added to your other rocks, add some parts of water for the assembly, and this as a starting point for branch out into their own world.

The best games bring lego minecraft the roots of the game, and that’s just the thing. Bring it to your the cave zombie starter set to really make a difference, and let the nether railway sit on one side of a heated affair.

9. The Farm Cottage

He wore the lake, take to the woods, whatever your choice, there are many that was fun. Steve and alex get work together to create one to keep busy flooded house with farm animals and a prosperous farm and happy until the next game. This multi-level home contains a chest full of goodies, greenery add to your food bank and a number of bytes more called her burrows.

As you can they hope there is always the danger lurks. Skeletons can not handle the sunlight, why did you walk around, waiting for a stray dog ​​in the house for an ambush. Pig feed, charge the mule, and head out on a adventure. The farm cottage makes a great addition to the people and the the base of the waterfall, as well as construction in other areas of your mine lego world.

10. The Nether Portal

It’s about time: it has dug down and reached diamonds built its portal, but i expected no mobs on the other side waiting breaking out in the upper world. She came on a lake to the right lava filled a side of the mountain netherrack. You are greeted by a ghast and glare, ready to set fire to his base on the other side.

The nether portal is designed to directly connect to the web nether add a little texture to your grave sentences in connection with the lower and make the about world more frightening. At any time the hells could monster spill and devastate their cities and jungle.

Simply armored steve in this complete set with a shield and a sword of diamonds and a fun form (cheap) to see your world from lego mine add.

11. The Polar Igloo

We do not forget the arctic. There are so many biomes in minecraft, so much to do and to do only as many blocks it. Even here in the wide tundra of the upper world, the problem is still stalking. Alex has a polar igloo under the oak door lighting his torch as they watch polar bears wander around.

That when the night comes, and the parasite is lurking with his bow and arrow to kill players ready and its treasures plundered. Take a breath of ice and whole many games room with this set of low cost so that a great addition based games cave and a great way to start a young builder minecraft lego world.

12. The First Night

I never had enough time to build something so impressive on the first night, but you can. Everyone starts with a square home court, but what makes this sentence is so spectacular that the house opens to reveal the interior. Instead of just these structures as a backdrop, has and in the village, this is fully functional and gives players the opportunity to receive technical with their world.

Change in the roof garden or feed the pigs in the stables, while getting your problems strategy. There stalking steve somewhere, especially if it is new to the world and vulnerable. I feel a vine in the shade of the forest, be prepared to equalize the ground entire building and all that they have created.

Emulates the first night it very minecraft good of a game, it is making one of the best minecraft lego set gifts for a young architect who is looking to get his creative world to life.

13. The Ender Dragon

The final battle between good and evil begins endermen monitor get rid ender sacred crystals, their only chance of harmful ender dragon once and for all. The set includes a fully buildable (and huge in add to be on the mini figures) ender dragon really a monstrous enemy reference world.

For a little more fun builder, you can mix them with their lower rates for a kingdom ceo steve alex or travel through. Use the including arc open flame on the endermen, crystals, and winner returned to his strength. Dragon comprises ender extremely simple building technique and works well as a starter kit or great birthday gift.

14. The Chicken Coop

We all know a giant chicken in minecraft, or at least, someone made that it has. Now you get to make a big run and lead his flock birds right outside the door. Maintain eggs, use to cut your ax trees in minecraft lego close sets additional and use your confidence to help blue collared wolf, they get a lot of small place.

You add items such as canes cooked (chicken, sorry) for a bone wolf, eggs, flowers, a banner chicken and many motherboard room add your other sites. Personally chicken coop was much add fun for the entire cascade of base that gives you to do a little more instead, simply hidden under the ground.

Get his farm going, build your chicken conquer monument, and the world.

15. The Fortress

The order of the vine was made! the fortress takes you on enders playground dragon and enter enough weapons to arm all steve and alex versions fight “to the last foot of the block. Three skeletons with arches wait, ready to defend the castle and prevent the ender.

Grab their wooden swords enter all the way up diamond, inspect leather armor, and mix and this sentence as there is no tomorrow. The towers are easily removable for stacking on top the other or newly its amusement parks organize fortress into a real impregnable fortress.

There is a final structure as a way to get let ender to the dragon, and we will not stop a few bags of bones you’re right?.