The 10 Best Kayak Seats 2020

addling around all day in a kayak is extremely beneficial, as it gets you out in the fresh air, builds upper-body strength, and improves cardiovascular health. However, none of those benefits will feel good if you’re hunched over from crippling back pain. These seats offer plenty of comfort and support, so you can spend more time on the water and less in your chiropractor’s office

1. Skwoosh High Back

The bottom of the Skwoosh High Back (appx. $107) is only an inch thick, allowing you to sit deep in the cockpit. It’s waterproof, as well, with gel instead of foam inside, so if you accidentally tip over reeling in a fish, all you’ll ruin is your afternoon.

  • Sturdy double-battened back
  • Durable fabric and stitching
  • Not comfortable for all-day use

2. Sea Eagle SEC

There’s plenty of bounce in the inflatable Sea Eagle SEC (around $23), so anyone who doesn’t want to sit on a hard, flat surface all day should give it a look. It rides low, so there’s little need to be concerned about accidentally rolling out.

  • Good budget option
  • Nice choice for kids
  • Requires special pump to inflate

3. OceanMotion Ergo-Fit

The OceanMotion Ergo-Fit (appx. $100) offers extremely thick foam padding, so much so that you won’t sink all the way in when you sit on it. That gives it a firmer feel than many other options, which is something users are likely to either love or hate.

  • Includes detachable storage bag
  • Comfortable neoprene cover
  • Intended for sit-on-top models only

4. Surf to Summit Mild

You can make that sit-in model a little more tolerable with the Surf to Summit Mild (appx. $36). It attaches permanently to your craft using a sticky underside. All you have to do is peel off the backing, position it to your liking, and press it on.

  • Encourages slightly forward posture
  • Ideal for calm-water touring
  • Can’t reposition after installation

5. Skwoosh Classic

If your boat already has a seat, but it’s killing your tush every time you take it out, the Skwoosh Classic (around $59) may be a solution to the problem. It has a non-skid bottom, which is good, because there’s nothing other than your weight to hold it in place.

  • Filled with pressure-relieving gel
  • Conforms to various body shapes
  • Overpriced for a simple cushion

6. Sea Eagle Deluxe

The Sea Eagle Deluxe (around $68) is a blow-up model that works well in just about any inflatable kayak. Despite being loaded with air, it’s remarkably stable, and props your back up nicely while you paddle. Be aware that it will cause you to ride high, though.

  • Simple to blow up
  • Takes up little room when deflated
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

7. Surf to Summit Performance Band

If you can get over your fear that it might slingshot you across the ocean, the Surf to Summit Performance Band (about $38) provides incredibly flexible lumbar support. Designed for surfing, it can accommodate a wide range of motion, so you can react naturally as the waves crash in.

  • Fabric permanently bonded to foam
  • Hooks on with ez-clips
  • Good for younger users

8. Yakpads Cushioned Highback

The gel-filled Yakpads Cushioned Highback (around $60) insulates your rear from the effects of the weather, so no more freezing your butt off during the winter or scalding your thighs in the summer. Of course, it can’t help if you get soaked, so staying upright is all on you.

  • Adjustable stabilizer straps
  • Good for lessening tailbone pain
  • Compatible with hard molded seats

9. Surf to Summit GTS Sport

The Surf to Summit GTS Sport (appx. $125) boasts deep, molded-in water channeling grooves, allowing you to splash around without being forced to sit in a puddle all day. The thumb-operated tension locks on the straps are painless to adjust to your liking, as well.

  • Perfect for fishing
  • Suitable for saltwater use
  • Rear sewn-in cargo pack

10. Brooklyn BKC Professional

The Brooklyn BKC Professional (around $39) is a soft, padded option with four straps that link to the top and bottom of the backrest. Each of the attachments hooks on to a metal D-ring on your boat, so if you don’t already have those, be prepared to do some drilling.

  • Plenty of lumbar support
  • Stays in place well
  • Adjustable angle