The Best Hidden Flask In 2019

Are you sick of paying exorbitant for a gin and tonic amounts of money hot in a music festival? they are tired of waiting in long queues reach bar and a bottle of warm beer passed? you are not alone. It has become increasingly difficult in recent years, enjoy a refreshing lead drink events, establishing a humanity greatest inventions – hiding the bottle. Now you can sneak your favorite drink anyway without the security suspect anything.

1. GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask

The bottles are more hidden, that safety never suspected. That’s why we have chosen the gopong hidden lotion bottles as our best choice product. In this package, three bottles of lotion that 4oz keep maintained. From alcohol respectively (the total of about 8 is protect).

The reason why they are so is perfect hidden because how convincing lotion bottles. By in the beginning, they are not well-known brands, so safety will not be able to detect any design inconsistencies. They have also added information and entirely convincing in the bottle components.

Attention to detail is what this some secret bottles makes to disposal. They are made of food-safe plastic and come with funnel, so you do not miss a drop.

2. SneakyBooks Recycled Hollow Book Hidden Flask

The sneakybooks recicla hollow book is to be a strong competitor to the best bottle hidden in the market. It is also one of the simplest ideas – section put a hole-shaped bottle in a book and a bottle inside. However, despite it is possible to make one of these yourself, it is much more difficult than think.

Cut the hole just the right size, through hundreds of pages takes some precision tools. Hiding one of our favorite things about this bottle fact that the companies use is returned hardcovers goods in order to save them from it is crushed. Not only make the product less visible, but it also means that it does some environment (more or less).

And, because the size of these hardcover books can incorporate a 6 oz steel (is the) steel piston inwards.

3. Smuggle My Booze Tampon Hidden Flasks

One of the best ways to smuggling something hidden past security guards something that is not likely to check. What security guard will grab a bag buffer someone and play around with it? therefore, these bottles buffers are so well formed secret work.

They are easy larger than a normal buffer, so you may need a few hide more objects could be otherwise. Each bottle contains from 1 ounce (less shot), but there are ten of them so you should be able to hold a lot alcohol. Do his trafficking with 10 bottles tampon and 10 sleeves caps have the highest quality, so worth to stay upright stop they escape.

An amazing gift for men who love to drink.

4. Smuggle Your Booze Four 4 Oz. Soft Floppy Flasks

Floppy soft water bottles by smuggling his spirits are least one of the inventive glasses in this list. Instead of reaching a james attempt trick to hide your drink bond-style, this product is simply a plastic container that you can put into your bra, shoes, pants, or any other you can find.

Each flask contains 4 oz. , and it comes in a package of four bottles. This means that you sneak more than 10 shots at the guards. One of amazon customers it made the interesting point is that each bag has “contraband your booze” written in big bold letters.

So if you are caught, there is no way to talk from him the way. Not the most subtle bottle, but it is the job if you find a place to hide.

5. Tipsy Tubes 3-pack 8 Oz. Hidden Alcohol Flask

The tipsy tubes 8 oz. Tucked alcohol bottles are larger versions of our best product selection. That include the fact that they are the greatest means twice the amount of alcohol (8 ounces each, the total of 16 shots), but also means they are a little more visible in your pocket.

The designs are still big – hair paste, liquid sunscreen and sun protection received – and you must pass security without problems. They are made from food-safe plastic is free of bpa and even returned to their products a satisfaction guarantee offer, so if you are not satisfied, you can have your money back.

6. The Original Binocktails Bev-Brush Paddle Brush Secret Flask

If you are looking for a secret flask works, this is one of the best. The original aspect binocktails bev-brush up exactly secret frasco as a paddle brush. It would have to look hard to say this, apart from a brush for real hair. You can use a hair brush it even.

Even when it comes authentic because the weight is about the same. Inside the bottle, you can hold 6 ounces of your favorite beverage, which are 4 shots. On back of the hair brush, there is even a mirror, it is the perfect production tool 3-in-1 for an evening.

Has a screw that works in most cases, however, some customers have complained about leaks. Unfortunately, that is the risk you take with most of these products. You can lay the pipe band to work better around the joint.

7. Binocktails 5 OZ Camera Flask

No one had seen 10 years ago, twice in this bottle camera. Today everyone has a camera on your phone, so that these cameras getting rare. But that means you can get this secret in a bottle knock-off price. Binocktails 5 oz bottle camera is one of the most flasks convince wrong product out there and looks like a notebook camera.

Holding mirrorless 5 ounces of alcohol, this camera is ideal for someone who just wants to have a few drinks. It is doubtful that you will receive, hammered 3 shots, but you get a nice buzz. Each piston comes with a funnel for easier casting. However, if you carry a camera and a funnel, the game could be given away.

8. NOVA Wrist Flask Booze Bangle

If you’re the kind of girl (or man) who wears a lot of jewelry, this drink bracelet could be perfect for you. Nova liquor bottle wrist bracelet is a great rose gold bracelet has a 4 oz. Bottle hidden inside. The screw cap is concealed with a decorative edge, which is not being subtle.

How well this bottle hidden will work depends on what you wear with it. If you dress seems possibly to be on top down obvious. It only comes in a size that is designed to fit most wrists, but if you have a particularly large or small wrist, which he could not fit.

All this is made of food grade a ++ stainless steel. This means that it does not rust and will not change the taste consumption of alcohol. This is the hidden bottle for you if your drink always handy (get it?).

9. Ice Pack Secret Hidden Booze Flask

These hidden bottles ice packs are some of the best we have seen. The ice pack hidden secrets liquor bottles look just like real ice pack, unless hold 14 oz. Alcohol each (what it means to take more than 18 shots can she). All you need to do a cooler, a couple bags get is made of real ice, some have soft drinks and snacks, and everything you need for the perfect day after day.

It could be a little more expensive than some of the other but products from this list can contain a large amount more alcohol them. They’re food-safe plastic and can also be used as an actual ice bag, refrigerators, if they want. A satisfaction guarantee will receive 1 year, so if you not like you can just send it back.

10. BoozeBrella by Smuggle Mug

The boozebrella was one of the original hidden bottles. A the same as the hairbrush hidden bottle, works perfectly because it looks and feels like the real things. Unfortunately it does not work like an umbrella. But no worry, because i was drunk to care! it contains 9 oz.

(6 shots) alcohol so there are plenty of ability of a person. A for all the bottles in this list, which is made from bpa-free plastic in food quality. It also comes with three leak-proof seals and a funnel, which makes it easier to pour. We say this it is one of the hidden bottles, except for the fact that they are quite well known so that there are some security people might be wise.

11. Binocktails Bev-Satch Secret Messenger Bag Flask

If you dared particularly feel like you could use the binocktails bev-satch smuggling 30 oz. Alcohol at a music festival, concert or elsewhere. This is to enjoy 20 shots for you and your friends (please do not drink 20 shots themselves). You might think: “what if open the bag and found a plastic tank filled with drink? “.

Do not worry, already thought of it. If you open the top of the bag, everything fund is a normal bag, filled with normal belongings. The drink is , hidden in the bottom of the bag in a hidden compartment. Even zip it is hidden, it seems nothing to be.

Not only this is one of the best kept on bottles, but is also one of the largest.

12. Forum Novelties 52943 Double Sided Binocular Flask

News binocular double-sided bottle is more than one glass joke a heavy traffic tool. It’s not crazy enough to take a pair of binoculars a festival or on a cruise, but there is a possibility that there could be some increase suspicion. Instead, they act as part of a costume or just as a gag gift for someone.

The beauty of this bottle is that it is two piston separately. Each side has a binoculars 8 oz. Glasses. The only problem is that not just the actual binoculars similar so a security guard lynx could catch.

13. The Wine Rack

Wine rack is simply hidden a bottle tucked available. Your a real support for the work, which can contain up to 25 oz. Alcohol. That’s enough get a quote! it is fast becoming a favorite festival because you sneak a lot of alcoholic beverages in the festival and keep their consistent tits.

The fastener is relatively easy to fill with a funnel and very easy to drink. It has a drinking tube, similar to a camelbak that you can enjoy solve your drink without the hassle of a cover. People have used this prepare (obviously with water) and nursing students have asked if the patient can use during a shift.

The only difficult thing is working out size you need, because it only comes in small and medium enterprises, rather than come in different sizes of fasteners. No doubt makes a cool gift for beer lover in your life.

14. Multi-Flasking’s Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask

One of the problems with hidden bottles that have similar products you do not have a recognizable brand. But bev-can secret body multi-flasking spray bottle has the (european version of ax) lynx brand through them, it looks just like a spray can of the body that could buy at the store.

That security personnel media are much less likely to give you a second look unless, you aerosols are not allowed. It contains eight ounces of alcohol in a flask aluminum. The attention to detail in this hidden bottle is amazing – they copied all the fine print on the back, and the brand logo perfect.

If go for a hidden bottle to go based on the product, this is one of better.

15. Bootleg Bottle Seal 20-Pack Accessory Kit

If you were underwhelmed by the hidden bottles we have shown so far, we have a final product with the sleeves that impress bound. Contraband bottle cap 20-pack accessory kit is the perfect tool for migrating own bottles in the single use of hidden bottles.

Therefore, if you have a ton of age dandruff shampoo, sunscreen or other leftover bottles, here is the perfect recycle manner. Simply the seal within the to close the bottle cap and the bottle. Make sure you have clean bottle thoroughly first though, or you could with some off-flavor end drinker.

Amazon there are some complaints about the size, but could it boils down not to read people down the right description. It is said fit 8 oz. And 16 oz. Bottles, but they all have the same size caps. If you are unsure, choose a bottle with a smaller cap.