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Best Gifts For Seamstresses

Best Gifts For Seamstresses

We don’t know about you, but when I go outside in the market to purchase a gift for a seamstress, I’m super confused. Why so? There’s an obvious reason for this.

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Cutter, Ruler & Rotary Cutting Board

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Ergonomic Table for Sewing and Cutting

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Many people think that the seamstress is all limited to sewing clothes. But there are tons of thing related to that.

There are various items which you can purchase as a gift for a seamstress. All you need is just a better understanding of them. And that’s what we’ll be looking at in this article.

So if you are looking to purchase any gift for the seamstress, then we would recommend you to hold on for a while.

 Because we are pretty sure that after reading this, you’ll be available with more options. So without any delay, let us quickly move forward and look at some of the top gifts for the seamstresses.

1.) Sewing Machine

The first and the foremost thing for a seamstress can be none other than a sewing machine. Yes, that’s the priority. I mean, how would a person be able to sew without a sewing machine.

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But the talk doesn’t stop here. The biggest issue for the buyers is, which machine is best to buy? That’s pretty sure; you’ll not look for a cheap sewing machine which will end up soon.

We would recommend you to search around for some of the best sewing machine available in the market. For your sake, we include names of some top brands like Janome, Bernina, and Baby Lock. So just look for a perfect model that meets all your needs.

2.) Thread

Just imagine you’re with your sewing machine and suddenly you are out with the threads. That’s the worst feeling ever. To be prevented with that all you need are bunches of thread stools at your place. In general, all the threads are of high-quality 100% core spun polyester which can be used for stitching cotton, silk, synthetic, linens, etc..

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So threads are also a great option for you to gift seamstresses. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors like blue, green, yellow, pink, red, and in fact, many more which looks pleasant.

3.) Pair Of Scissors

This is not funny at all. A pair of scissors is must for a seamstress. As per our recommendation, 8-inch scissor will be a perfect match for you. Scissors can be used for cutting the fabrics smoothly.

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You’ll need a pair of scissors while making curtains, pillow covers, quilting and other projects. There are two types of scissors, one for right-handers and the other one for left-handers, make sure you buy a correct one.

4.) Shears

There’s a big difference in between scissors and shears. Both are not same at all. All the seasoned seamstress will love the shears. Scissors have two equally-sized finger holes while shears have one bigger finger hole and one smaller.

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Our recommendation will be Pinking Shears which comes with zig-zag cuts. It prevents fabrics from fraying or unraveling too quickly.

5.) Cutter, Ruler & Rotary Cutting Board:-

These three items are also important for a seamstress, which will come in use daily. It would be not possible for you to cut hundreds of squares of a quilt by your hands.

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This is the reason why you need a cutter, ruler and rotary cutting board regularly.

6.) Pattern Weights:-

Just imagine it’s a hot summer and you’ve turned fans and coolers to relief yourself, and you’re doing your stitching projects. It would be so irritating for you if the fabrics you want to cut slips away by air. At such a moment, pattern weights will give you a big relief.

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They’ll prevent your fabrics from slipping, and as a result, you’ll be able to work more conveniently.

Moreover, pattern weights won’t require any pins to hold-on, this means you can use it again and again without replacing.

7.) Ergonomic Table for Sewing and Cutting:-

This ergonomic table is not a must item to buy for a seamstress if they are not regular sewist. But if you perform sewing for several hours in a day, then you can’t just resist going comfortably after having this table.

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For any sewing machine, you can set it down inside the sewing table. By this, it lowers the machine by 3-4 inches that helps in maintaining a good body posture and allows you to do the stitching for a longer time.

8.) Retractable Tape Measure:-

A retractable tape is something very common you’ll perceive at every tailor or boutiques. This tape is very helpful while measuring various lengths of the fabrics.

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Being retractable, if you pull the tape with full strength even then, it will not stretch. Believe us, and this tape makes an important place in a seamstress life.

9.) Pins:-

We can say it very clearly that pins are another very important item which every seamstress lack for. No doubt, how much they stock these little items, but they’ll be lost whenever used. You can gift many pieces of pins which comes in a handy plastic box.

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Seamstresses use this pins while joining two fabrics and for other works as well.

10.) Gift Cards:-

Well, if you still are confused over what to gift for a seamstress, then there remains the last option for you. It is better you purchase an online gift card from any of the top-leading shopping site.

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Now, you can choose any amount of gift card like $10, $ 20, $50, or even $100, as per your convenience and budget. The gift receiver will get the gift card and can purchase anything as per requirements.