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8 Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars [Buying Guide]

A good free-standing pull up bar should be more like a training station,It is so that you can make a number of different exercises in combinationSo it is a great investment choice platform if you want to seriouslyChallenge and training, particularly the entire upper body, but also hisabdominals. That is, there are many other possibilities and variety of barsprovides portability. Note that the more portableIt is slightly less stable is likely to be so when you look atassess the pull-up bars, who and where they are used andIf you need something that contain several adjustments to the exercise has.Pull-up is a real challenge. Master these and you deserve some seriousthe relationship so everything important definition of upper body muscle.


1. Weider Power Tower Free Standing Pull Up Bar


This could be the perfect addition to your home gym of his RoundhouseWeider that are known for their high quality targetedTraining Equipment. Featuring not just a station pull up, but also allowsThey built highly effective target your entire core with itsStation increases knee.

With this function, you can carve your obliqueStrengthening the hip flexors. They function correctly his superiorBody orientation and the isolation of his arms, shoulders, back and chest. usetheir own body weight resistance for the ultimate challenge, but if you needa little help, use in conjunction with a power band while youBuild your strength and endurance.


2. Stamina 1690 Power Tower Free Standing Pull Up Bar


Aguante to do for more than 25 years training equipment at home, soYou can be sure that you invest in quality and durability. 1690Power Tower is a simple but robust station house, which allowsperfect his Up and Chin pull over while more involvementadapt diversity in their home workouts for you to do tricepsSauces, increase the vertical knee that align the core.

There’s even a padded pushStation and additional foam sit function.


3. Cap Barbell Power Free Standing Pull Up Bar


This rack-current limit is a maximum level of comfort and safety a solid to ensureand a stable workout when you use it to perfect your pull up orcombined with a training system for the suspension, or weight training. While there are several stations as some of the otherversatile freestanding options so that you can perform squats,Dead lifts and curls, while the bar until his resistance withStyle training.


4. Body Champ Fitness Power Tower


This is a lightweight commercial incredibly versatile power tower bodyChamp, the professional style house manufacturing fitness equipment wereSince early 1990, this device is ideal for home or for customer usePull offer up and chin stations with adjustable handles and VKRabdominal vertical knee station increases, as a function of immersion.

Constructed of steel with high strength has been designed and built forAfter all.


5. CAP Barbell Deluxe Power Rack


Another fantastic piece of kit PAC, which are in force and specializedStrength training products. This deluxe version is loaded in the programbuilt elements of comfort and security and has high caliber steelso that its built to last and withstand heavy use.

It comes with a holderTabs so fixed on the ground for added stability.


6. Bowflex Body Tower


Bowlfex tower body is a complete multi-station gym full of easyto help use features that you develop your strength andTraining goals. It literally is all you need to get your crushTraining objectives, including handles and belt strap, so you can reallymake to aim and challenge their position in all areas of the body.

allhave your headphones are favorite exercise and are willing to takeoperates at its maximum.


7. Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower


With a fantastic four season training combined in one with this powerTorre VKR1010 Champ is to train perfect body home or lightbusiness education with customers. If you weigh new trainingto get and movement or a professional looking more advanced practice, soHouse is adapting a solid and reliable piece of kit anddevelop their own fitness needs.

Throw in a jacket and weightedshe is really in business, your body challenging and take your training andhis chins set a new school.


8. Pro Gear 275 Extended Power Tower


These Pro Torre dispenser and final practiceto break killing of pull-ups and Strength Training. The inclusion of aDiving station, pull-up station and to the chin, and the device push-up barseverything covered that you are versatility, durability and reliabilityin a home gym unit.

With his armrest and super comfortable roundBuffer and the support, vertical for those which are capable ofquestioned, this unit has really thought of everything and is perfect forAll heights, weights and levels of training experience.