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Best Fitness Apps for Android 2021

Fitnotes HeroSource: Jordan Palmer / Android Central

Fitness is a life-long journey full of ups and downs. Sometimes you may suffer an injury or life just gets in the way. Whatever is going on, it’s never too late to start or restart. The end goal, after all, is a better physical and mental version of yourself.

Though you can go it alone, these apps can offer some help, guidance, and motivation to keep you going strong. There is integration with the best smartwatches for fitness, making it easy to keep track of all of your workouts. And when you’re done here, be sure to check out our awesome roundup of the best apps for Android.

The top 3 apps

More options

What are the best fitness apps for Android?

The Play Store is full of fitness apps that give you workout ideas and help you track your progress. There are so many, it’s hard to sort through them all, But we’ve gone through and tried a bunch, and we have a few top-notch options for you. Our pick for the best fitness app is FitNotes because it covers the workout tracking basics so well without anything extra.

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Coming in as a close second for all you runners out there, Nike Run Club is an absolute must if you want to track your stats and want a free, simple app to do it. It’s really quite invaluable for runners.

Finally, our third pick is JEFIT, another workout tracker, but also an all-in-one trainer at the same time. Not only can you track your weightlifting workouts, but you can also get ideas on new exercises and implement a lot of tools.

1. FitNotes

Fitness Apps Android Hero

Source: Jordan Palmer / Android Central

Upfront, I have to admit that I’ve been a user of FitNotes for years. It’s been my go-to workout tracker as I’ve jumped gyms, moved across the country, recovered from injury, and restarted getting back into shape and achieving my goals. Yes, the UI is still stuck in the Holo era (#holoyolo), but it remains pleasant to look at, and it gets the job done.

That’s all you can ask for in a workout tracker. It comes with a pre-built list of exercises split up by muscle group. You can easily add in your own exercises, too — I tend to do a lot of atypical exercises to target my muscles in different or unique ways or to get those smaller, more troublesome ones (looking at you, rhomboids). Tracking your weight and reps is super easy, and you can edit your records if you make a mistake.

You can also track cardio workouts, see a month view of your training sessions, track your body weight and fat percentage, get a nice analysis of what you’ve accomplished, and backup your logs to Google Drive or Dropbox in case you’re switching or moving between phones. It’s a powerful app and must-have for anyone serious about bodybuilding and powerlifting or just weightlifting in general. Best of all, it’s completely and totally free, and there is no account required whatsoever.

The King


Track your workouts without the hassle

In our opinion, FitNotes is the king of workout tracker apps. It’s free, it’s easy on the eyes, and it’s packed full of features to make sure you keep on track with your weight and cardio training. It even has a backup feature!

2. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club Lifestyle Alt

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

I’m not much of a runner, but when I do have the itch or desire to try to get into it, Nike Run Club is my constant partner and friend along the way. NRC is one of the best running apps for Android I could find — it’s free, it lets me track my stats, gamify my attempts at running, and compete with other people via leaderboards.

There’s Wear OS support, audio-guided runs with Nike coaches, and challenges to keep you entertained and interested. It’s really a dope app and one I think every runner should have. Even with all of the things that it does, Nike Run Club is totally free.

Yep, whereas Strava, Runtastic, and Runkeeper all have subscription services for the good stuff, NRC is completely free. It’s really an awesome and above-average app.

Best running app

Nike Run Club

Excellent and it’s all for free

Nike Run Club would already have a spot on this list because of its suite of features, but because it does it all for free, it’s one of our top picks. While not the most robust out there, it gets the job done and does it well.


Rounding out our top three picks is Jefit. Like FitNotes, you can use the app to track your workouts with a heavy focus on weightlifting as a whole. Where it separates itself from FitNotes, however, is in the number of features and training ideas it packs in. It tries to do a lot more than our top contender, but we feel it doesn’t quite match the standard that FitNotes sets.

That being said, Jefit is an excellent option if you want something a bit more robust. It offers different programs with a bodybuilding slant, such as 5×5, 3-day splits, strength plans, and at-home and bodyweight workouts. It features a built-in database of exercises (with videos) to ensure you’re tracking exactly what you’re doing.

It also has cross-platform support between the app and the web, so you can keep track and analyze your results wherever you are. It also sports monthly fitness challenges, goal setting, and a friend system to help you stay motivated and accountable. It does contain ads and a subscription option.

It has it all


Workout tracking and programs galore

JEFIT sets itself apart as a workout tracker with a ton of features like an interval timer, workout programs, and a vast database of exercises with how-to videos. It’s a robust app that looks nice and does its job well. It’s held back by its subscription model, putting it behind FitNotes, in our opinion.

Other great options

Though they didn’t quite make it into our top three, here are some other excellent fitness apps for you to try out.

Google Fit

Google Fit Journal Ticwatch Pro

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

Google Fit is a staple on Android. It’s Google’s attempt at making an app that encourages you to stay fit, using what it calls Heart Points. You earn these points by doing activities: going for a walk, finishing a workout, etc. You can also track sleep, heart rate, and body weight.

Fit also integrates with other apps, the likes of which include Strava, Runkeeper, and so on. It’s a straightforward app with not too much going on. I hardly use it in my day to day life, mostly just to track my steps. It lacks a lot of the robust feature sets of other apps on this list, but it’s a good, free option for tracking your health goals.

De facto option

Google Fit

Simple, clean, efficient

Google Fit doesn’t have too much going on, and its features are somewhat limited. However, its Heart Points system is an excellent way of gamifying fitness into something fun and motivating. It does have a step counter, heart rate tracking, and sleep tracking, too.


If Nike Run Club doesn’t do it for you, then be sure to check out Runkeeper. Before I found NRC, I tried Runtastic and just didn’t like it. The Adidas acquisition didn’t help my disposition toward it, so I gave Runkeeper a try (which is owned by Asics, so my point here is a bit moot). It’s super helpful, and it covers the basics exceptionally well.

Where it goes beyond Nike Run Club is the additional features, like a map to plan out your run before you head out. There are also encouraging messages, an interval timer, and a social system to help keep you on track. I’d say the biggest downside to Runkeeper is the subscription model, but that’s just how it is.

Running features galore


Another tremendous running app

Runkeeper is my preferred premium running app. Though Nike Run Club was our pick for running apps, Runkeeper packs in more features. That’s to be expected considering its subscription model, whereas NRC is free. Still, it’s hard to go wrong with Runkeeper, and if you’re serious about running, it’s a great app.


Strong Hero

Source: Jordan Palmer / Android Central

Much like FitNotes and Jefit, Strong is another workout-tracking app. This one has more features than our top pick FitNotes, but I found it more cumbersome and not nearly as easy to use. In the gym, you oughtn’t be spending so much time between sets wrestling with an app just to record your reps.

Still, Strong is easy on the eyes, and it has built-in support for various weightlifting routines, cardio, and resistance workouts. It’s lower on this list than FitNotes because of its subscription model. It does offer a one-time purchase option for a ridiculous and ludicrous $99 to unlock the full experience. Yikes, but at least it’s an option.

Lift all the things

Strong Exercise Gym Log

Yet another great gym log

Leave the notebook at home and use Strong instead. Like FitNotes and Jefit, it’s another gym log workout tracker. It comes with native support for various workout routines, plus cardio and resistance workouts. It’s a bit cumbersome and not as easy to use as FitNotes or Jefit, though.

Workout Trainer

While we’ve all been stuck at home, at-home and bodyweight workouts suddenly became popular. Workout Trainer is an excellent app for this situation with thousands of different routines for you to try to keep in and get in shape during the quarantine.

Each exercise is guided by Workout Trainer’s trainers with audio and video walkthroughs. It’s great for people of all stages in their fitness journey. Workout Trainer is free, but there’s a pro membership available which unlocks weekly pro-only workouts and heart rate analysis.

At-home workouts

Workout Trainer

Awesome at-home and bodyweight workouts

Workout Trainer is a great companion for the quarantine and lockdown. It sports a ton of different workouts for everyone, no matter who you are. It has a free option or a pro membership.

Map My Run

MapMyRun Summary Lifestyle

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

Map My Run does precisely what the name implies: it lets you map your runs. Pretty cool stuff. Oh, you wanted to know more? Okay, Map My Run enables you to track your run, get info about your pace, get some audio feedback about your run, offers challenges to compete with others, and suggests routes for your next run.

So Map My Run does a lot for such a simply-named app. It’s been a staple for runners for years, even after the Under Armour acquisition. It really is for everyone, newbies and veterans alike.

Map your run

Map My Run

Tracking your route has always been this easy

Map My Run is a household name for any runner. It’s been around for quite some time, and even though it got bought out by Under Armour, it’s still worth having for its feature set alone. As the name implies, it lets your track your runs and your pace, plus a lot more.

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout Hero

Source: Jordan Palmer / Android Central

This one is even more self-explanatory than Map My Run. This is an app that contains quick, short workouts for you to do whenever you fancy it, as long as you have seven minutes. You get a video tutorial of each workout beforehand that’ll get you started. There’s also Google Fit integration and a new ab workout.

Getting in a short workout in seven minutes is pretty awesome. I’d argue for longer, more intensive workouts if you have the time and can afford it, but for those of you who aren’t able to, this is an awesome app. It has a lot more features like adjustable circuit and rest times, a workout log, and daily reminder notifications.

Quick and short

7 Minute Workout

Workout anytime

7 Minute Workout, as the name implies, offers you quick, short workouts that you can do anywhere and basically any time you have 10 minutes or so free. The app offers several other features, too, like interval changes and workout logs.

Zombies, Run!

Rounding out our list is perhaps the most fun of the bunch. Zombies, Run! is an enjoyable way to train, whether for strict running or a 5K. It uses a fun story/game element to keep you motivated and interested since some of us find running to be incredibly dull. You’re basically running from zombies, as the name suggests, and it’s really the most fun I’ve ever had running. And that’s saying something.

It’s here on our list because of its fun factor and that it makes running interesting. Not only that, but it will keep track of your stats, too. The app also gives you instructions on when to run, jog, rest, and stretch during each workout. Headphones are highly recommended so that you get the most out of the story and coaching. The pro version unlocks over 200 more stories, interval training, and a base building game.


Zombies, Run!

High-stakes running training

Zombies, Run! is the most fun running app on the Play Store. While others like Nike Run Club and Runkeeper have more traditional features, Zombies, Run! offers a compelling story in which you actually run from zombies. It’s a great idea.