The 10 Best Enzyme Based Cleaners 2020

eeping your home neat and tidy is extremely difficult, especially when you realize many household cleaners are filled with chemicals that you’d never willingly subject your family to. These enzyme-based options are capable of wiping away grime, pet stains, mold, and all manner of messes that may be lurking around your living areas’ and they’re safe for use near kids and animals

1. Earthworm Carpet & Upholstery

You can fool your house guests into thinking that your pets are well behaved when you have a bottle of Earthworm Carpet & Upholstery (about $13) on hand. It’s adept at removing wine stains, too, so you can fool your pets into thinking your house guests are well behaved, as well.

  • Free of any fragrances
  • Good for cleaning vomit
  • Struggles with older discolorations

2. Bubba’s Super Strength

When your family includes four-legged children, you need a bottle of Bubba’s Super Strength (around $40) in the house. It uses dormant bacteria to eat up cat urine, dog odors, and all the other substances and smells that go along with being a pet parent.

  • Makes a great litter box deodorizer
  • Can reinvigorate stinky shoes
  • Creates large amount of suds

3. Naturally It’s Clean

Naturally It’s Clean (around $10) will keep your floors spic and span, making short work of dirt, grime, and any other substances gunking up your hard surfaces. All you have to do is spray it on and wipe it off’ there’s no rinsing or mopping necessary.

  • Capable of cleaning grout
  • No harmful vapors
  • Leaves streaks behind

4. Marigold & Peppa

Environmentally-conscious consumers will love Marigold & Peppa (appx. $20), as not only does it eschew any noxious chemicals, it also comes in a non-aerosol dispenser. That prevents propellants from getting into the atmosphere and eating away at the ozone layer.

  • Excellent on carpet
  • Releases mud well
  • Doesn’t fully neutralize odors

5. Genesis Kleen-Free Naturally

Genesis Kleen-Free Naturally (about $55) is a super-concentrated option that can be used on almost any surface in your home. You can toss a couple of ounces in the laundry for fresh sheets, splash some on the tile to mop your floor, and just about anything else you can think of.

  • Can get rid of mites and other bugs
  • Pairs well with essential oils
  • Leaves a film behind

6. Biokleen Bac-Out

Biokleen Bac-Out (about $9) uses lime peel and other extracts to combat stains and odors, helping to break everything down organically. As a result, it’s safe to use on most surfaces your kids touch’ it’s only microbial creatures that need to worry about coming into contact with it.

  • No dilution required
  • Works well on leather
  • Affected area needs to be saturated

7. Enzyme Magic

Enzyme Magic (about $33) is a smart choice if you’ve found mold on your property, as it penetrates deeply and quickly to kill off spores. It doesn’t matter where the fungus is located, either, as this stuff works on stucco, tile, metal, porcelain, and more.

  • 64 gallons per bottle
  • Leaves no residue behind
  • Discourages further growth

8. Aubrey & Alex

This offering from Aubrey & Alex (appx. $20) replaces that noxious waste odor with a sweet-smelling berry aroma. It doesn’t just please the nostrils, either’ it also leaves behind clean and clear surfaces that are quite engaging for your eyes.

  • Suitable for use in garbage disposal
  • Capable of handling deep-set stains
  • Good for freshening up pet bedding

9. Puracy Natural

When that dried-in stain won’t come out of your favorite shirt or jeans, turn to a bottle of Puracy Natural (appx. $12). It won’t bleach the fabric, but it will lift out the toughest blemishes, like tomato sauce, grass, and even blood and motor oil.

  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Smart choice for new parents
  • Hypoallergenic formulation

10. Nature’s Miracle

If you bring a new puppy into the house, you should come home with a bottle of Nature’s Miracle (about $10) too. No matter what flies out of your pets (or your children), this liquid can have that carpet looking brand new again in no time at all.

  • Prevents repeated markings
  • Great for potty training
  • Effective on treated hardwood