The Best Computer Case In 2019

A PC configuration can be a difficult task. You have an eye for eachrich few details of processors RAM. An area that isby most people the computer case is often neglected. Because theyImportant? The combination of the best components could be fatal if there is no way,the low temperature to maintain. Computer cases come in various designsYou could overwhelm a first time buyer. In this guide, we consider the bestComputer cases are and properties they sit down.

1. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB Computer Case

The RGB Master Box Pro 5 has a simple design, making it a greatOption if you are not stoked about fancy stuff. This computer case comesstrategically placed with three 120mm fans RGB behind the dark mirrorFront panel. see for a unique look and various options for the collectionYour system, Pro of Cooler Master MASTERBOX 5 mm has a thickness of 4lateral edge to edge tempered glass plate.

It also has a well-builtInterior that rewards the owner with well-placed cutouts. allthey allow the installation of components, internal expansion and multipleInterior dispositions that are simple and easy. Be sure to also check ourget more big team like this the most popular arms of the screen.

2. AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower Computer Case

The Aero Zylon RGB Media Tower comes with an attractive front panelIntelligent LED backlight. The reviews from previous customers have been very encouraging,Therefore, we have added to our list. This case has Mediatower 13Lighting modes on the front panel with six types of flow RGB rays anddisplay seven modes reliable color their gaming platform.

This towerhave computer case, you easy access to your media. It supports SD ormicroSD card from the top. Another reason why this should getBox computer supports air cooling. Dual-chamber design alsoIt helps to have a good ventilation.

3. Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Computer Case

The ATX PC case is ideal for modders. If the game of conquest ATXhas a unique design aluminum frame that breaks with the traditionalCases. Offers homeowners a simple enough to build and to change the case. Because of its excellent expandability is modders have upsFreedom to make a dream case beyond the imagination.

This case iscercha aesthetics and military perspective, the other teams would not dareaway with it. But the case ATX Cougar CONQUER game has more than onethat look good. She has an extreme cooling capacity, it is making a perfectGift for gamers, overclockers and PC enthusiasts.

Finally, you can displayits powerful gaming system, including full-size graphics and high-endCards up to 350 mm with an incredible vision that will blow you!.

4. CORSAIR CRYSTAL 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case

The computer case CORSARIO CRYSTAL 570X and a design made of tempered glass envelopeAll chassis. This ensures that all components of the device isfor all to see on the display. If it is a techie and beauty in thein for you; this is a perfect choice.

This computer case hasSpace sufficient for almost all sizes of the radiator and support for up to sixCase fan. With fans SP120 RGB LED and built-in LED driver,You will have excellent lighting effects that are certainly striking. This organization CORSAIR also offers many wires cases is simple withroute installation cable channels.

All these are reinforced cables with VelcroBelts they ensure that only components are seen through the fleetGlass. Our guide to the best ergonomic keyboards presented greaterSimilar products.

5. darkFlash Phantom Black ATX Mid-Tower Desktop Computer Gaming Case

This computer case is probably the best aspect of the group, but noton our list because it pretty. It is valuable for most DIY-builder; theThis is because the design promotes a beautiful building process. yourPre-installed six fans rewarded owners with excellent cooling and CyberneticsGambling atmosphere.

Since connectivity is relatively affluent, thedark flash when the game is suitable for use with a game system, andIt also provides easy access to the PC. They also enjoy the advantage of VisionYour valuable RGB lighting. For most of these products surprisingly visitsour guide to the best mini PC.

6. Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass Gaming Computer Case Chassis

The PC case Thermaltake ATX Core P3 is built with an open panoramicFrame design that provides the highest quality owners with the unique chassisPresentation. With this case, computer games, owners receive a GPU floatAllows the vertical mounting a holder.

You can placethe team in many different ways; in the wall, then horizontallyand vertically. This baby is super strong, hardened mm thanks to its thickness of 5protects glass windows, the noise components and reduced. with theThermal core that has easy access to multiple USB ports and HD audio.

Finally, a whopping three-year warranty is obtained. Be sure to combinewith some of the best gaming monitors our list.

7. NZXT H500i – Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

The Computer Case NZXT H500i is of the highest quality and excellent design. thatIt will be held by an all-steel construction with an elegant design H-series. theCase is super intelligent, because it comes with a built-in system and digital RGB FanController according CAM driven.

With the NZXT, you can customize your case toYour taste. What is impressive about this case, that optimizesCooling and noise balance, so that the only sounds you will hear duringThe game is the death screams his enemy (if what I roll). WithThis computer case, you have to show the freedom, its construction with crispyClarity.

It is also an excellent ATX computer case, since it supports Mini-ITX,Micro-ATX and ATX. If you are looking support for the teamYour laptop, you see from our reviews of the best cooling pads laptop.

8. DeepCool MATREXX 55 Case

This supports ATX motherboards cases up to E-ATX. It has full size4 mm thick, is the side plate of hardened glass, and the front panelComputer case and a sleek look that really shows its internal structure. You can easily RGB light bar control in the front with a manualKey or the motherboard.

Besides all these, the Deep CoolMATREXX 55 Case has additional connections that are ready for synchronization motherboard,Control any combination with another brand DeepCool storm video game / 12V RGBEquipment. More interesting is that it supports 370 mm (maximum) long graphicsInstalling the card.

It is also possible that some of the best external hard drives, So be sure on our list to check them out.

9. Thermaltake Tower 900 Snow Edition Computer Chassis

The design of the chassis is a joint effort with WatermodFrance. Thermal Tower 900 is ideal for new modders generationand those who are interested in culture ESPORTS tuning. This computer FallturmIt supports a vertical mounting style. It has a 5 mm thickness impressivetempered glass plates, and also has its own liquid cooling system.

Tower 900 also eliminates problems’ SAG GPU so that thevertical mounting of multi-GPU configurations platform E-ATX. anotheroutstanding feature of this case, a liquid cooling 560mm supportTo make heating your experience as a fresh breeze. Do not forget alsoCheck out our top picks of the best MacBook cases for more productsI like these.

10. LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic Razer Edition Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

If you dynamic some heavy water cooling Lian Li PC-O11 RazerCase is perfect for you. In addition to its attractive appearance, this ATX Computer CaseIt has two USB-3 fatty acids on the front and a Type C. His big aspect of the derivedthat a soft shade of tempered glass, the show helpsits integrated and individual loops.

Its brushed silver front balancesEquation. The Lian Li PC-O11 is durable; This is because it has been alleviatedGlass and aluminum. It also has features that ensureConnectivity. X2 has USB 3. 0, USB3. 1 Type C HD audio x1 ports, HD audio. It is possible to combine it with some of the best touch screen monitors ourList.