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Top Best Cheap Single Cup Serve Coffee Maker


Coffeemakers are one of the primary and most essential appliances which are used to brew coffee. There are many coffeemakers which work on different brewing principle. But in this article, we will discuss single-serve coffeemakers.

If we talk about the current scenario, these coffee makers have gained popularity. Single coffeemakers can both reduce the time and also simplify the brewing process.

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Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffeemakers

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Bunn MCU Single Cup Coffeemakers

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Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffeemakers

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Presto 02835 My Jo Single Cup Coffeemakers

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Nespresso Pixie Single Cup Coffeemakers

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The main advantage of these coffee makers is that it guarantees a freshly-brewed coffee, a variety of coffee selections, less waste of brewed coffee.

Today there are a variety of beverages available for brewing with single-cup machines such as tea, hot chocolate, etc.. These coffeemakers are designed for both home and commercial use. So now let us discuss the top five single coffeemakers which will help you to choose the one.

1.) Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffeemakers

Keurig is a market leading brand in the world of single-serve coffeemakers. Some coffeemakers can be complicated or even difficult to use, but with Keurig, you’ll have no such problem. The design of these coffee makers is simple and straightforward. If we go into technical specifications, these coffee makers are compatible with My K-Cup Reusable.

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These coffeemakers are made up of plastic and stainless steel. These coffeemakers are available in black and silver color. One of thing you will love about this machine is the ability to make different drinks without having to clean the machine in between as well as there will be no lingering taste of the previous drink.

Also in this machine, you will get the auto-off feature by which you can off and on the machine with the single touch of a button. Its advantage is that it is so easy to use as well as it’s quick and consistent. But these machine does tend to splatter a little while brewing.

2.) Bunn MCU Single Cup Coffeemakers

Bunn MCU Single Cup Coffeemakers is one of the best coffee makers available in the market as per various sources. These coffeemakers are ideal for those who want to brew several kinds of beverages like coffee, tea, etc. If we talk about its design or built, it has up to four interchangeable drawers, corresponding to 4 different kinds of drinks as it will be easier for you to choose from each brewing.

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If we talk about key features, it can work for both, i.e., coffee and tea as well as it is versatile and can use K-Cups from Keurig, ground coffee, tea leaves or tea pods. These coffeemakers offer both strong flavor coffee as well as tea. These coffeemakers also required constant water level of 14oz.

The most significant advantage is that it can switch to be pods and tea. Also, it can extract hot water in the case of wanting a longer drink but is not the best machine for making tea.

3.) Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffeemakers

If the price is your biggest concern, then these coffeemakers are the best choice. If we talk about price than in these price point, the value we derived is incredible. It’ll deliver you a good tasting coffee in approx 90 seconds. These coffeemakers are versatile, but it doesn’t mean you can’t customize your cup.

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These coffeemakers use stainless steel with this model. As well as black plastic trim can be seen around the edges. Let us talk about some of its features, the biggest feature of this machine is that it has 14-ounce brewing capacity as well as adjustable cup rest.

The best thing about these coffeemakers is that the entire setup is quite easy to use. Some of its pros are it is budget friendly as well as it is easy to clean an use, but it has some cons also, i.e., coffee tends to splash out of the cup

4.) Presto 02835 My Jo Single Cup Coffeemakers

If you are a lover of cappuccino, espresso or just plain coffee, then this coffeemaker will make you the coffee that you want each time. This product is extremely compact and has great portability. This product is extremely affordable, and those who have limited budget can easily buy it.

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This coffeemaker has a simple brewing process and can make coffee in minutes. The best part of this machine it needs a small amount of space. These product doesn’t have any temperature controls, but it provides excellent quality of the coffee. The coffee maker also has a very simple cleaning process. Apart from these, it has a compact design which will let you take it anywhere.

Some of its pros are that it is extremely affordable. Also, the dishwasher is safe, and its also refillable.

5.) Nespresso Pixie Single Cup Coffeemakers

If you are trying to find small, contemporary machine than this machine is for you. The machine gives sheer joy in using and can fit into a small space. If we talk about its design, it is made up of ABS plastic which provides him with a contemporary look.

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Its quieter operation and compact body make these more attractive. This machine has a LED light indicators for water level as well as it can hold up to 10 used capsules. It comes with a small compact size which is amazing when compared to the brewing task it performs. This machine will provide you with the best quality of espresso each time with consistent taste.

This machine only takes 25-30 second to heat up and for making coffee. If we talk about some of its other features, it has a water tank capacity of 24 ounces as well as it has an automatic off mode feature and it also has a fast heat up feature. It has a superfast brewing also ultra-quiet performance as well as high-quality construction but it is on the expensive side and also cleaning is quite difficult