The 10 Best Camera Holsters 2020

hether you are a professional photographer or a somewhat serious hobbyist, your equipment deserves dependable protection when traveling or shooting outdoors. These camera holsters will keep your device and plenty of accessories close at hand and out of harm’s way, so you can focus on what’s important: getting that incredible shot

1. AmazonBasics Black

If you’re looking for a nice balance of value and protection, consider the AmazonBasics Black (appx. $16). It features a solid, waterproof plastic base and two SD memory card slots, plus it can hold most SLRs with a zoom lens attached.

  • 3 accessories compartments
  • Includes a wide shoulder strap
  • Somewhat bulky and awkward to carry

2. Lowepro Toploader

If versatility in your photography bag is at the forefront of your mind, the Lowepro Toploader (appx. $84) should look mighty useful to you. Its two straps can be configured in myriad ways so you can wear it over the shoulder, around the waist, as a chest harness or holster style.

  • Weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Convenient quick-release buckle
  • Zippers are not very smooth

3. USA Gear FlexArmor

Constructed to suit rugged field photographers and outdoor adventurists, the USA Gear FlexArmor (about $16) offers superior security for enduring harsh weather conditions and active lifestyles. It’s equipped with a built-in carabiner to attach it to your belt loop.

  • Absorbs shocks and impacts well
  • Heavy-duty velcro closure
  • Too slim for some cameras

4. Think Tank Photo

The ability to hold almost every standard-sized DSLR makes the Think Tank Photo (appx. $70) a safe, reliable option. It features a pop-down section to increase the main compartment size for telephoto lenses, and it includes a stretch pocket on the side for an extra battery.

  • Conforms to shape of your device
  • Durable water-repellent fabric
  • Limited space for accessories

5. Pacsafe Camsafe

The unusual layout of the Pacsafe Camsafe (appx. $60) doesn’t resemble your typical camera bag, which makes it an effective choice for travelers who are worried about their pricey photographic gear attracting too much unwanted attention.

  • Can be worn around waist or shoulder
  • Has a removable divider
  • Will not accommodate large cameras

6. Case Logic SLRC-201

The Case Logic SLRC-201 (about $29) utilizes a distinctive hammock-style storage system that suspends your camera internally above the bottom of the case, which provides great impact protection and helps to prevent any potential damage from drops.

  • Sturdy waterproof base
  • Bag can stand on its own
  • Scratch-resistant foam lining

7. Canon 1000

The Canon 1000 (appx. $21) is designed specifically for Elan and Rebel series cameras, which means it will provide an optimal fit for those models. It comes with interior padding and a removable Velcro divider that allows for customization of the interior.

  • Mesh pocket for small items
  • Shoulder strap is very comfortable
  • Can be worn like a fanny pack

8. Evecase Carrying Bag

While its metal buckles and its rugged canvas exterior give the Evecase Carrying Bag (about $22) a vintage look and feel, this one is designed to securely accommodate the most modern cameras and the small components that come with them.

  • Pockets for battery and charger
  • Padded carrying handle on top
  • Soft microfiber lining

9. Case Logic Luminosity

The Case Logic Luminosity (around $99) easily holds large DSLR cameras, with additional room for a battery grip, tripod mount, and a zoom lens. This keeps your equipment and small accessories safe, secure and readily accessible at all times.

  • Porous back for air circulation
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Divider is flexible and adjustable

10. SpiderHolster SpiderPro

There’s a reason cowboys in the old Western films kept their pistols secured in hip-mounted holders’ the system is reliable and effective. The SpiderHolster SpiderPro (about $235) works in the same way, except everyone will head home safe and sound when the shooting is over.

  • Holds 2 devices at a time
  • Simple-to-adjust waist belt
  • Camera access is instant and easy