The 8 Best Cable Amplifiers 2020

oes your poor cable signal have you struggling to identify which team is which in the big game? Or does it pixelate in some of the furthest rooms in the house? If so, it’s time to install one of these cable amplifiers. They’ll boost your signal so that you can enjoy the best picture cable or satellite TV has to offer in every part of your home, and can improve your Internet connection, too

1. Viewsonics VSMA-604C

If you live in a multi-television and modem home, the Viewsonics VSMA-604C (about $63) boasts four output ports to help you connect them all. It multiplies your incoming signal’s strength by up to 5 times, offering clearer and better connections across the board.

  • Weighs just 8 ounces
  • Works with over-the-air antennae
  • Some units fail quickly

2. Antennas Direct CDA4

The Antennas Direct CDA4 (about $37) has four outputs for connecting multiple TVs and routers around your home. Its signal-boosting capabilities help enhance sound and picture quality, and reinforce transmission across long cable runs.

  • Can eliminate need for a splitter
  • Improves high-definition reception
  • Weather-resistant seals

3. Arris 4-Port

The Arris 4-Port (appx. $57) works with most TV and Internet setups, offering you more potential connections for both, as well as increased signal reception and better transfer speeds. It features an active return path, meaning it improves data quality going back to the cable company.

  • Meets ieee surge safety standards
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Not compatible with antennas

4. Channel Master CM3414 2-Port

The Channel Master CM3414 2-Port (appx. $39) is a best-selling unit for a couple of good reasons. First, it can be used to boost HDTV, CATV, analog, and digital RF signals; and second, it’s precision-machined ports are designed to last for years.

  • Ports are gold plated copper
  • Conforms to international standards
  • Can be wall- or panel-mounted easily

5. PCT MA-B1015

The PCT MA-B1015 (around $29) can improve the performance of a cable modem and almost any television setup. It has a 2-way active return, with both a forward and reverse gain of 15 decibels, and it utilizes gold-plated beryllium copper ports to significantly limit transmission losses.

  • 6-kilovolt surge protection capacity
  • Durable powder coating
  • Helps stabilize internet signals

6. PCT MA2-8P

The eight ports of this PCT MA2-8P (appx. $60) may be overkill for some people, but if you do have a plethora of devices accessing your cable connection, it’s a good choice as a hybrid signal splitter and booster. Each port promises to provide up to a 4-decibel boost.

  • Includes an ac power adapter
  • Compact for ease of installation
  • Improves high definition reception

7. PCT-MA2-2P

The PCT-MA2-2P (appx. $42) is a relatively cheap and basic passive return device that can provide a signal boost for up to two cable boxes. It’s a great choice for those with limited local TV reception who are looking to pick up additional channels.

  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Applies an 11-decibel gain
  • Reduces screen pixelation

8. Channel Master CM-3410 Mini

Great for low-profile applications, the Channel Master CM-3410 Mini (appx. $34) is about as simple and compact as this sort of hardware gets. It has a forward gain of 15 decibels with passive return, making it suitable for use with antennas.

  • Boosts reception on all frequencies
  • Can significantly improve picture
  • Corrosion-resistant contacts