The Best Box Cutter In 2019

We know that they are not the most exciting, high-tech, or tools badass all, but the box cutter is should have one of the most important tools and accessories of all children. For a variety of jobs, and demands are made of the apparent (box) opening cut vinyl flooring, and also clean and zero out of joint to sides of the tub, the best box cutter will make this job much easier.

1. Slice 10514 Mini Box Cutter

Our selection of the best box cutter 10514 mini disc cutters, which – as the name suggests – is a compact and lightweight, but an option they should not be underestimated. The rounded design is slightly different than the rusty box cutter, which saw in the toolbox of his father growing up, and instead which has a modern aesthetic suitable for the modern world.

It has much however, more than just style. Leaf green button next in good condition, it is easy to grip with a handle for the thumb studded ensures easy the use of the blade. This also ensures their safety as a magnetic board holds secure in use, if they do not, and also provides a simple blade without tools change if (but more like) not taken the dulls.

The leaf blade of steel as standard, which often requires sharpening and is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion, if not properly take care, ceramic blade disk has its edge 11 times longer, high warranty quality and performance over time belongs to him and maybe even long after they’re gone.

At least you will find something fresh to their children than leave inheritance (on top of his enormous wealth, of course) . The versatile means construction is that it is comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed no risk of slippage or loss of control of the court.

The finger-friendly journal also protects you and other accidents, especially when there are so sharp may not notice much later the accident until. Focus and versatility also contributes to its application multi-tool, so that it that a simple box cutter, but something that can – and should – have ever more times.

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2. Outdoor Edge Slidewinder Utility Knife

Knives for use edge slidewinder outdoors has to be one of the most comfortable cutting tools for simple materials. It offers a good range of features that can be enjoyed by the average beginners and operates two killing birds with one stone. The promises remain robust form textured permanently time on certain areas of the body work for different purposes.

These included into the design of a flathead and a phillips screwdriver, and as a bottle opener and pocket clip. There is a spring positioned strategically retractor blade springs and slides back in demand. With a simple push of a button, the blade safely and adequately locks position as tool.

Made serving cut reliably resistant glass / nylon and steel materials is, this compact hand tool large business in a good range places. Whether you are placing it safely in a pair of pants / suit bag, tool box, a cabinet or rack, the mini-cutter firmly and fit add perfect.

The compact design is a breath of fresh air is more chunky, clunky and expensive options on the market. It is also fits between the fingers or on the palms of the hands and finally makes the cut materials such as foam, corrugated packaging, scrapbooking and of course materials, boxes easily.

Knowing the court this little cute game with work to do multitasking.

3. Slice 10400 Box Cutter

Möglicherweise sind die besten messerkästen wir heute oder jedem anderen tag gefunden haben, ist die box 10400 scheibe cutter. Während teuer (daher seine auswahl als prämie wahl) glaubt, dass die zahl der funktionen und hoher zuverlässigkeit rechtfertigt diese klinge, die ein teppichmesser keramik verlieben gibt mit einer ersten vielseitigen slice.

For der schnittleistung, können sie von 3 ausgewählt werden, verschiedene positionen der schaufeln im bereich von bis 1/2 voll ausgefahren ” halb vorsteht und vollständig verborgen. Auf diese weise können sie gleichzeitig eine vielzahl adresse materialstärke, während auch sicherheit bieten, wenn die klinge nicht in verwenden.

Die gekrümmte griffkonstruktion gewährleistet auch, komfort und kontrolle, die bereitstellung mit einem maß an autonomie über lebenslauf ist es nicht immer möglich mit griffen oder casing. Its fingergriff dünnen blatt zirkoniumoxid scharfer keramik ist die optimale leistung zu gewährleisten, sondern hat auch eine abgerundete spitze, die sicherheit zu gewährleisten, selbst wenn sie oder ihre freunde sind ein wenig zu sorglos mit ihm zu sein.

Dieses blade-design ist auch vielseitig, dauerhaft, korrosionsbeständig und slice be das Äquivalent von 20 scheiben aus einem einzigen blatt aus stahl. In diesem sinne, es ist unwahrscheinlich, dass es jemals zu ändern, aber wenn sie das tun, können sie das gefühl, sicher nicht so viel zeit damit verbringen, wie sie es steel.

The blade-systemsperre ist auch nützlich, weil es die konsistenz liefert unabhängig wie lang oder kurz ihre arbeit ist. Es ist teuer, aber die ergebnisse sind überlegen, sogar im vergleich mit anderen, kleineren produkten scheibe, und, falls notwendig etwas, das alle hervorragende leistung, die zeit für einen liefert vielzahl von forderungen, sie das geld ausgeben, wird mit der zeit gespeichert werden speicher und, was wichtiger ist als die zeit? stellen sie sicher, prüfen sie auch unsere top-rated shredders.

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4. Slice 00100 Ceramic Blade Safety Cutter

If you buy a knife for commercial or private use, there’s something about the manufacturers understand that a useful tool it should be not only efficient, but a little too fancy. We can see in the 00100 slice ceramic cutting safety phrases striking design clamshell unlike their counterparts make it very attractive hand tools.

In addition to the acquired rights to show buying disk 00100, this piece is quite robust the small but cutter. It is save option for cutting when compared with traditional options. Sound in fact, it can be safely handled without any risk to the finger raises or palm trees.

This is not done by his viability as resistant blades away they were in front of sharpening for optimal lla blades performance. What they are made of zirconium oxide; which is non-stick, non-porous and has a strong resistance to bacteria. Fight made victorious and good practice number of elements, the blade remains relevant, even when exposed to salt, acids or oxidized surfaces; it has enough resistance.

While traditional metal knife and taste to use to avoid oil-based reinforcements this oxidation ceramic blades are free of such. This ensures that your tool central remains separated from all oily substances, and guess what, these blades still, they do much better in the long run and does not rust.

To get a good engages the outer casing is finished with a rubber material he holds the finger firmly on the surface during cutting. Overall, this is contributes to the experience fast and effective cutting disc 00100 it promises to deliver at any time.

Do not take our word for it, try for this ceramic sheet cutter and its efficiency will speak for themselves.

5. Slice 112366 Ceramic Blade Safety Box Cutter

112366 piece of ceramic blade safety is our selection of the best option if you are looking for an excellent price, or simply on a budget. A small box cutter, it is perfectly portable and can attach to your keychain coupon or package easy opening when in motion.

Even if you do not open, your friends and family will continue to fight to thank with a plastic or cardboard persistent packaging. Though small (very small) it is safe, easy and convenient to use, and does not affect this size power. This is thanks in part to high-tech ceramic blade on the other, such as box cutters sliced ​​his advantage cut much better than steel entertains and it requires less care and maintenance.

So there is no danger of oily film to ensure damage the containers and surfaces and no corrosion quality each cut. The rubber grip keeps the safe case in hand, while the built-in magnetic blade helps secure hold and also sticks to the fridge access when you need to quickly open a new bag of milk (for canadians between us), open letters to, or slice open carton to bend recycling.

If is a professional, it is to have a good option. If you an amateur, is also a good option, and if only a carpet knife needed around the house, it does not take too much space, you know what? it is a fantastic range. It’s simple, but effective, and while it can fight calls for larger, such as boxes of high strength with sufficient reliability various applications with ease to meet.

Make sure you always that keep them in your bag. Show tool.

6. Slice 10513 Pen Cutter

10513 disc cutter pen is the end of the knife disc boxes we have selected and offers everything you would expect from the brand disc. A the same as the curved handle schneider, who has three positions for accurate cutting blades for a variety materials, but unlike the curved handle makes it just stick form easy to carry in your pocket pants or chest without feeling that their disabled work.

Again, the ceramic green sheet is resistant and length with constant high power irrespective of the material employ. It holds its edge for a long time, much longer than steel you know, and media without tools processing blade change is not a effort and maximum efficiency in eventually dull the blade.

Small blade makes it easy to perform without risking damage to the housing and mechanisms too. The operation of the sliding panel is simple and can be adjusted easily with one hand. Unlike some box cutters on the market – but disk constant products – it’s convenient and easy to use for both left and right, and we love the intake so that they always to smile a little and makes sure everyone can use it successfully and satisfaction.

The design also ceramic is not spark, non-magnetic, non-conductive, which prevents damage when cutting close to metal materials and saves capture smooth, to ensure sliding by a plurality of materials or surfaces. Safe, comfortable and simple, provides disk with all the means at the same time offer easy, medium solution during its box (and everything else) cut absolutely.

You can also check our guide, want to make the best use knives larger products such as more this.

7. Cosco Easycut Cutter Knife

The switch to other brands and styles, knife cutter cosco is easycut the first self-retracting knife boxes on our list and is an elegant (like smart choice as a carpet knife can be anyway) that nestles in any toolbox or a craft rolling drawer across the country.

With only 2. 4 ounces, which is a lightweight design and easy to handle and transport solutions if particularly useful on the road, moving between job sites. However, it is but so easily, that you forget that you are in the bag, so there is no risk of he laundry.

The retractable knife week to throw is easy and use the edge guide ensures precision cutting. The sheet easycut design offers the best performance and reliability to ensure cut quickly and efficiently is always reliable. This guarantees have an automatic cutter boxes, which is safe, especially after use, intuitive and beware of any material thick cardboard to cut the plastic containers with thin consistent results each time.

While steel, we know that it is not as durable as ceramic, still holds good enough outside edge for durability and clean, and in the internal storage blade makes it easy to replace the initial sheet once it is too boring another expect. Unlike box cutters for power while have a lot of cool and useful features does cosco easycut all this without sacrificing quality.

Thus, get an affordable option you can, if left applied daily on maintaining high functionality, or when you get the package, so that it is easy to open, despite the rushed and upset is possible that more be.

8. Klever XChange Replaceable Box Cutter

Klever xchange replaceable cutting performance the rectangle represents a fraction of the cost of similar blade but still be tough enough sure, its high quality. Double-head is the perfect design for thick materials slide easily through both and sure does what one of the best options for a cutter cardboard, and the curved leaf are buying more substantial accuracy cutting.

This to ensure also deepened sheet prevents injuries to the finger protection (and legs when you put it in your pocket without the blade to remove) to ensure the only thing to worry about efficient cutting. Within handle housing is a sleeving system to further protect sheet be damaged even if it is not in use or in transit to provide excellent longevity and consistent results.

Speaking handle is comfortable to grip and hold, even if to work with him all day (or what feels like the whole day). Rubber & ergonomic handle system fits in your hand to avoid stress of course, if you are right- or left-handed. Overall, it is their safety that make it features an excellent choice for professionals, namely do not cut with elegant style of the products into slices, it focuses on practically, this is what we concerned with the sheet tools.

When blunts, can be with one simple click mechanism replaced prevent downtime between projects. It is ideal for plastic pallet packing, so large boxes and packing tape is the perfect choice for those who works in a warehouse efficient and reliable results with practical, to ensure small tool that you can carry in your pocket.

Our handy guide to the best of several tools offers the largest product as more this.

9. BoxBuddy Box Handle Cutter

Acted boxbuddy box cutter does not look like your traditional box cutting tool, but that’s not that you should have something put away your potential. The innovative design is ideal for cutting into boxes and handles while actually a little complicated at first glance, like very intuitive and easy to use.

Whether you need to cut holes handle in cartons or boxes, then this is the product that do so easier. Its jobs very smart housing makes it safely in the bag to carry or kept in a kitchen drawer, and although it is not designed to open boxes, it is to have a useful addition in the house.

Light materials to avoid pulling or control surfaces on the table or door handles, and the bag will fall when folded down to make sure durability. Unfortunately, no replacement blades, blunts so when it done. However, if you are a frequent engine, then it is unlikely that the use too often the blade dulls too fast, and the plastic housing secures, which is protected against oxidation and premature corrosion.

It is also cheap enough that a replacement product will not be too much of a twinge in his wallet. With, you can say goodbye with heavy lifting boxing fight, potentially causing injury or damage to the contents of the fields. Instead has easy to lift, carry a collection of boxes and store.

The boxbuddy is an ideal choice for moving day, storage and organization around the house, and also makes it easier to sort everything for yard sales to ensure their valuable action figures do not end with the owner of evil. I like these product? visit the best pocket knife for our picks.

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10. Pacific Handy Cutter S4L Safety Cutter

Combined for more security with outstanding performance guarantees, heavy service pacific practical cutter cutting s4l knife protection is the perfect case worker. Made sturdy and with a handle massive plastic to keep the simple a large number of cases in which the three positions trabajo.

El blade means you can deal with a variety of material thicknesses without falling productivity for each job or looking too great. Heavy metal guards protect the blade and keep the finger for protection against accidents and there is also a built-in splitter duty belt and heavy pack quickly opening.

This addition is simple but saves unnecessary addition pressure on the blade when you want for demanding jobs and secure it secures the hard blade as possible. This version was left-handed, but you can buy a version of the right hand when they are part of the 90% who have no problems holding scissors, standard guitars or golf clubs.

It is also sold with a single sheet, but no place blunts on the handle to store extras before the blade and must he plunged more (or use a cutter buy more boxes, which causes more problems worth it). However, if it dulls the blade that is not so easy, replace intuitive as other options because it’s never super easy with products: lefty, right? for most of them, you can buy a cover and safety strap for easy transport or storage box access in an instant.

To go reliable and ready when you need it, it does work and ensuring that we are from harm safely. They do not call it safe knife for slightly more all. Show cutting.

11. Martor USA Secumax 350

The us martor secumax 350 is another good choice for storage or upholstery environment and provides a reliable cutting, accurate without complaints. Solid handle design that suspiciously resemble something i would find in a video game science fiction, it’s hard, but still easy to grasp and is convenient for a fast and efficient all day cutting.

Your polycarbonate structure offers the possibility of dangerous to survive easy, and even if you leave environments it again one day, you can hope it is still there and in one piece of next. It is as safe as is with a hidden blade no accidents robust to ensure when expectantly in your pocket or drawer waiting for your next sitting amazon provides great.

Also in use, it provides excellent protection for you, no, the box and the cutter itself all around you on the same hour. This ensures durability and reliability, while maintaining constant performance along with the robust construction is reliable safety cutting for all functions of the replaceable blade occasions.

With, you save money without buy substitutes and instead of simply a new blade as soon as the adjustment first becomes dull, and the first time, can turn the tide it is this combination performance. It unbroken economic awareness quality and performance, which makes it much better than the cheap-hardware business options.

Cut materials can be up to 3. 16 “thick with ease, sure what defies conquest. Coarser similar products by our guide to the best bench bag review knives. Show more.

12. Pacific Handy Cutter EZ2 + Safety Cutter

Our final choice for the best starter box is the pacific practical cutter ez2 + safety knife is a safe and easy choice for the home or workplace. The geometry of the closed box body which protects against damage to the same time to ensure any injury or damage to the contents or what is under the cutting material.

It also ensures that your children (or someone you know has a reputation for being clumsy) that is not running to complain themselves. This interface design is versatile and provides two-sided while also a band splitter has cut option perfect for the package, channel, and the fabric band.

If dulls the blade can be easily replaced you will save money in the long run. The handle is comfortable for both left and right and stays comfortable all day, even if no housing is rubber grip, as you really encounter other lack of options a rubber grip, is a small problem, however, and although it unlikely ideal for heavy requirements is a great choice for use home or small plastic wrap platforms and similar products.

The lightweight makes it easy with you to take without feeling uncomfortable while ensuring that every cut is made considered. While controlled and features that are not another box you cutter list remains an excellent choice for those who have a need simple and reliable solution for opening boxes and other department materials, and the price, there are few opportunities to provide performance and low cost simplicity.