The Best Bottle Opener In 2019

You have a hard day at work and at home are in the past. Work clothes are and hidden in their shoes casuals initiated and a cold beer hand. Only one thing ruin this beautiful moment – you do not have one bottle opener works!

1. Spinning Hat Cap Zappa Bottle Opener

If a bottle is not only a bottle opener? even if a lid is pitcher! if his next to the idea of ​​a functional kitchen appliance something to play with your boat floats opening beer then has spinning cap zapper is butyou before the new page to this statement robust appearance opener beer bottle, it’s good to actually do it your work? pretty good to be honest, especially for the price.

To start, it’s like a bunch of keys, so that more open bottle list, ideal for those who are impromptu barbecue or picnic on the beach. The cap is made of strong zappa orange plastic with a metal plunger portion flips capsules with ease. Now, which is where the fun begins.

With the blown bottle caps, the metal slide cover are released downward within the opening, and, by the end chute with a quick press of the button cover. Well, we are not encouraging that wherein irresponsible with its cap pitcher, but with a projection distance up to five meters, it is certainly a bit of an icebreaker party! you can and competitive and to obtain a target bin set – now has a lid opening quiz at your fingertips.

Once you have put in your beer just opened, the it is! all-in-all a bottle opener good for on the fly, it works well and not too serious. The hungry team gear are all children in heart, so this bottle opener comes in as our best choice. Show more.

2. Ripple Bottle Opener

There is a striking bottle is a designer touch style drinks trolley . But still you can fit in your pocket when it is necessary to wait to open a bottle of beer in go. As peculiarly home accessories designers craig hill, keeps a diary ripple and pimps object on the design.

Made of stainless steel with a nitrocarburized black coating for a long life, a bottle of cold beer opening kind of done, making it a natural competitor, our best bottle list. Lightweight opener and coming to seven inches in length you want, sleek design waviness makes it easy to carry and use.

And the design wave ripple bottle opener is looking for more than just beautiful, than doubled finger grip for stability during again remove the cap from the bottle. And when your done with the mouth of the bottle, is a kitchen accessories really do not want to hide a drawer.

This is priced as to be a more the investment cheap one, disposable beer bottle opener, but you get a very device durable and practical and attractive for their money, and strong favorite beer. We like. Show more.

3. Trophy Brass Bottle Opener

Another design peculiar craig hill, brass trophy completely defies what you think a beer bottle opener should look like. At first glance it looks like a desktop puzzle would not be out of place in an elegant but corporate despite his artistic way, this opening may pop out of his office top beer bottle like a pro.

A perfect gift for beer lovers. First but a word about the design of the trophy brass – as the name suggests is, solid brass and sanded surface for super-smart should to change and deepen over time. And if you can pay to take the shelf and use it effectively, then this is a bottle opener, do not let the below.

An unconventional, it keeps in a looped by the two ends, it snaps on the top of the bottle top and the back of the lever. Trust us, once that to get used to a move. At cracks just under $ 100, which is a premium price for a bottle opener, but you are a real talking point that would be fantastic, your desktop or edge of the taskbar.

An investment piece that is worth popping premium open a beer bottle for.

4. Brew Soldier Bottle Opener + Key Ring

Soldier brew is one of the hardest bottle opener in our opinion, it is to take the perfect tool, camping or round trip. Titanium grade 5, the brew is a soldier slightly, but super strong and slim design makes it very easy in your carry key ring or belt loop computer gear infusion behind the designers brew soldier is to take on a mission everyday tools and makes it easier and stronger, and the best-selling beer bottle opener are no exception.

Smaller than most conventional bottle openers, key brew dog successful opening of the bottle is the mechanism of teeth ‘grip eagle. This simple but to create effective design locks under the lid of the bottle better leverage angle reduces spillage and gives a soft lift.

The aspect of the soldier’s brew mechanical key with a similar environment, but fully knows his job. Good price already includes a set of keys bh, it is no wonder that this ingenious device made our best bottle opener ten. Show higher.

5. Bayram Thor Hammer Bottle Opener

If rates high news value in your list opener beer bottle, then you can not go wrong with the hammer of thor bayram one. Do as chris add hemsworth and a touch of the nordic warrior god of its parts some bring muscle energize duties. It mouth of the bottle ensure a party talking point – you can even find it has more open than bottles you just have to get on his thor game! it is also a relatively simple device for use – hammer on the bottle of beer, so that above the locking opening wherein the upper and pop, which has to drink a bottle of beer.

The price it is also good as a bottle opener for wear and work hard is resistant – solid metal cap can appear as a superhero for a while to come. This is a beast of a bottle opener, which completely channels spirit the god of thunder. Complete with one end of the chain, it is likely to be a little, to go big in the kitchen drawer, but the average would look good hanging if it is not in use in the kitchen.

It would also make a great christmas gift marvel fan in his life.

6. OXO SteeL Die-Cast Bottle Opener

If it’s looking a beer bottle opener conventional, can not walk wrong with oxo, perfectly designed with you in your pocket or to wear backpack for beer outdoor drinking moments. From diecast steel for strength and durability, this opener was terminated double he finished with a satin chrome look attractive at home in the table.

This is a versatile bottle opener, which earned its place on our list the best beer bottle opener. With one end designed to bursting metal bottle hats, the other end perfectly designed for use in twist-off caps made of metal. To add to overall design, there is also a comfortable grip slip underside.

The opening simplicity bottle pouring oxo point of sale, it is known, but well done and brands from the bottle as simple as opening soon flick of the wrist, go ahead with the business to enjoy leave his beer. It is also to use a good product if you have limited mobility wrists, because it is large enough, comfortable to grip, but not hard to hands.

For just under $ 10, which is a good value beer bottle opener what would it look good in any kitchen and is strong enough to put through to paces in more party.

7. Brothers Star Trek: USS Enterprise Bottle Opener

Crossing the final frontier when it comes to beer bottle with novelty this opener uss enterprise super-looking ship makes a good too. Solidly collectible made, this bottle opener is the official star trek goods as the perfect gift for the trekkie in your life.

Alarm geek fact: bottle opener modeled on the authenticity ncc-1791 ship television series of the 1960s and original as star trek franchise, the passage of the time. Beam was set up again – or should be – beam such capsules with this novelty beer bottle opener that when it comes also an excellent performance to be a practical device.

Is a simple clip on the lid remover nothing special about how well it works bottle opener. And when you even collectors bottle cap, this is for you opener smooth metal lid removed, without the cover to bend. It’s a little harder some of the other products in our opinion best bottle opener, but it is comfortable to hold and feels good light weight make opening his cold beer.

For the price – about $ 25 – that’s a big bottle opener that every day and is also stable to use, is sufficient to striking addition to any of your kitchen or your personal trekkie collection. This is a perfect gift for men who love more drink.

8. Corkcicle Decapitator Bottle Opener

The place called drastically decapitator is a bottle opener like no other – but not ordered work set-top beer bottle from his losing miserable without your precious beer your drink head. Innovative corkcicle accessories manufacturers have asked the humble bottle on the head a sheet sophisticated device, which facilitates the work of removing each bottle above.

It is extremely easy to use – just pop the decapitator over the top bottle and press down. Once firm push is all it takes from whip the bottle cap. A small magnet inside the device and then clamps itself the lid removed so that you can then touch the trash quickly and easily disposal.

The decapitator opener operates in a number of bottles, beer and sodium other bottle that is sealed with a metal cap. A not to be is used, its elegant black design looks good on the counter or table top, as expected his superior victim. Plus heads next bottle, you can also get your decapitator with a message on the outside, so provides a personalized great gift.

This is definitely going the best bottle to the if you want their next game make an impact as they lose their beer bottles their heads metal cap. Be sure to also check our list of the best bottle opener electric wine for older products such as more this.

9. Gear Infusion Titanium Pry.Me Bottle Opener + Key Ring

Back to innovative bottle opener transition infusion and sales success product – pry. Me. As with all its products is pry. Me transition infusion a functional device that has been completely reinvented. The first, that called attention to this clever bottle of beer is its size – it is tiny! in fact, is so small it can easily sit in a bottle cap.

But not you can choose from – big things from small packaging. The a penny come tilt – yes, you read that right – that’s that’s super light, super hero who must when you open your next bottle ice cold things. Grade 5 titanium pry. Me which weighs only 0.

16 oz can still 164,000 times its own weight, so that the cover flap contain up it is out of your beer a walk in the park. This is a great little device easily appear on your keychain, so that it can take anywhere and getting ready to open a crack in a beer.

It it may seem a little strange when it comes to the first use, but soon you will get the hang of it and then it’ll wonder how you ever lived without – the perfect bottle opener is back when you move. To open a crack in beer, just close the edge get pry.

Me below the edge cover and lever off. To the push it needs you need the signature bottle standing on a table or solid surface or have spill risk of over, but then does this little gem mouth of the bottle the whole work. You just have the power to drink, slow your ice cold beer.

It’s a hard life. This will definitely choose your favorites carry daily item. Show more.

10. The Mamba: Bartending Tool And Bottle Opener

From first glance, the bottle opener beer mamba his name when it comes to design – there is no doubt that the two tusks as hooks prepared and ready bottle cap with stealth-like teeth ease. The mamba elevate attacking this super-stylish bottle the rest of his more conventional design, but even here there is much more to this first game of the snake bite co.

Seems like it. First, it is not just a bottle opener – by the aerodynamic design and a decent bite out of a tin can to be opening and spout tab can motor venter – so is every waiter dream. In fact, it was created with the professional in mind, but it comes at a price that means that i would be happy to have him at home, or on the veranda sundowner.

Made for fresh beer, 304 stainless steel (such as ceramic coat agent is a tough guy besides being deadly when it comes to working light from bottle caps) the mamba is well in hand. The ergonomic design is to keep your hands and fingers when bartenders work hard happy changing the opening of the bottle, which is common, and is effective rapid.

The mamba lever up facilitates the work of bottle caps and the hooks fang to ring pull cans in a breeze. The tool also ventilation slices on a you can smooth casting and hold for a long time in mixology go night. In summary, the mamba is a serious bottle aspect agent companies – whether in a professional bar or at home.

Worth the price and takes a simple bite our best bottle opener more list.