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The 10 Best Boat Navigation Lights 2020

set of navigation lights is one of the most important features for your boat, as they’ll help you navigate safely and be seen by other craft in the dark. A full setup includes one or more white lamps, along with red and green lights for port and starboard. Here we list the best options for the job, all of which are durable and meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements

1. Leaningtech 12V

The Leaningtech 12V (about $13) are built with solid, weatherproof housings and colored LEDs that can be seen for up to a mile away. They have a sleek, rounded shape and are great for placement on the bow or stern of any pontoon boat, runabout, and more.

  • Long wires for easy installation
  • Predrilled holes
  • Included fasteners are small

2. Five Oceans Flush Mount

The Five Oceans Flush Mount (about $38) are made with polycarbonate lenses and durable, stainless steel bodies that resist rust. They produce a wide, 120-degree beam angle and are designed for either sailboats or motorized vessels of up to 65 feet in length.

  • Extremely bright
  • Rohs certified compliant
  • Bulb colors don’t come labeled

3. Leaningtech Marine LED

The Leaningtech Marine LED (around $18) illuminates the port side of your craft in red or the starboard in green, while drawing little power and boasting an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours. It’s made with a heavy-duty, ABS plastic base and a chrome-plated zinc housing.

  • A cinch to set up
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Finish can corrode from saltwater

4. SeaSense Combination

The shiny, low-profile SeaSense Combination (appx. $36) comes with 20 green and red bulbs that can be seen for up to two nautical miles. The simple installation involves just popping off the cover, connecting the wires, screwing it into place, and putting the top back on.

  • Sturdy rubber gasket
  • Very energy efficient
  • Fasteners not included

5. Attwood LED 3NM

The highly efficient Attwood LED 3NM (about $90) will shine brilliantly for hours on end without taxing your batteries heavily. Its bayonet locking mechanism attaches the lens and cover to the base securely, and also provides for easy lamp replacement.

  • Installs directly to the deck
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Not the sturdiest of poles

6. Genuine Marine ABYC A-16

The Genuine Marine ABYC A-16 (around $60) requires minimal electricity to shine, yet delivers a generous beam angle of 225 degrees. It’s suitable for a wide range of craft sizes, and includes a long cable to accommodate placement in any area.

  • Impact-resistant build
  • Protected against voltage spikes
  • Ce safety certification

7. Attwood 6556-7

Designed for use on watercraft of up to 164 feet in length, the Attwood 6556-7 (about $33) provides three-mile, 135-degree transom visibility to help you navigate safely in the dark. Its patented design incorporates an electropolished cover with no exposed fasteners.

  • Subjected to rigorous testing
  • An energy-efficient choice
  • Comes with thorough instructions

8. Shoreline Marine All-Round

The 12-inch-tall Shoreline Marine All-Round (around $11) provides the convenience of a permanently mounted fixture and can also be folded down easily when it’s not in use. It features an adapter for a simple setup on a flat or angled surface.

  • Anodized aluminum shaft
  • Prewired pigtail harness
  • Good value for the price

9. Attwood Deck Mount

Designed for placement on the bow of your craft, the Attwood Deck Mount (about $42) incorporates a stainless steel cover that resists corrosion. It’s created with safety in mind, with reverse polarity protection that prevents damage from miswiring.

  • Stays cool to the touch
  • Long-lasting leds
  • A generous 10-year warranty

10. Perko Removable Bi-Color

The Perko Removable Bi-Color (appx. $25) features a 3/4-inch-thick metal pole and a protective polymer top that houses red and green lenses. It’s certified for use on vessels less than 39 feet in length, and can be conveniently unplugged and stowed when not in use.

  • Holds up well against the elements
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Made in the usa