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Best Blender For Protein Shakes in 2018

Best blenders in the market for protein shake

In this article, we are going to discuss the best blenders for the protein shake that are present in the market and also are valuable for our money. We are going to list some of the top blenders which are currently available in the market.

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oster my blend

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The magic bullet nutribullet pro 900 series

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nutri ninja pro

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We made this list based on price quality durability and more. But not each of them is perfect they all have some pros and cons. We will also discuss their pros and cons. Buying blenders can be very useful not only for the people’s who are doing daily workout but also for other things. Blenders are beneficial in many ways like we can use them to make juices, soup, protein shake and many more things. And they also don’t cost much as compared to the mixer juicer blenders which are also big as compared to these blenders.As we know protein shake is the best way using which we can start our day. Protein shake helps us to keep our body healthy for a complete day. Protein shake provides us the bunch of energy which we can use to follow our daily routine. And for a good protein shake, we must have a good quality blender with us. There are a huge variety of blenders present in the market currently but don’t get confused today we are going to tell you which are the best blenders present in the market. First of let us discuss that what are the things that a good blender must consist of. So here are the couple of factors which we should have to consider before buying a good blender for ourselves.


1:- Power

The best blender is the blender which has more power associated with it. If you want to mix some basic shakes, then you need a low power blender, and when it comes to mixing hard substances like fruits vegetables, nuts, and ice cubes, then you need a blender having much more power.

And blender gets power from its corresponding motor. Every blender comes with different motor size. If you want to smoothen your protein shake, then you must need a blender which has power more than 250 watts.


2:- Size of blenders

The second most important thing which we have to consider while buying a blender for ourselves is the size of that blender.

Let suppose that you are going to buy a blender for your personal use like making the protein shake and milkshake etc. then for that, you must go for a small size of blenders because these blenders are very lightweight and efficient.

Most importantly their small size means that they are very easy to wash and clean.

So on considering above two factors, we had made the list of top 3 best blenders of 2018 for the protein shake.

1) oster my blend

For blending protein shake, this one is right now the best product available in the market consisting of a motor which is about 250-watt power. It is very xhaep1 as compared to other blender and also it has a very good review by the customers all over the globe.

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But the bad thing regarding this blender is that it is for small protein shakes. It will not work well when it comes to deal with harder substances. Overall it is a good blender for personal use and for making small protein shakes.

2) The magic bullet nutribullet pro 900 series

This is the best single serve blenders present in the market currently. It provides a good service considering the smoothing of protein shakes. The power of this blender is much more than the above one.

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It consists of a motor running on the power of about 900 watts which is powerful. This blender can easily crush any of the harder substance like ice, etc. It can quickly whip up the protein shake. The bad thing considering this blender is that it comes with high price.

3) nutri ninja pro

This is the most popular blender present in the market currently. Most people across the globe are using this blender not just because it is the most popular brand but also because the service provided by this blender is much more efficient than any other in the market. With the help of its 900-watt motor, it can easily crush any of the harder substance.

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The bad thing regarding this blender is that we have to hold the jar for the time we use it otherwise it is certainly the best blender in the market.