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The Best Beard Comb In 2019

Beards are coming back into fashion and a new generation a new beard generation of men looking for ways to care for them. Beard care is not always something that men indeed come up front. In fact, usually only facial hair has a carpet cup cousin turned and began to call the attention that information about beard oils, brushes and combs his beard examined. Therefore, save in an effort guys some time and effort we have combined the best beard combs in the market today in a space for testing.

1. Hundred Beard Company Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve

Company barba barba hundred comb is not as comfortable to hold as some other combs beard. You can not be going on with double-sided action. But this double effect is the saving grace comb. They have the strongest smooth (but still soft) wide teeth on one side of things after a shower or a long day.

Then turn around and enter the last it touches the beard with the finest teeth to make it really sparkle. The comb itself is made of sandalwood so if while you gently massage your whiskers also collect can smell just a hint of it. Imitation leather bag is a nice touch and perhaps necessary because the comb is the large size; which means you have something to protect people if they put nice teeth into his pocket.

2. Repsol Care Beard Brush and Beard Comb

Repsol care is a uk company that specializes in skin care and hair products for men. This kit beard comb and brush beard is perhaps the most beautiful combo kit beard around, although it really the comb is our attention. Each comb is ⅓ 5 “x 2”, and from a single piece of wood.

Each room has a high-quality surface that protect against moisture and comb everyday life. Thin wooden teeth are robust, but soft on catch face and not your beard. For or throw no mustache comb respects the sensitive skin between the upper lip and nose over repsol care of this ridge.

Mix in the fact that the carrier bag is made of 100% cotton and it has a great backspace design and you have a pocket-sized kit bart worth driving wherever you go.

3. Kent Men’s Handmade Beard Comb

Kent combs have a well deserved reputation for quality and comfort, and this set of three combs the question, why bother, each time your hair bart with anything else. Kent is one of the oldest care marks in existence can since 1777. Former gw already have have kent property two.

Kent comb or combs we’ve never rolled with it look, more of a pocket comb resembling you get 25 cents in the pharmacy, a world-class beard. But barbers bart world class these babies are. And if the way they feel glide through his beard and massage was sold face.

4. Kent Hand Made Moustache and Beard Comb

Kent 81t beard and mustache, any kind of beard comb fineness short and unkempt long and luxurious. Comb feels so good in your hand as she does against his face, and that’s saying something. There nothing particularly fancy about the 81t, but can feel when held centuries of experience (even centuries) behind its crest design.

The not discussed, as it encounters a knot. Instead, evaluates patient and provides a painless way through the maze. It sounds only so much exaggeration, but when the comb is used, the understanding same’ll exactly what we mean. The 81t is more than a comb.

It is a lifestyle enabler.

5. Go-Comb Wallet Comb

Go comb-wallet is a bit of a departure from the traditional we combs search’ve seen. This is 100% stainless steel steel and as thin as a credit card (almost, anyway). If convenience important that you use the money bag peine go comb happy. You can put it literally in your pocket and forget about it until you need it.

Not decide which bag will tie it with your face comb. If wood there is a drawback for peine wallet go-comb is that it not as forgiving wooden combs or combs cellulose kent. They will go a little easier on your beard at first, but once you get the fall of the things that has become second nature.

Oh, did we mention, which has a bottle opener on one end? so it is the case. In the event that a brew to comb after his beard.

6. Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit

Jack hunter beard comb is another two-sided comb that you set bart until only with serious teeth before applying polish with fine teeth. Actually quite comfortable for hilt, which is a bit surprising for a two-sided comb. It has the same basic shape like a bar of soap and a good heft.

The beard comb is jack hunter 100% sandalwood and comes with a carrying case embossed leather pu funny it looks good and slips into the pocket like velvet. From the smooth smell of sandalwood to the timeless feel of the leather case that is you will comb the beard jack hunter even find out if i really do not need.

7. Grow a Beard Beard Brush and Comb Set

This brush and comb grow beard to the not is maintenance of combo repsol started with the top of the page, but not far behind. Essentially, our complaint (and to be a small insurance) is with the material. Or rather, looks like the way the material.

The bamboo is a natural material, and everything nice, but sees staining, so cheap. There, we said it. Now we get off our chest that own crest it is wonderful to effectively forgive and. It will not punish your face when you it was combed a bad boy and not his beard in one or two days.

Your comfortable, durable and affordable, and it should last a long time.

8. The Black Beard Beard Shaping & Styling Tool with Inbuilt Comb

This looks like a boomerang, but the modeling tool and style blackbeard it’s actually a very effective use of tools for all beard trimming. I could be the kind of thing not in the bag on a date, but if his beard equal adapted professionally you must have one of these in his bathroom.

Use angled or curved edges to create the perfect shape for the beard and then comb, a stack was to meet with one of the double incorporated into the honeycomb. It is a great style template that will save you a lot travel to the hairdresser and make sure you always look your best when out.

9. Kent Gentlemen’s Comb Set

Our third inning of kent this sentence comb 3 provides bart have to ensure always have a clean and healthy. That it includes one of our favorite all-time combs (the 81t), pocket comb fot because if you really want to make this wide shots and wrinkles 20t kent pocket comb that goes everywhere you do for the cut in his shirt or jacket pocket.

Use the 81t to shape and cut, the field test to establish the global motion and 20t, where and when required. 3 combs are saw cut and fine tooth, so you will always feel comfortable and effective even after a shower. They cost a little more than others, but worth it.

10. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair, Beard and Moustache Comb

Hair, beard and mustache comb barber rocky mountain is a cut up (fake) leather trim and wood gift box and bag is suitable for such a versatile ride comb, well done. The comb is carved from a single piece of sandalwood, which gives it a lot plastic combs appealing weight and let you act instead of complications easy to tear them.

The comb teeth wide and has thin, but rather than on opposite sides of the ridge rocky mountain i barber place both arranged on the same side. The result? a comb readily adapted in the pocket and has a lot of familiar surroundings for him, for people who do not sold two-sided design.

11. Baxter of California Beard Comb

Baxter of california barba comb is a finely crafted piece toilet everyday devices whose quality and appearance belies the easy way perform maintenance beard and satisfaction. Among the best combs as kent this comb is made of cellulose acetate baxter california is both incredibly robust and forgiving despite being extremely light.

The turtle pattern is the same as found in the pocket combs beijing to boston, but what separates the crest barba baxter competition is the beautiful balance, durability of the teeth – the they are both strong and flexible – and that is handcrafted in switzerland.

You will be hard-pressed to another comb beard to find so pleasant on the skin.

12. The Zerian Premium Giftbox Set

Finally beard comb on our list is part of the zerian premium gift box set and is 100% sandalwood, which is cut to the exact specifications. This is another double-sided comb can be of all the most convenient. Is attractive, has a very satisfying weight, it fits in pants to him (although it is a better fit for your pocket) pocket and is a sharp gift box full manual for proper beard care.

Every at a glance once the comb running through his beard with delicate smoky scent of sandalwood and bart will acquire the kind of not static load that can be achieved with plastic combs. It is a tool premium toilet serving for years as pride, although his beard comes and goes.