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Backpack Vacuum Cleaner: Top 10 Best Rated Backpack Vacs 2018

Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner  2018

Looking for a backpack vacuum cleaner? But why? Why not a canister or an upright vacuum cleaner.

Well, the most basic difference between all these kinds vacuum cleaner is the time in which they get their work done. And it’s a much-known fact that the backpack vacuum cleaner is the fastest and saves hell lot of time than another kind of vacuum cleaners.

And the old phrase ‘time is money’ is very much true in today’s world, so it’s pretty much understandable behind one’s choice of choosing a backpack vacuum cleaner over an upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

 So we can assume that if someone opts for a backpack vacuum cleaner, it’s not only because it delivers the good service of cleaning but also cleans the fastest!

Well, there are some advantages choosing backpack vacuum cleaner over the other kinds except for the time factor.

   For example, you can stand straight with a perpendicular passing through your back and earlobe weight equally distributed to your legs and no strain or stress on your muscles, which is beneficial for your health too.

Another important factor is the weight factor, most of the backpack vacuum cleaners are the lightest among the other kinds, so it’s much easier to carry backpack vacuum cleaner just like a real backpack.

Plus the backpack vacuum cleaner is highly portable and have the comparatively very high reach of cleaning than the other kinds, and backpack vacuum cleaners are specially designed for commercial purposes, and they have comparatively more merits than demerits than the uprights and canister vacuum cleaner.

Most of the backpack vacuum cleaners come up with HEPA filtration technology, which is the best technologies among all when it comes to dirt cleaning. And as we’ve told earlier, they are specially designed for commercial use, and they have a comparatively longer healthy life than the others bulky vacuum cleaners.

 A very important reason behind the better performance of backpack vacuum cleaners is the fact that it consists of lesser moving parts and contains much more mobile parts and lower practical mechanics involved in it.

So after giving so many amazingly convincing reasons to chose backpack vacuum cleaner above other kinds, you must be wondering about the best products among all. Well’ we are going to do you work here. After the days of research, we are going to give you a sneak into the best Backpack Vacuum cleaners right now in the market. So let’s begin!

Product Name Our Rating Check Price

ProTeam Super QuarterVac HEPA Backpack Vacuum

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GV 8-Quart Light Powerful HEPA Backpack Vacuum Blower

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Hoover C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro Commercial Back Pack Vacuum​​

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Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Backpack Vacuum, 8-Amp, 6-quart (1868433)

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Shop-Vac 2850010 2.0-Peak HP Two-Stage Back Pack Vacuum

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Oreck XLPRO6A XL Pro 6-Quart Backpack Vacuum

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Sanitaire EURSC412B Backpack Vaccum cleaner

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ProVac FS 6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum

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GV 10 Quart Commercial BackPack Vacuum

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Atrix – VACBP1

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1] ProTeam Super QuarterVac HEPA Backpack Vacuum

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ProTeam is one of the most trusted brands as of now by delivering a variety of amazing products among which ProTeam Super QuarterVac HEPA is a great example.

 With a product weight of 10lbs and a telescoping wand, this vacuum cleaner by ProTeam is very light compared to another manufacturer of backpack vacuum cleaner. It comes up with a huge six qt canister which accounts for longer cleaning periods without worrying much about replacing bags.

This backpack vacuum cleaner uses HEPA filtration method to capture the 99% of allergens and preventing them to coagulate in the vacuum again by stopping them from going out. The product includes an integrated tool belt accessories which account for its high reach and efficient cleaning which makes it one of the best backpack vacuum cleaner present right now in the current market.

It moves smoothly over a different type of floors, piles, carpets and tackles the floors above the ground level, i.e. stairs, ceiling etc. It comes up with a 50 ft extension cord which makes your cleaning process easy. So to sum it up, it can be one of the best picks right now for someone looking for a backpack vacuum cleaner.

2] GV 8-Quart Light Powerful HEPA Backpack Vacuum Blower

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Just like the one from ProTeam, GV has come up with a low weight backpack vacuum cleaner with a blower which comes up with extra air is driven brush rolled power nozzle.

This model from B is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces and floors as it produces a moderate suction power and delivers a better operational cleaning experience as compared to the other backpack vacuum cleaners in the same price range.

 This descent backpack vacuum cleaner comes up with a short 25 ft power cord including an easy on/off compatible switch.

 It also gives you an 8-quart capacity holding bag which can store a large amount of dust; it works with a four-stage filtration method using HEPA filtration techniques.

 The thing which I liked the most about this product is that it can be used both as vacuum or blower at any moment. It comes up with a crush-proof hose, and the air is driven brush power nozzle and six vacuum HEPA bags. In addition to all these, it gives you a crevice tool and deluxe floor tool which can be used for various purposes and switched modes for the throw rug and different hard floor surfaces.

3] Hoover C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro Commercial Back Pack Vacuum

Weighing only 9.2 lbs, this backpack vacuum cleaner from Hoover comes up with a powerful 8.5 Amp Motor. The lightest backpack vacuum cleaner in our list is expertise in cleaning the floor without caring a bit of obstruction.

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The thing which I liked the most about this product is its portability, and it comes up with a huge 48-foot power cord.

Unlike the other backpack vacuum, it’s very quiet in it’s functioning as it produces sound to the limit of 66 dB. It comes up with a handy crustal clear canister dome lid which lets you have access to the space left in the canister (for emptying the canister to be more specific).

The holding capacity is quite moderate- 6.4 quarts. The hypercone with HEPA filtration method gives this product a smooth functioning and a consistent air-flow and suction power from the starting to the end point of the working period. It gives you a six-inch crevice tool, 11-inch turbo floor tool, 60-inch lock hose and many more tools to ensure an amazingly smooth cleaning. One should fascinate about choosing this one over others.

4] Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Backpack Vacuum, 8-Amp, 6-quart (1868433)

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Rubbermaid is popularly known for delivering trustable products with descent functioning over decades. Their trustability is quite evident from the fact that they were the first to make their solid footprints in the vacuum cleaning industry. As the time has elapsed, the quality of their products has also increased tremendously.

Now their vacuum cleaners are known for delivering an exceptional quality experience. This backpack vacuum cleaner from Rubbermaid comes up with 100 CFM airflow and innovative harness frame design. Just like the one from Hoover, it also comes up with the powerful muter operating on 8.5 amperes, making it the best commercial backpack vacuum cleaner in its price category.

In addition to a flexible hose and a crevice tool, it also gives you a floor and upholstery tool with the easy on/off switch to ensure a good functioning over the working span.

The best thing is that this product is LEED point qualified and has the seal of approval from CRI. Just like the backpack vacuum cleaner from Hoover, we talked above, this one from Rubbermaid is also quiet in its functioning producing 66 dB sound in operating span.

The hard ousted long cord is accounted for the cord safety and strength. I think I’ve given you multiple reasons to make this one your priority, anything else to convince you?

5] Shop-Vac 2850010 2.0-Peak HP Two-Stage Back Pack Vacuum

Operating at the peak of 2 Horsepower (or 1500 watts) and 1.75 Gallon capacity of vacuum bags, this backpack vacuum cleaner from Shop-Vic is expertise in cleaning large areas efficiently. In fact, it is very much known for tackling huge areas quickly and perfectly.

Withal top-carrying handle for easy access, this product comes up with built-in tool top belt, and many use fool tools within a small machine structure are accounting for its portability. With the help of extra long power cord and a 7 Quart capacity vacuum bag, you can go way too long without switching outlets comfortably and efficiently.

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This lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner along with the harness an aluminium wands helps in resisting fatigue and helps in relieving muscular strength, unlike either backpack bully vacuum cleaners. The handy tool belt lets you use all the tools of the vacuum cleaner easily, and the top carrying handle accounts for it’s easy [portability between the jobs.

The product comes up with disposable fine dust collection bag, extension wand, 6 Inch culling nozzle and around sating brush which lets you clean the hard surfaces very efficiently.

 It produces a lot more suction power as compared to the other backpack vacuum cleaners in the similar price range. With the help of HEPA filtration technology, this product delivers constant air pressure and a non-variable suction power throughout the working span. This is personally my favourite as I am very satisfied with this product till now.

6] Oreck XLPRO6A XL Pro 6-Quart Backpack Vacuum

With the tapered design aimed at increasing the airflow and efficiency, this backpack vacuum cleaner from Oreck comes up with an ergonomic backrest and a toolset of 5 tools with the convenient tool belt.

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Unlike the other backpack vacuum cleaners using the short power cord, this one comes up with a 50 feet power cord which lets you clean a large surface efficiently without switching the outlets in between. With the bag support plate, this product ensures a continuous airflow without suction loss throughout the operational time.

It was designed for commercial use keeping in mind the time factor, but it has proved itself very much efficient for the home use also. With the huge 6 Quartz vacuum bag, you don’t need to empty the bag much often.

 This lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner weighs much less than schoolgoing kid-9.5 lbs. With the multi-purpose utility tasks, this backpack vacuum cleaner is better known for its amazing performance in the commercial places like hospitals, motels, hotels etc.

The shoulder strap support along with the waist belt lowers the centre of gravity of the body, i.e. increases the stability without any muscular strain on your body.

I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner to those who are looking for a lightweight mobile vacuum cleaner in any commercial places.

7] Sanitaire EURSC412B Backpack Vaccum cleaner

This 11.5 lbs backpack vacuum cleaner from Sanitaire is better known for delivering high-quality performance in cleaning the floors, especially in the commercial areas having hard floorings.

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This lightweight Backpack vacuum cleaner is idle for cleaning the hard to reach places and for moving around large places with the help of large power cord attached to it which also let you clean an area without changing the outlets.With the help of four stage filtration, this backpack vacuum cleaner uses HEPA filtration technology preventing the allergens to get into the vacuum by letting the dust go inside the vacuum bag rather than air.

 With a powerful motor operating on 11.5 amperes, this product comes up with a wide assortment of attachments designed to cleans carpet and bare floors. From a specific outlet, it provides you with a 12 feet cleaning path which is much better than the other backpack vacuum cleaners we discussed above.

The CRI green seal rated at 69 decibels perfectly meets the LEED requirements. The most amazing feature I liked about this product is that the HEPA filter reduces the allergens percentage from 99. to 0.3 microns (1 micron is equal to the sixth negative power of 10), which is an astonishing figure. Any more reasons needed to go for this one?

8] ProVac FS 6 Commercial Backpack Vacuum

This backpack vacuum cleaner under the brand name of ProVac is better known for tackling the tough messes. Yeah, this industrial backpack vacuum cleaner contains hell lot of accessories for cleaning the floors, carpets, bare surfaces and many more.

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It comes up with a four filtration level method along with the HEPA filtration technology which claims to reduce the allergens live to 6 microns! The adjustable harness in this cleaner has addition paddling for maximum comfort during long sessions of cleanings.

The 50 feet long power cord allows you to clean large areas without switching the outlets, so you can, basically clean your kitchen and living room without taking the plug again! This commercial backpack vacuum cleaner is mainly designed to simplify the process of cleaning in commercial places- bars, restaurants, hotels, motels etc.

ProVac is also known for modifying their every product as an update with a new model, but the vacuum bag capacity almost remains the same in all cases- 6.5 quarts, which is sufficient enough to let you forget about emptying the bag frequently.

This is a highly recommended backpack vacuum cleaner not only for me but for various e-commerce websites too!

9] GV 10 Quart Commercial BackPack Vacuum

This is perhaps the most frequently launched product we’ve come across in the list till now. This backpack vacuum cleaner from GV with the metallic constructions makes this vacuum cleaner super lightweight, the three-stage filtration filter with HEAP technology with a washable cloth bag and six HEPA filtration bags is a delight to the features of the product.

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In the world where technologies change in seconds, GV focuses on staying updated with the latest technologies to get their products best among all, and no doubt, they even succeed in that.

This backpack vacuum cleaner comes up with loads of tools which makes your cleaning super-easy, even for beginners! This vacuum cleaner claims to clean a 13000 sq ft area without any manoeuvring.

It is easy to use on any surfaces, smooth or hard, low pile carpets or high pile carpets etc. With a powerful CFM count of 110, this cleaner helps in deep cleaning in hard to reach areas.

 I don’t personally think that you are going to find such a powerful cleaner for this price range anywhere in the world right now.

The HEPA filtration accounts for low suction loss throughout the working period too. This one is a must-buy for the beginner looking for a professional cleaning experience!

10]Atrix – VACBP1

Though this backpack vacuum cleaner is the only vacuum cleaner under the brand name of Atrix, that in any sense, doesn’t imply that this one stays behind the race in any aspect.

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This vacuum cleaner comes up with the perfect dimensions for the process of tooth cleaning. The modified belt loop contains loads of accessories which allows you to switch modes and use different tools easily in between the so-called ‘hectic’ process.

With a powerful motor of 2 horsepower peak power and 11.5-ampere motor, this vacuum cleaner gives a CFM output of around 115, for a reason, it can be converted into the blower from a vacuum cleaner with the help of three air power nozzles.

And surprisingly, this product weighs just 10 pounds! The 4 stage true HEPA filtration technique with six HEAP bags claims to reduce the level of allergens to an astonishing number of 0.3 microns! It’s specially designed for commercial places, but one can easily use this even for home purposes. After all, it’s the choice that matters!