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The Best Air Fryers of 2018: A Definitive Buyer’s Guide and Review

The Best Air Fryers of 2018: A Definitive Buyer’s Guide and Review

No doubt, technology has been increased exponentially to many folds since last few decades. It’s not been a distant memory when we used to slog hours to cook food in an oven, which was later on replaced by a widely used appliance- Microwave! Air fryer is a high utility kitchen appliance which increases the quality of food by circulating the hot air around the food through the mechanism of convection.

To make the selection procedure easier, we are going to present our best picks from the Air Fryer to ensure a perfect buy for you!

The best Air fryers on the market dignified by the features, they offer the ease of use, and the most important its price. Choosing a good air fryer is a tough choice. Here are few things you must keep in mind before choosing an air fryer. There as top ten Air fryers which are below



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Black and Decker Air fryer

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Philips XL Air fryer, HD9240/94

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T-fall Acetify Shiplap

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Philips Air fryer HD 9220/28

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Go Wise 4th Generation Electric Air fryer

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Avalon Bay Air fryer

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Della Electric Air fryer

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Big Boss Oil-less  Air  fryer  

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Prestige PAF 2.0 Air Fryer

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Power Air fryer XL

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1 ] Black and Decker Air fryer

The first Air fryer in our list is Black and Decker Air fryer. It is currently the best Air fryer that fits in the budget and perhaps in performance too. Its cooking results are surprising. From the American brings us heavy tools and appliances. 

It is no surprise that the Black and Decker Air Fryer is a fantastic performing product which proves every penny spent on is, which is overbuilt to be durable and high performing Infect it is only one of a few Air fryer that comes with two years warranty.

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Can a pledge to a long-lasting appliance be met with enjoyable cooking experience, yes in our testing we have concluded all with complete security? We find it to be an excellent performing Air fryer with chicken wings, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, onion rings and chips all being are cooked evenly and having a sought-after crispy finish.One will thank the dual convection fan that circulates hot air evenly around the food. The fact is that it relatively small unit at a two-pound capacity so do n’t expect it to cook food more than two units.

This Air fryer comes up with an auto shut off feature that turns the machine off when the timer expires. Not only this feature this unit comes with a mesh basket and divider so that you can cook the food in two portions at ones. 

It is the best model with two indicator lights. The basket, divider and the bottom drawer are all machines washable, and a cool touch handle ensures that the parts, you are grabbing never gets uncomfortably hot. These are pretty standard features.

Its temperature setting range from 175- 400 f, and goes up to 50. Hence it is very easy for cleaning. It’s the best product in our list, thus the first in our inventory.

2 ] Philips XL Air fryer, HD9240/94

Second Air fryer on our list comes under the brand name of Phillips, is one of the best brands under the kitchen appliances! This Air fryer is perhaps, the best quality air fryer in our list, which has a premium price for large capacity and excellent cooking performance.

If you visited the official Philips website, you would find that this Air fryer is infected world ’s most popular with over 5 million units in sales. This product comes up with a 60 minutes timer with an automatic on, off button, so you do not have to sit around minding your food. 

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we compare it with a convection microwave, you may think that it will not suffice on coming to the task of frying food, but that’s not the case here, as most of the recipes only take 15 to 30 minutes.All you know that it has a digital touch screen which allows setting the temperature up to 390f, which is high enough to fry any food. There is also a quick preset button to save your cooking settings, and you can cook your same dish again.

This Air fryer comes up with recipe book free with it, and this recipe book has 150 recopies. This Air fryer has multiple accessories to make your stuff look indivisibly small!

3]T-fall Acetify Shiplap

Hands down, this Air fryer under the brand name of T-Fall is the best multi-utility Air Fryer in our list! Unlike the other Air fryer as we’ve discussed so far, this Air fryer the Acetify looks to be designed from the ground up. Unlike the other air fryers which require the food to flip in between, but his product uses a paddle to increase the efficiency. In fact, we have tested a variety of food no doubt the results are positive. This Air fryer has one on /off button and a timer control that displays a digital countdown which can go up to 99 minutes. There is no temperature dial with this unit heating up to 338f and staying here. This Air fryer has a beautiful paddle system which turns over food, so you do not have to flip your diet again and again.

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It comes up with an Easy and straightforward cleanup process also in it. It has the super simple operation and viewing window. This Air fryer also has a timer which goes for around 99 minutes. But this product does not have an auto on/ off feature when the timer expires. It temperature goes up only 338f which may result in longer in cooking times.

4] Philips Air fryer HD 9220/28

Coming to our forth Air fryer which is again from the brand we’ve discussed before Phillips! Philips Air fryer HD 9220/28 is the most durable Air Fryer in our list, In fact, according to a survey conducted NRFAI is most popular Air fryer of the year 2017.

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So this most popular Air fryer is smaller than its earlier mentioned sibling but provides an equally good frying outcome. We epically loved its placement of temperature dial as it feels more robust and more comfortable to adjust. We’ve found some food items like chicken, chips, and fish came out very crispy and browned evenly. Meanwhile, a can be easier to use than a digital one; it does not provide an accurate setting. So if you must have a branded Philips Air fryer that will likely lose the longest .so it is best to get this model over the digital one.

It should be noted that this models timer half of the HD 9240/94 at 30 minutes! Therefore this Air fryer is an excellent pick for anyone looking to get a quality analog appliance that does a superb cooking job.

Infect this Air fryer has much more interesting qualities, robust design, and durability, simple control, proper placement of temperature and it is straightforward to clean. But this Air fryer is much expensive, and the accessories are available as the additional purchase.

However, if you are happy to fork over the cost than we highly recommend this little cooker.

5] Go Wise 4th Generation Electric Air fryer

Coming to our fifth Air fryer, it’s perhaps the most underrated Air Fryer currently in the market! A premium Electric Air Fryer that is Go Wise 4th Generation Electric Air fryer comes up with an excellent digital display, meets solid cooking and delivers exceptional performance.

In fact, Go WISE Air fryer is another such brand that has implemented a digital interface to create more user-friendly Air fryer.

The Go WISE 4th Generation Electric Air fryer feature seven preset to easily cook like chicken, steak, fish meat, shrimp, chips, and cake.

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It is also allowed manually to adjust temperature and time if required. It must also note that it lacks somewhere in the parameter of time, being only 30 minutes, which will suffice in most of the cases but could have been better than another model we’ve come across. 

Furthermore, you will not get more accessories with this Air fryer, and its basket is too toll to hold the food. The most important this is its result is not as good as Philips and Black Decker.Its presets made the job all too easy and included 14 recipe booklet is great for beginners.

But the lacking of such accessories like pan racks make specific food trickily to cook, and the grated basket while great for draining oil can be a bit of pain when marinating or using liquid ingredients.

But the good news about this product is that it comes in a 3.7QT or 5.8QT variety. This Air fryer comes up with a variety of features, this product has an auto shutoff, it has seven preset cooking options.

It is easy to use digital display with precise temperature and time setting also, it is also straightforward to clean and has a good value for the price. But some edibles come out unevenly cooked.

Limited accessories, only come with a basket and other accessories are available with the additional purchase of this product.

6] Avalon Bay Air fryer

Proceeding to our list, our next Air fryer comes under the brand name of Avalon; With Avalon Bay Air fryer, you’ll get a compact and stylish looking appliance, that has an excellent cooking ability. Dollar for Dollar, this Air fryer is one of the better fryers currently in the market, as it cooks the food as a whole, or evenly unlike the other air fryers! We can account this to the fantastic cyclonic technology. 

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The food, we tested turned out tasting great and cooked evenly and thoroughly. The fried chicken and chips are turned out well. This Air fryer has essential accessories which included a mesh basket, multi-use layer rack, and a nonstick baking pan.

These tools enable you easily bake, fry, roast or grill your food.Like other Air fryers, you will find the indication on the lid which provides recommended temperature and time setting for cooking common food. 

Analog provides a digital and Analog version of the product. Its timer is a negative thing to be discussed, as it goes max to 30 minutes, one must note the fact that the food continues to tickle even if you stop in between, which one will find the bit annoying at first sight! You can pre- expletively set the time with this action already planned for! Sadly, this air fryer does not come up with safety switch on the fry basket.

Most units we have seen do feature this, so it’s beyond us why Avalon Bay did not include in this model. Perhaps to save on the same manufacturing cost.No doubt that this Air fryer is same with as before we have discussed some other Air fryer in the matter of capacity and digital display, but this should be noted that Avalon Way is more expensive and does not offer more accessories.

Hence the accessories combined with the stable cooking factor and price make it ideal for those who desperately need an excellent Air fryer at a modest price. I’ll personally suggest the digital version for a massive usage customer; nonetheless analog model is a better choice comparatively if you are willing to spend some more bucks! This Air fryer is it is easy to clean and comes up with substantial experience in cooking.

It has sleek, and modern design and this unit have extra accessories like mesh basket, a layer rack and a nonstick pan also with it. It has also pre-set mode to cook the different food items. But this analogy does not have safety hatch on the handle, and it does not stop when we take food out during the use ( the digital model fixes this issue ).

The most important point about this model is that it is too expensive more than similar performing model. Now the choice is entirely yours, but this is the best Air fryer for the money it comes up with!

7] Della Electric Air fryer

Della Electric Air fryer, with its remarkable excellent performance, has managed to make the seventh spot in our list! Della Electric Air fryer that was also an inexpensive introduction to the Air frying offers three Air fryers in their product range. It is more reasonable and affordable Air fryer, and it does deserve to maintain a spot in our list.

Though not on the first on our list, this air fryer can astonish anyone with the features and accessories it comes up with a tinge, coupled with a basket divider plus a tray which is a perfect combination for the task of grilling! There are several indications on the top of the model that point out the recommended time and temperature setting for everyday food items like chips, chicken, steak, fish.

As well very well know that there is a warm-up light which we haven’t come across in any other models, that’s one of the major behind the place of this fryer in our list! Plus turning on the button ensures that it is applied at all of the times.

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Its timer goes up to 30 minutes, while the temperature can reach a comfortable 392F, and they are adjusted on the top of appliance respectively. Its capacity is 2.8 qt, this is a relatively small appliance, i.e., it can cook food for the only couple of people.

 What the food comes out is very crispy if desired. In the term of safety, just like other Air fryers, there is a standby mode for when the timer expires, which will stop the machine from overcooking your food.

The handle also has a cool touch technology and a safety release button to prevent accidentally dropping the food basket. Overall this Air fryer is a must-buy appliance for your kitchen, and it does justify every dollar it’s bought for! The quality of work it delivers is excellent, the accessories you get are moderately useful.

You can grab this model in black, red and white with the plastic outer shell finished with a glossy coating. This Air fryer has a decent cooking capability and warms up button too.

 It has a competitive price and is easy to clean. Besides these things, this unit has perfect accessories like tongs, basket divider, and a tray also. But this Air fryer has small capacity and expect to cook food only for two people. But definitely, it justifies the price for it is bought for!

8] Big Boss Oil-less Air fryer

The eighth Air fryer in our list is Big Boss Oil-less Air fryer! This product comes up with massive capacity and ample accessories. As its name suggests, the Big Boss is indeed a large kitchen appliance with a staging 16 quart (15)L capacity that enables it to cook two dishes on the top of each other. Plus it comes with a moderate temperature operational range of 4.50F, a timer and perhaps more interestingly has an advertised ‘triple cooking power ‘ that use halogen, convection, and infrared heat to cook your food.

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Therefore we – the staple food of the Air Fryer. The recipe book which comes with this unit recommended a temperature setting off 4.50f and a time of 20 minutes. At the end of time, it gives a little messed up the result.

The food at the center does not get cooked as much as it was prepared at the edges/ But it is not a huge deal, other Air fryers like Philips XL, Black and Decker come up with a lot of perks. Luckily it has 60 minutes timer which we feel that it is needed since food is probably going to take longer then you expect with the unit. All the components you need to clean are dishwasher safe, but the glass bowl is quite heavy and makes cleaning stricter job than in the other sleeker designed Air fryers. Here are some best features of this Air fryer which are following, it has the large cooking capacity, its two cooking racks allow you to cook multiple food items simultaneously.

Bigg Boss Air fryer has the excellent range of accessories that includes two shelves, lifting tongue and a ring extender also.Hence this unit has 60 minutes timer setting and its temperature range (200 to 450F) But in spite of these features, this unit has some negatives also.

It requires lots of storage, and counter space, and it is tough to clean, specifically for the heavy bowl, manual cleaning is required. It has an analog interface with a poorly designed timer. This unit does not cook food as evenly as other Air fryers. The other thing is its glass bowl which can get uncomfortably hot which can make the handling difficult.

Many users complained that the timer is not being entirely accurate by a couple of minutes. So think wisely before choosing the best suitable Air fryer for you!.

9 ] Prestige PAF 2.0 Air Fryer

The second last Air fryer in our list comes under the brand name of Prestige, which no doubt is the most trusted and durable brand when it comes to the likes of kitchen appliances! This Air fryer shows up in two varieties – the original variant is of is 3.2 L capacity, and the XL is 5L.

 Prestige has gone way ahead and has tried to primary demographics which is a single person or the couple for the smaller capacity and a family for the larger fryer.

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We can set its timer up to 30 minutes and its temperature range from 176F to 392F Ok it cooks food to an acceptable standard, and like most of Air fryers, it may take a bit of hit and trial at first to get the best cooking experience. 

As you know that this unit has two years warranty. This Air fryer comes up with the excellent capacity options as 3.2 L to 5L!.

Prestige Air comes up with two years warranty which is amazing, and it has a new cookbook also. But having these good qualities and generic design, sadly it has common cooking facility also. Not only these facts it is slightly overpriced, and its bottom drawer has issue sliding back in.

10] Power Air fryer XL

The last Air fryer, perhaps not the least-quality wise too, Power Air fryer XL, which has powerful and sleek with large capacity. Power Air the final spot on this list, but got the good reason, standing at the 1700 watts it is the most potent Air fryer in this whole list! .

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It cooks varieties of food. In the term of design, it is relatively generic and copies the egg shape of other Air fryers. It comes up with the digital screen that has seven pre-set programs for cooking the variety of food items. It must be that the moment the timer expires, it will automatically shut off the machine so your food would stop cooking!For a price around 150 dollar mark, one would expect the model to be made out of something that can withstand the temperature. Perhaps the heavily promoted ‘1700 watts of Turbo cyclonic Power ‘ is causing this issue, don’t you think so? This demerit is the only thing that kept this Air fryer on the 10th place in our list. Anyways this Air fryer has a good capacity option –3.4 to 5.3 quarts and a divider basket also come up with this product.

This Air fryer is very easy to use, comes up with a digital screen with seven pre-sets! The Power Air fryer has decent cooking abilities, But there are some demerits of this Air fryer too, It has a generic design.

Its recipe book overshoot temperature and time setting. The worst thing about this Air fryer is that its way too overpriced!Summarizing the list, if you want best cooking quality than Black and Decker or Philips HD 9240/94 or Philips HD 9220/28 can be the best picks for you! If you want something that automates turns over the process and still cook the food to an excellent standard than you should think about T-fall Acetify Air fryer If you are looking for digital interface than Philips HD 9240/94 or Go Wise Air fryers are the reliable choice.

The best air fryer must have a good timer, medium temperature, sufficient size, and capacity. Preset programmed and safety feature is also essential feature in the best Air fryer.