Before giving discounts, Apple will now need proof of student status

Apple, as some of you may know, gives students and teachers discounts on certain of its goods. Users, on the other hand, were never required to present confirmation of their status as students; all they needed was an email address from a college or institution. This meant that you could take use of it even if you graduated 5 years ago as long as your email address was current.

Now, it seems that Apple has plugged that loophole, and consumers who want to take advantage of the education discount will now be required to authenticate their eligibility. Before clients can finalise their purchase, they must first go to UniDays, a third-party website that performs verification.

It’s unknown when this modification went into effect since Apple didn’t disclose it, but it was noted by Reddit users. However, it has been noted that the alterations seem to be recent since they were not applied during the Christmas shopping season of 2021, implying that they may have been implemented as early as this year.

To really be fair, Apple exclusively provides these discounts to students and instructors, so if you’re neither, you shouldn’t have been able to benefit in the first place. The fact that Apple allowed this flaw to be exploited for so long is really remarkable.