Battlefield 2042 Won’t Have Voice Chat

Battlefield 2042, EA’s current Battlefield game, is planned to be released on the 19th of November. However, it appears that some features may not be included in the game at launch. According to DICE, they informed Polygon that the game will not include voice chat at launch.

It would make sense that DICE would include voice communication at launch, given how important it is for games like these. The absence of the feature at launch was not explained by the firm; however, they did say that it will be implemented into the game after it is released, but didn’t give a date.

When it comes to online games, having voice chat is critical if you want to participate in team-based activities. This allows players to get organized, communicate with one another, develop plans, and so on, so not having the feature may make the game a little more difficult to play.

Gamers who enjoy the game’s Hazard Zone mode may be especially hard-hit by this. That being said, alternatives to in-game voice chat like Discord exist, but unless you’re playing with friends, coordinating it with strangers might be tough.