Backward compatibility for the PlayStation 5 seems to be getting closer

Several PS3 game pricing have surfaced on the PS5 shop, causing enthusiasts to believe that backward compatibility for several PlayStation games is on the way.

The trial page of PlayStation Now, Sony’s cloud subscription service that lets you stream older titles on the current generation of hardware, is normally where PS3 games featured in the PS5 store send gamers.

Some PS3 titles, including two games from the Prince of Persia series and Dead or Alive 5, have new price tags in lieu of the PlayStation Now branding, according to fans (thanks, VGC).

The games cannot be bought, however they may be put to your wishlist on the shop. The increased rates might indicate the direction of the PS5 store, PlayStation Now, and the future of PS3 games.

Is it conceivable that there will be more backward compatibility?

Many people are guessing and hoping that PS3 games will be available for purchase on the PS5 store soon, thanks to the unexpected emergence of PS3 game price tags. While Sony hasn’t announced anything, considering the upcoming changes to its PlayStation services, a revamp of the PS5’s backward compatibility isn’t out of the question.

Last week, it was revealed that PS5 system architect Mark Cerny had filed a patent indicating that the console’s backward compatibility will be extended, as well as the removal of PlayStation Now membership cards from sale in UK and US retail locations.

Add in Bloomberg’s December storey that Sony is planning to merge PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus into a Spartacus-style Xbox Game Pass service. The top subscription tier is said to allow gamers to stream a collection of old PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles.

According to those rumours, PlayStation Now is nearing the end of its life cycle, as Sony plans to phase out the subscription service in favour of a new one. These unusual pricing tags recently noticed on the PS5 shop might be the first indicators of that transition.

Increasing the PS5’s backward compatibility would be welcomed by fans, who are always eager to play their favourite games from previous generations. While the PS5 is capable of running the great majority of PS4 games, it is incompatible with prior generational titles.

At the moment, the only option to play PS2 and PS3 games on Sony’s newest platform is to use PlayStation Now to stream them. Many gamers who want to dive into older games are unsurprisingly more drawn to the Xbox Series X, which enables you play Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox releases straight out of the box, without having to subscribe to any extra service.

If Sony wants to match its primary competitor’s backward compatibility, making PS3 titles available for purchase on the PS5 store would be a good start.

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