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At The Game Awards, independent game Mail Time announces its release date

The indie game Mail Time announced its April 2023 release date during The Game Awards’ “Wholesome Snack” segment. In addition to the PC, Mac, and Switch, it also revealed that the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 would be supported at launch.

The protagonist of Mail Time, a puzzle platformer, is a cute little elf who helps the forest animals by delivering their mail. They find out about the characters’ backgrounds and struggles through the speeches they give. The adorable animated game was created by lone developer Kela Van Der Deijl and released by Freedom Games.

The Game Awards trailer showed off some brand new areas and characters, such as a picnic to investigate and some hamsters, rats, and squirrels the player can deliver mail to. The ability to alter the protagonist’s physical appearance, name, and pronouns is demonstrated as well.

Following this development, Van Der Deijl issued the following statement: “Mail Time is now one delivery stop closer to release! I’m sure the attendees of The Game Awards appreciated the animated trailer they were shown. We have reached the first delivery station, which means that Mail Time is getting closer to being made available to the public. I trust that the attendees of The Game Awards were entertained by the animated trailer package.