Asia’s Growing Gaming Industry, Driving Over $41 Billion in Revenue by 2025

The Asia-10 gaming market is expected to experience significant development over the next five years, with the potential for the number of mobile and PC gamers to reach 940.9 million by 2025, according to Niko Partners.

Niko Partners classifies the Asia-10 market as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea and India. The entire region is projected to grow in 2021, but the gaming industry in India is currently expanding at a rapid rate.

According to Niko’s estimates, the global gaming market will reach $41.8 billion in 2025, with gamers spending nearly $40 billion on mobile and PC games.

The future of video gaming in Asia is bright, according to Niko Partners’ previous research. The market for cloud gaming is predicted to triple in size over the next several years, reaching around 500 million users by 2025. The Asian esports business, too, continues to thrive.

According to rumors, 80% of the worldwide market is controlled by Japan and Korea, with Thailand becoming a billion-dollar market in 2020. By 2025, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam are expected to join the Billion-Dollar Club.