Top 10 Best Armory Replicas Combat Knives 2020

1. Armory Replicas Dragons Tongue Warrior Short Sword

  • Blade size: 13 inches / blade materials: stainless-steel, black end
  • Design: fireplace respiration dragon
  • General size: 26 inches
  • Deal with size: 13 inches
  • Consists of: black nylon sheath with belt loop

2. Armory Replicas Ground Troops Combat Support Military Utility Knife

  • Blade width: 1.50 inches /blade thickness: three.5 mm/ blade model: clip level
  • Deal with size: 5 inches/ deal with materials: zinc aluminum, leather-based wrapped
  • General size: 12 inches /blade size: 7 inches
  • Blade materials: stainless-steel, black end, partial serration
  • Guard size: 2.5 inches /contains: nylon sheath with belt loop

3. Armory Replicas Chameleon Decoy Tactical Military Putrid Zombie Hunter Bowie Knife

  • Blade size: 7 inches / blade materials: 440 stainless-steel, cranium end
  • Consists of: sturdy black nylon sheath with belt loop, metal butt cap
  • General size: 12 inches
  • Deal with size: 5 inches / deal with materials: abs composite, cranium imprint
  • Model: cranium

4. Armory Replicas David Dundee Crocodile Bowie Hunting Knife

  • Blade: stainless-steel, bowie model, sharp
  • Grip: pure wooden, stain end
  • General size: 14.eight inches, blade size: 9.three inches
  • Blade thickness: three.2mm, deal with: four.5 inches, two rivets
  • Sheath: thick nylon, belt loop, securing strap

5. Armory Replicas The Hunted Forest Tracker T-3 Hunting Bowie Knife

  • Blade: tracker model, stainless-steel
  • Deal with: full tang, three pegs, grip: picket, camo end
  • General size: 11 inches, blade size: 6.25 inches
  • Blade thickness: four.0mm, blade width: 2.39 inches
  • Options: serrated higher backbone, sheath: stiff nylon, black

6. Armory Replicas Medieval Triple Edge Forged Iron Functional Battle Axe

  • Grip/deal with: strong hardwood with fake leather-based wrap
  • Axe materials: hand cast iron
  • General size: 24 inches
  • Blade thickness: three.2mm at widest level
  • End: black and silver

7. Armory Replicas Full Tang Drop Point Tactical Knife Tan

  • Blade materials: stainless-steel blade model: drop level
  • Deal with materials: abs
  • General size: 7.75 inches, blade size: three.5 inches
  • Blade thickness: three.30 mm, deal with size: four.75 inches
  • Consists of: free abs laborious sheath, belt loop, tactical glass breaker, .75 inch serration on backbone

8. Armory Replicas Ace High Gamblers Boot Knife

  • Blade materials: stainless-steel, blade thickness: 2.65 mm
  • Deal with materials: rubberized materials
  • General size: 7.875 inches, blade size: three.75 inches
  • Deal with size: three inches
  • Consists of: black nylon snap mounted sheath, loop

9. Armory Replicas Zombie Killer Apocalypse Living Dead Elite Combat Fixed Blade Dagger Knife

  • Blade materials: stainless-steel, black, blade thickness: three mm
  • Deal with materials: abs, zombie killer inexperienced end
  • General size: 13 inches, blade size: eight inches
  • Deal with size: 5 inches
  • Consists of: black nylon zip mounted sheath, loop, lanyard gap, lanyard, “zombie killer” imprint, 2.5 inch fuller

10. Armory Replicas Recurve Military Combat Tactical Full Tang Survival Hunting Knife

  • Blade materials: 440 stainless-steel, extraordinarily sharpened
  • Deal with options: forefinger grip, thumb grip, glass breaker, flat level screw driver, lanyard twine.
  • General size: 12 inch, blade size: 5.75 inch
  • Blade model: bowie,deal with size: 6.25 inch, deal with materials: full tang with abs inserts
  • Consists of: black nylon sheath with belt loop