Apple’s New MacBook Could be a One-Off flop.

There are plenty of places you can watch online to learn more about the ins and outs of the Google Play Developer Console, even if you’re not a developer with your own Android app.

Since the iPhone 4’s introduction, every iPhone has used Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector for charging and data transfers.

If you’re looking for a working USB-C connection on an iPhone, YouTube user Kenny Pi has you covered.

It’s a little clip. Kenny Pi has stated that he is working on a full-length video that explains the whole procedure, so there will be more to come.

Why is a USB-C iPhone important? That’s a valid question. More and more technology products across the world use USB-C ports. Even Apple has incorporated USB-C into its headphones, laptops, and iPads. Using a proprietary connection like Lightning in the iPhone means that people will have to deal with additional e-waste.

Apple will eventually need to abandon its money-making port. If the European Commission has its way, Apple may be forced to use USB-C in future smartphones. However, it won’t happen right away.