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Apple Watch Series 7 review: The best smartwatch for most people is even better

It’s clear in the first leaked images of Facebook’s smartwatch that there is a notch, which is something people enjoy mocking, and what appears to be a front-facing camera.

According to a leaked image posted on Twitter, the company’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses app contains a photo of Mark Zuckerberg. The watch, dubbed ‘Milan’ in the code, has a larger screen than the Apple Watch — as well as no camera. According to Bloomberg, today’s picture isn’t likely to be seen by consumers.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will include a second, detachable camera, according to The Information. There will also be a second, detachable camera if this is the same watch as the one we previously reported on in June. The front-facing camera may be utilized for video chats and has a decent 1080p resolution.

Google, Garmin, Samsung, and Apple dominate the smartwatch industry. As a result, Facebook’s product is designed to resemble a smartphone more closely to set oneself apart. During Thursday’s Connect keynote, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made several jabs at what he termed ‘closed platforms,’ perhaps referring to Android and iOS.

Today, Facebook changed the name of its parent business Meta to ‘Universe.’ A MetaWatch from 2014, on the other hand, already exists.