Apple Magic Keyboard compatibility, tab resizing, and more are included in the Quest v37 upgrade

The v37 patch for the Quest 2 and other Quest virtual reality headsets is now available to users, with extra updates concentrating on additional or simpler ways to work in VR.

The support for Apple’s Magic Keyboard in Quest 2 is the first major addition. Users may now connect their keyboard to their headset and view a 3D representation of the keyboard and their hands while at home. It may be paired under the Settings’ Experimental Features tab, and hand tracking must be enabled for it to operate. Per the release, users will be able to add support for Apple Magic Keyboard and Logitech’s K830 keyboard, which has been accessible in Home since the v28 upgrade last year, to their own applications early next week.

One new feature in this version is the ability to resize 2D windows in Home. With Tablet and Desktop modes, there are now two display choices for viewing windows. Tablet mode displays a “single, close-up window,” while Desktop mode displays bigger, farther-away windows and facilitates multitasking.

Other windows, including the Store and Library, will open in the chosen choice, but you may change it at any moment by clicking on the little grey line under the panels. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, demonstrated the new functionality in the video below.

A hand-tracking gesture for the Quick Action menu by holding your hand palm up and pinching, a revamped Explore page when initially starting up, and the ability to exchange website URLs between a smartphone and the headset using the Oculus mobile app are all included in the v37 release. As of the update, the latter option is only accessible on Android devices, but it will be available on iOS in the future.