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Apple is rumoured to release a foldable iPad in 2024, according to Samsung

For those who were hoping for more substantial improvements in Apple’s next iPad Pro (2022), the year 2024 may finally deliver them, as that’s when Apple is expected to debut its foldable iPad.

Samsung stated that it anticipates Apple to release its first foldable devices in2024, but that these would first be tablets or laptops rather than smartphones.

If you want a foldable iPhone, you may have to wait until 2025 at the earliest, but a foldable iPad may be available sooner.

During the same conference, Samsung reportedly stated that the foldable market will expand at an annual rate of 80% by 2025, possibly because of Apple’s expected entry into the market.

Apparently, Samsung also laid out some of the ways it plans to enhance future foldables, such as making them more robust, integrating a dedicated S Pen slot on its own smartphones, lessening the visual impact of the screen’s crease, enhancing the cameras, and generally slimming and lightening the devices.

Interestingly, The Elec reports that Samsung originally intended to use even more advanced cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, but scrapped those plans owing to the device’s already excessive width and weight.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s camera hardware is a major drawback, especially in light of the cheaper Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. As a result, the appeal of the business’s foldable phones may increase in the future if the cameras are enhanced, and it appears that this is a top goal for the company.

In 2024, this isn’t the first time the concept of a foldable iPad has been discussed.

Perhaps Samsung’s prediction that a foldable iPad could be released in 2024 seems familiar; that’s because it was.

Samsung may merely be repeating Apple’s assertion, but as a major supplier of Apple’s components, Samsung almost certainly has some inside information and may have independently gotten to the same conclusion.

Two independent sources have independently predicted that we may expect to see the first foldable iPad in 2024. However, they both believe that a foldable iPhone is still a ways off, so don’t expect to see the iPhone Flip on our list of the best foldable phones any time soon.