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Apple is developing an oversized iPad and plans to release a 16-inch model by the end of 2023

The brand new M2 12.9-inch iPad Pro is Apple’s largest tablet on the market right now. It seems, however, that in 2023 Apple will release an iPad Pro that leaves no stone unturned. A fresh rumour claims that Apple is developing a 16-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED display for release by the year 2023.

A new, much larger iPad Pro from Apple will be introduced. Other claims, such as Apple releasing a 16-inch iPad by the end of 2023, should be treated with caution.

A more costly entry-level iPad with USB-C and an upgraded 12.9-inch iPad Pro were released by Apple earlier this month, shaking up the company’s iPad portfolio.

Apple analyst Mark Gurman has predicted a bigger iPad would be released within the next year or two, and he originally predicted a 14- to 15-inch device would debut in 2021. In June, supply chain expert Ross Young added his support for this forecast, speculating that a 14.1-inch iPad Pro with Mini LEDs and a ProMotion display might be released as early as next year.

Artists would benefit greatly from using a 16-inch iPad Pro. Increasing the size of the device and the screen is simple on paper, but Apple would have to put in a tremendous amount of work to ensure the gadget is correctly packaged and is strong enough to bear stress.

The silver lining is that Apple’s laptops, the MacBook and MacBook Air, will now be able to work seamlessly with the iPad Pro, something that Apple’s executives and engineers have long hoped for.

Adding a high-end 16-inch iPad to Apple’s range may make some of the products better fit together. This would very certainly result in a greater price disparity between the standard iPad and the larger high-end device.

If Apple releases a 16-inch iPad, it will inevitably cut into the demand for existing MacBook and MacBook Air models. Due to its technical characteristics, the MacBook Pro should not be significantly impacted.